Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 224

Chapter 224 – Defeated Instead



『He’s the guy whose fortune was read before Tanya』

「Ahh, there was that guy……I see, it’s him huh」


Although I don’t remember the man, I remembered the episode.

He was told to go somewhere, and there will be seven good and three bad in the following encounter or something.

I remember very well that I was pissed off because Tanya was read as one good and nine bad soon after.


『Hikari remembers too. He had a very happy face』

「I see」


I really can’t remember his face, but since Hikari says so, then it’s probably true.


『What’s this difference with the way you treat Hikari and me』

「If you feel frustrated, then remember what happened in this era」



Eleanor could not say anything back.

It’s a fact that a lot of things would get easier if she remembers this era, so it can’t be helpe to bully her for that.


Leaving her aside, I checked the surrounding with my senses multiplied 777x.

The soldiers have decreased a lot, there are about only tens of them.

However, they’re all scattered, so it’s a bit annoying.


“What should I do?”, but when I was thinking of that, Hikari returned to her human form.


「Otou-san, leave it to Hikari」

「What are you going to do?」

「Everyone, come out〜」




The drakes were summoned one next to the other from Hikari’s shadow.

One hundred drake soldiers. Soon after they were summoned, they were enveloped by an aura and changed their appearance to that of a human.


I wasn’t the one who did that, the aura came from Hikari’s body.

Hikari, she gained the ability to summon them and transform them by herself!


After summoning her one hundred underlings, Hikari looked up to me with an excited face.

I stroked the head of my daughter, the loveliest girl in the world.


「Hikari, amazing. When did you learn that?」

「Ehehe〜……Okaa-san taught me. She said it’s the etiquette of the Demon Sword」

「I see」

「I’ll go with everyone okay?」

「Alright. Do your best to catch them alive」



Hikari nodded with a smile and ran, bringing the drake soldiers with her.


「You taught her something like that?」

『I just thought that she would need it someday』

「Hikari, she’s growing up so fast」

『It might be just a matter of time before she brings her boyfriend or something. Kuku』


『Kuku, I wonder if Otou-san will say “I won’t give you my daughter!” or something?』



「It’s “Over my dead body”」

『Kuku, you don’t plan on giving her, but you really plan on killing them huh』


Of course, as long as I’m alive, I won’t let anyone have our Hikari.


『Kukuku. Well, before that comes the rebellion period』








I have imagined the worst thing that ever happened in history, but I somewhat regained myself and faced with the man.

Looking closely, there’s a woman beside the man. Although the man looked like an ordinary human, the woman has golden hair and pointed ears, she looks like an elf just like Helene and Iris.

That woman is hiding behind the man, and the man was covering the woman although he looked surprised.


「Are you alright?」

「Y-Yeah. You……you’re the ten man, right?」

「Ten man?」

『The fortune teller』

「Come to think of it, I was told that I have ten good huh. Then, you are really that guy at that time」

「That’s right. I’m the one whose fortune was read by Akansa-sama. I’m Rex, Rex Apos」

「I’m Yuuki Kakeru」


While introducing myself, I looked at the woman.


「Can I ask for your name?」

「I’m……Soora Mercouri」


She said with a whispering voice.

Soora hid more and more behind Rex.


「What’s the matter, Soora?」

「That person’s sword……it’s scary」

「Sword? It’s true that it looks black and frightening though」

「And also, the other sword earlier, it turned into a girl」

「I guess so, but what’s the problem with that?」


Unlike Soora who looked afraid, Rex only looked dumbfounded and clueless about it.

Well, that doesn’t matter.


More than that, it’s Mercouri.

She named herself with the surname Mercouri.


Even from how she looks, she is without a doubt Mercouri who is related to Helene and Iris.

I was relieved being able to find her.



Olivia volunteered on the interrogation of the soldiers who were captured alive.


「Human is not good in it right?」


She said.

I was told the same thing before by Eleanor, and it just means that Olivia also saw me like that.


It’s true that I’m not good at it, so I left it to Olivia.

While she did that, I was guided by Rex and Soora.

And as the ones who saved their village, Io, Tanya, and Hikari joined with us, walking around the village.


After a while, I noticed something.


「There are more women」

「It’s true. I wonder if the men are out for work」


Io said and looked around curiously.


「I-It’s not like that. There are just more women born in our race」


Soora timidly explained, while still looking a bit frightened.


「Is that so?」

「Yes. It is generally 1:2」

「It was that kind of race huh」

「Helene and Iris didn’t say something like that……by the way」


I remembered something and turned to Soora.

I took our Helene’s fan and opened it. I used a certain magic spell and the emblem of Mercouri appeared.


「Do you know this magic?」

「S-Sufaragita’s magic」

「That was its name huh? It’s an emblem that only your race could inscribe, and a magic spell that confirms that」

「Yes, that is right……why?」


“So what?”, Soora looked at me.


「No, it’s fine if it’s like that」


It’s fine as long as I find out that they are linked to Mercouri. Eleanor and Tanya’s memory are vague after all.

I nodded to myself and Soora made a curious face.


And guided by them, we continued to walk.


There are buildings destroyed and smoke is still rising, but it looks like there are no losses of lives.

I became more and more curious about the soldiers’ aim.


And just like that, we arrived in front of a building.

It was a building that was not destroyed in the attack, and although the way it’s built is simple, it’s still bigger than the other buildings.

Unlike the other buildings that have the same color as their materials when they are built, it has an artificial red color.


「This place is?」

「I-It’s the village chief’s house. Please wait for a moment」


Soora entered inside.

After a while, the villagers gathered, and surrounded us from afar.


After another while of waiting, she came out with another woman.


She also has golden hair and pointed ears.

She looks like she’s around thirty, a beauty that has an adult yet composed air, unlike Soora, Helene, and Iris.


She came straight to me and silently bowed her head.


「I am called as Cima Mercouri」

「I’m Yuuki Kakeru. You can call me just Kakeru」

「Thank you very much for saving our village」

「No problem」

「I have heard it from Soora. She said that you defeated tens of soldiers by yourself」

「It’s nothing much」

「What a humble person」


I’m not being humble or anything though.


Cima stared at me intently.

She looked at my face, my body, my limbs. It felt like I was being graded.

And after that, she looked at Io and Tanya.


「They are also Kakeru-san’s……?」

「They’re my woman」


When I answered, Cima looked slightly surprised and whispered “acknowledging……that easily……”.

Although it was very thin voice, I heard it clearly. It’s not like it’s something I need to hide right?


After recovering herself from her surprise, this time, Cima gave me a flirtatious glance.


「Although I wish to give you a reward for saving our village, as you can see, we have nothing valuable」

「There’s noーー」

「The only thing we can give is, something like……this」


After saying that, Cima leaned her body against mine.

She leaned her body and moved her finger on to my chest.


『Kuku, what a seductress』


Eleanor laughed in amusement.

I also understood. Cima is seducing me.


Although I’m not interested in words or rewards, it’s different if it’s this.

Cima is beautiful. On top of having a fairy-like beauty of an elf, she has the attractiveness of a mature woman.


If she is going to “thank” me, then I’ll welcome it.


「I’ll take it」


I answered promptly.


「If you are fine with it, with them too」


Cima raised her hand and women stepped forward among the villagers that looked from afar.

There are nineーーten if you include Cima.


「How about it?」

「I’ll take all of it at once」

「Well then, let’s come inside」


I was brought into the house where Cima came out from.


「Ahh……what a tragedy」

「What’s the matter?」


I heard Soora and Io’s voice from behind.


「Cima-sama, and the girls who came now……they are, uhh……very strong」

「They like ecchi things?」

「Yes. Every one of them is strong, not even ten men would be their match」

「It was like that」

「Ahh……we have not even thanked him enough for saving the village. If this goes on, it will really be a tragedy」

「If it’s about that, then there’s no problem」


「10 x 10, it’s only 100 right? It’s alright if it’s only that much. It’s even less than what Melissa-san could do after all」



Seen off by the conversation of Io and Soora, I entered Cima’s house, and was brought to her bedroom.

Ten beauties came at once, and the last one licked her lips while she closed the door.


Looking closely, the other nine had the same air around them.

Their faces looked like a snake that saw their prey. I see, it’s as Soora has said.


I looked at them once again. Un, the ten of them are beauties without a doubt.

Cima, the most beautiful among them, leaned on me, and pushed me on the bed.




Cima’s face approached mine with misty eyes.


Ten sexy beauties huh, interesting.

I got excited.


『Do it in moderately』


While ignoring Eleanor’s voice, I started to “fight” with Cima first.










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