Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 233

Chapter 233 – A Special Like



At night, in the base camp of Mercouri Rebellion Army.

In that place where it is still “a rebellion army against the empire”, there were tents for three thousand soldiers concentrated.


Within them stood out my Magic Cottage, a cheat item that I got from the lottery.


In the bedroom, I’m with the two Tanyas.

To my left is the ghost maid, the Tanya of the future that materialized through Eleanor’s powers.

To my right is a village girl, the Tanya in this era who is yet to turn to a ghost.


After sleeping with the two who look exactly the same yet has different personalities, I lay on the bed.


「It will be soon……right?」

「n? What is?」

「I’m going to need to say farewell to Kakeru-san soon, right?」


Tanya whispered with sorrow.

I came to this era with the prize I got from the lottery, the pair ticket for a wonderful adventure with Io.

It looks like even Tanya understood that the end is coming near.


I couldn’t see her like that, so I comforted her with a light tone.


「Well, it won’t be that soon. It might be a bit longer, continuing for a long time」

「U〜un, I know. No, I started to know」


Within my arms, Tanya’s naked body moved and embraced me tightly.


「After learning many things from Io-san, I came to know it after looking at Kakeru-san all the time, I found out that it will be soon. After all, there’s no way Kakeru-san would lose」

『I know right〜, there’s no way Kakeru-sama will lose against something like thaーーhya!』

「What’s the matter, Tanya?」

『I felt I was poked right now』

「……it should be Eleanor. You called her “something like that” after all」

『I’m sorry〜』


The ghost Tanya apologized. Well, it’s probably Eleanor playing around.

If that girl were serious, there’s no way Tanya who is a contract servant of a Demon Sword would feel that she’s poked, her existence would be erased instantly instead.


As I’ve thought, Eleanor really became more amicable.

Ah yeah, it’s about Tanya right now.


「I guess so. It’ll be soon. It will be the end in this era, after I cut her」

「Yes……but, I won’t feel lonely」


She gave me a beautiful smile while she softened her embrace.


「After all, I know that I’ll meet Kakeru-san again. I can meet you after just bearing for a while, and after that, we’ll always be together」

「Of course. I do not let go of my women」


I said that and kissed her and ghost Tanya as well.

As if it was a promise, a prophecy.


『Ah! I got a message from Eleanor-sama』


『She said “Although this guy’s love for women is a bit special, that’s another reason why you should be relieved”』



Really, Eleanor is saying too much.

But, Tanya showed a happy smile because of that, so I can’t complain.


「But, there’s still one thing I can’t believe」

「What is it?」

「It’s about me becoming this」


「After all, our personalities are completely different」

「U〜n, that’s true. There might still be some things」

『Is there〜?』


The ghost Tanya tilted her head.

While knowing it was a joke from Tanya, it looks like she acted and gave a huge reaction.


After a while.


「Uhm, Kakeru-san……」


「Can I……can we do it one more time?」


Tanya embraced me tightly and asked looking up to me.

She asked for it timidly.


「Is once enough?」



I gave her a light kiss and looked straight into her eyes.


「Is once enough?」

「I-I want it a lot……I want to do it a lot with Kakeru-san」

「Good girl」


Hearing her words, I kissed Tanya again.


I “comforted” Tanya throughout the night.



Morning came and Tanya went out of the Magic Cottage.

Kakeru is still sleeping inside the cottage.


Staying in his arms was unbelievably comfortable. It was so comfortable that she wished she could melt with him and be together forever.

However, Tanya slipped out.


Knowing the time for separation is near, Tanya slipped out of Kakeru’s arms with her own will so that she would not trouble him.


The sun started to rise from the east. Tanya quietly whispered as she looked at that.


「Painful and agonizing, a suffering as if you were in eternal hell is waiting for you」


The fortune teller Akansa and her fate that was read.

That was a future that will come to her without a doubt.


「Overcome it. For beyond that is a single ray of light. One part good nine parts bad. It is one part good and nine parts bad」


The future came itself. It came together with an overwhelming strength. An overwhelming strength that could crush all obstacles.


「The first half is correct, but the second half is wrong」


She whispered. It changed to Kakeru’s words.


「It’s ten parts good with zero bad. Her destiny is already decided」


After saying that in the end. She held her hands tightly in front of her chest.

She looked as if she was praying, she looked as if she was holding something precious.

She looked as if she was holding to her chest, Kakeru’s words and the prophesied future.


「Un, I’ll do my best」


She raised her face and smiled within the morning light shining upon her.

