Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 220

Chapter 220 – Strong and Lovely Girl



After chasing away Eleanor, I took out my Magic Cottage and entered carrying Io.

Olivia and Tanya followed.

Olivia looked composed and Tanya looked at Io with a worried expression.


「Is your side alright now, Olivia?」

「I am different from Human, I’m fine now」

「Kakeru-san! Is Io-san alright?」

「If it is Human, then she is fine. Although that magic intensely consume her magic powers, that’s all」

「You know it? Olivia」


Olivia slightly nodded.


「She used her massive magic powers as a power that would move her body. For that, even more magic powers are used and her stamina is consumed. It is a technique that consumes magic powers at least three times the amount when the magic is shot normally. That is why, human is currentlyーー」


Olivia raised the corner of her lips interestingly and continued.


「ーーfeeling tired to death」

「That……was the case, thank goodness……」


I entered a room carrying Io and gently put her down to the bed.


「It consumes three times than releasing magic normally, and she did that twice, huh」


I stroked Io’s cheek as her face sweat.


「Really……how reckless」

「Ororo〜…… Human, I want to talk about something with you. Let’s go outside」

「Eh? What are we going to talk about, Olivia-samaーーhyaa!」

「Hikari, come as well」

「O-chan wait for me〜」


Olivia forcefully dragged away Tanya who was confused.

And Hikari who was called turned to her human form and chased after Olivia.


「What’s up with them?」

『Hm? I wonder〜』


I felt that Eleanor was grinning, but her tone quickly turned serious.


『Earlier, you couldn’t cut “me”』

「Yeah, I couldn’t cut “you” using Hikari」

『I do not plan on blaming you, but I do not plan on saying thanks as well』

「I see」

『I only want to say one thing……the next time, use me. There is no problem if its me』

「Are you alright with that?」

『Wielded by you, I shall cut my past self. Is it not interesting?』

「You really sound you’re looking forward to it that it’s a bit scary」



I heard Eleanor’s amused laughter inside my head.

This girl, she’s probably, really enjoying it 90%.




Io who I put on the bed groaned in pain.

I sat down beside her and looked at her face.

She seems to be extremely exhausted by the technique she used. She looks so worn out although the fight was very short.


I looked at her for quite a while and she slowly opened her eyes.




I called out her name. She did not react.

Her eyes were empty, wandering the void.





I called her once again and this time, she replied.

Her eyes regained clarity and caught my appearance.



「You don’t need to wake up, just lie there」

「Uhm……the enemy?」

「She ran away. It’s all thanks to you」

「Thank goodness……I was of use」

『It’s not at a mere level of being “a use”』

「Eleanor’s unusually praising you」

「Thank you……」


While saying that, