Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 221

Chapter 221 – The Future Hikari



I was woken up in the morning and felt someone on top of me.

Yesterday, I slept with Io, Olivia, and Tanya. I wonder who it is?


I opened my eyes and saw Io.

She is on top of me, face down.


By the way, Olivia and Tanya are beside me. Although they are still breathing as if they’re asleep.


「You’re awake right, Olivia」

「Ororo〜, how did you know?」

「The instant I opened my eyes, your pulse rate and body temperature increased」

「Arya〜, it was that easy to tell? I even thought of waking up after Human admire her」


Seeing that I saw through her, Olivia immediately stopped acting asleep and presses her body to mine.

I caressed and fixed Io’s hair.

My hands are tied now so I enveloped Tanya as well as everyone with my aura.


「Uwaa〜, you’re amazingly dexterous huh. With that, you’ll be able to deal with how many there is. Up until now, at the most, how many women have you slept with at once?」

「The most? At once?」


Olivia nodded. I thought while touching her chest.


「I think its twenty. Probably with the slave soldiers’ first platoon」

「Slave soldiers? What’s that, that sounds interesting」


Olivia was interested, so I told her about the 200 slave soldiers that I asked Delfina to gather for me.

I gathered them, trained them, and brought them to many battlefields.

And right now, every one of that 200 is as strong as a thousand men.


「Haehh〜, as expected of Human, you have quite a lot of interesting things in mind」

「If only they were here, I could’ve used them as Mercouri’s first army」

「Instead, isn’t Hikari around?」

「I guess so. However, I wonder」


「Since we now have the drake soldiers, I thought of gathering up with Skiros Calamba, but Rodotos died and Eleanor gained her human form. I was thinking of what to do now, since the situation is very different from before」

「That Eleanor, she was a lump of killing intent」


Olivia’s body slightly turned stiff.

Eleanor who was able to defeat her, the Dragon King, with a single blow. It should be fine to call her a lump of killing intent.


「That thing, I am sure that she will bring more chaos than Rodotos」

「……what do you think, Eleanor?」


I called out to Eleanor that I rested the wall.


『Assuming that I turned into a human in the era where Rodotos existed』


Since coming to this era, Eleanor who has vague memories simulates herself not from her memories but from her personality.


『There is only one thing I would carry out. It’s destruction』


『I am unable to bring anything into creation. At least, the me during this era think so. I believe that the meaning of my existence as a Demon Sword is to bring destruction into everything in this world. However, I am a Demon Sword. I am unable to act as I will if I do not have a wielder』

「That’s why you tried to gain Rodotos’s body」

『Umu. Or maybe, I tried to use it for a long time. That’s why, I completely agree with the “more chaos than Rodotos” that Olivia said』

「ーーthat’s what she said」


I told Olivia what Eleanor said.

She made a happy, yet troubled expression since her prediction was correct and understands the situation.


「That chaos will engulf the dragons too right?」

『I love sturdy toys』

「I see」

「Human……why do you look so happy?」

「n? Is that so?」

『You should not be thinking of anything strange?』

「I’m not. Ah, no, I see」


I remembered “that” Eleanor’s appearance.

She felt very ominous and looked like a Demon King.

Completely different from the seemingly useless one that got tamed by her beloved daughter that I’m used to seeing in the lottery place.


『Did you just think of a very rude thing just now?』

「No, not at all」

『Stop lying, that faceーー』

「I just, noticed that I liked you quite a lot」



Eleanor lost her words.

I remembered the conversation I had with her under the stars before.


She wants to stay with me in her Demon Sword form, she wants me to use her.

If so, the reason I came to this era.


「It might be for me to take you to bed」

『Wait, you! Do you plan on raping me!』

「Don’t say such bad things about people」

『The me in this era is your enemy. You saw it, right? This is the era where my negative emotions are at its peak. And to drag me into your bed, you can only rape me』

「Well, I’ll do something about that. Ah〜〜, I’m so satisfied now, since I finally found out why I came to this era」

『I won’t help you! For you to force yourself on me……unless if it’s the me right now……』


Eleanor was mumbling some things.

Although its the voice of her mind, unfortunately, I could hear it clearly.


「Are you sure?」

『I am sure!』

「That’s problematic. It’s not like I could use Hikari for that」

『Of course! Don’t make your daughter help you with raping her mother!』

「I told you, stop describing it like that」


To think that Eleanor would oppose this much.

However, I don’t plan on stopping.

It’s because “that” is the reason why I came to this world through the lottery.


Fighting against Eleanor unarmed huh……my 90% chance of winning will go down to 50%, but I can only try.


Suddenly, I noticed Olivia who became silent for a while.


「What’s the matter, Olivia」

「Human, Hikari is Human and Eleanor’s daughter right?」

「Yeah. She looks completely like Eleanor and only I could use Demon Sword Hikari. She’s our daughter without a doubt」

「Isn’t that……going to be in the “future”?」



I instinctively raised my body.

Io who was sleeping on top of me was woken up and turned confused like “What? What’s happening??”.

I also felt Eleanor held her breath.


About how Olivia noticed, about how we could not notice.


「Help me, Eleanor」

『Ku! But……ku……!』


Eleanor was extremely conflicted.

About herself “helping me to rape her” and about helping the birth of her beloved daughter.

She is extremely conflicted right now, but Eleanor will absolutely……


*Knocks on the door.*

The door opened and Hikari timidly showed her face.


「Good morning, Otou-san, Oka-san」


Seeing my daughter’s angelic and loveliest smile in the world.

I understood that “that” was the true reason I came to this world.


The half golden lottery ticket turned into a complete ticket!









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37 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 221

  1. Sooooo. That is why Hikari was born.

    AND TRAUMATIZED Eleanor for mwny years that she forgot her memories.



  2. Sooooooo they had sex in the past, then Kakeru’s 777 triggered something in the future and Hikari is born?


    • Remember how Eleanor suggested that Kakeru has to place her in a seal that only Mari (or how that former inn girl now queen was called again) can undo in that cave where Mari found Eleanor 400 years later?

      Basically Eleanor will most likely do something similar like sealing Hikari within her with the only trigger to undo that seal being a full force transmission of Kakeru’s powers.
      That way Hikari will be “born” only at that specific moment 400 years later.

      As for why Eleanor does not rememver anything from Rodotos’s era:
      That might be because Eleanor has to uphold the seal on Hikari while being sealed herself.
      So she cannot replenish her energy due to being sealed and as such invests some of her own spirit including the memories to uphold Hikari’s sealed state within her.

      Furthermore the whole thing must be pretty comlex as Eleanor would also have to uphold the seal on Hikari even after forgetting about Kakeru, Hikari and the seal itself.
      Hence the cost will probably be quite high.


      • What abou the mercouri descendent, the ear, and other flag. Its become more complex as story goes on


    • No~
      I think they(him, actually)’ll implant a seed on her to give birth to Hikari~
      It took 400 years to ovulate tho~ xD


  3. Then just go and ask Althea in the future to help him get Eleanor a body again. Btw, this might get messy.

    A side note. Do you guys think Hikari got better hearing than Kakeru? You know, the x777 affects only his normal human body. What would happen if a half human and half top tier demon sword got half of Kakeru’s blessing?


    • If I remember it correctly, the “numerical value” of Hikari is 223, I think they mentioned it at the lottery place, in other words Hikari inherited from Kaker the ability to multiply her “base” attributes but “only” 223 times (x223) + everything associated with the demon swords from Eleanor. Looking at it, we can say that in the future, she can be stronger than her mother.


      • Thought that was just a hypothetical number, so that “if you add them, you get a thousand”.


  4. Sooo, bed Eleanor, take her memories, seal her up and impregnate her for 400 years? Sooo how’s he gonna guarantee she’s pregnant coz he’s bedded tons of girls and no kids yet.


  5. Thanks for the chapter.
    So Eleanor has to help Kakeru to rape her past self ?


  6. There is something that bothers me from the last few chapters, I mean, how Olivia calls Kakeru only as “human” in conversation, it seems to me that in the original this phrase should be literally translated as “Child of Man” which is better than some random “human” and also show a bit of an archaic/old way of Olivia expression. But that’s just my opinion


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    lol now this explains everything about Hikari’s birth.


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  9. I think the 777 affects how long it takes the womb to create 9 months ×777 is 582.75 years which is about right if they dont know the time that has pass and just say 400 years.


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