She has yet to notice it. She has yet to notice the fact the timid village girl is starting to become similar to that cheerful ghost girl.


「Un, I should do my best」




She suddenly heard a man’s voice. Tanya was surprised.

She turned around in a hurry and saw a soldier.


Tanya looked at Tanya with disdainful eyes, looking down at her.


「W-What is it」

「Tsk, what an arrogant bastard, taking a woman with him in war」


「They say he’s recommended by Althea-sama, but those kind of arrogant bastards aren’t a big deal. Just a burglar, stealing merits in skirmishes」



「Please take that back!」


Tanya held her fist tightly and glared at the soldier.


「Oh〜, oh〜, what a brave bitch. “don’t insult my man〜” hahah!」

「ーー! Please take it back, the words you said right now」

「What if I don’t huh?! Bitch!」


The soldier pointed his spear towards Tanya.

The dull colored blade pointed to her throat, slightly touching her skin.


Other soldiers came hearing the commotion.

However, no one tried to stop them. They only looked from afar.




Tanya grabbed the tip of the spear and glared at the soldier even more.


「……take it back!」

「What the heckーー」


The soldier shouted at her again and tried to pull and stab his spear, but his face suddenly turned to a frown after noticing something.


The spear was frozen.

It froze from the place Tanya grabbed. The blade, the shaft, and finally the whole spear was frozen.


「Y-You fucking sluuuuut!!!」


The soldier threw away his spear and attacked Tanya while raising his fists.

Screams and shouts to stop them were raised.




Tanya didn’t took a step back. Not only that, she took a step forward, releasing her Ice Magic towards the soldier who charged towards her.


The soldier couldn’t swing down the arms he raised. Both of his arms were frozen instantly.


「W-What……what the fuck?!」

「Please take it back, take it back right now!」


Tanya shouted at the soldier for the third time.

Reaching this point, the soldier finally realized that he picked a fight against someone he shouldn’t have.


「I-I’m sorry. I’ll take it back, I’ll take back my words so forgive me」


He immediately apologized and asked for forgiveness.



I entered the tend and saw a soldier being treated.

Both of his arms are frozen, unable to move.


「Damn that slut. I won’t let her off next time」

「No, there’s no next time」

「Hah? Who are youーーuu!」


The soldier raised his face and looked like he saw a demon.

The other man who was treating him quickly stepped back and ran to the corner of the tent.


『Hmm, his ability to sense danger is quite good』


Eleanor said playfully. Of course, I don’t plan on replying.

I looked down at the soldier who cursed and attacked Tanya with cold eyes.


「W-What. I didn’t do anything! I’m the fucking victim, right? Look, my armsーー」



I swung Eleanor without saying anything.

The man’s head flew in the air and fresh blood spouted out of his neck.


I told the man treating him to clean up and left the tent.


『It’s amazing how you were able to hold back yourself』


As soon as I left the tent, I heard Eleanor’s teasing voice.


The quarrel between Tanya and that man. I watched it from the start.

I woke up the instant Tanya left my arms. The commotion happened when I watching what she’s going to do accross the wall.


I didn’t intervene until the end.


『If it’s going to be like this in the end, then you should’ve come in the first place』

「Don’t say anything anymore」


I let out a sigh and told Eleanor.


「Why would I stop my women improve themselves?」

『Kuku, what a difficult personality. As I’ve thought, the way you like women is a bit special』


Eleanor laughed playfully inside my head.

Whatever, say anything you want.

Thanks to that, I saw Tanya becoming a better woman.







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    • By letting them do whatever they want with their own abilities and get saved right before they screw up big time?

      Y, I can see why they will love it


    • Feminist? Duh, all of them are to busy autistically screeching and they would not subdue themselves to Kakeru


  1. so thats why Tanya become something like that when she 1 meet him and he is coming from future so they don’t know until the time comes ? i think so do Althea and Eleanor
    thx for chapter


  2. As much as I like Kakeru, at times I’m taken aback with what ease he kills people. An insult is enough for him to casually send someone’s head flying. It’s one thing to kill enemy soldiers in a war, but to kill a soldier on your own side for such a flimsy reason… I’m still waiting for a female character to appear who would criticise him for once. No matter what he does, they’re instantly head over heels for him. You’d think there was ONE “good woman” in this world who disliked needless bloodshed enough to stand up to Kakeru and scold him.


    • That guy tried to attack his woman…. and even afterwards while he was being treated he said “damn that slut, i won’t let her off next time ” which means he might attack her again in the future. So it’s better to root out the weed from the start.


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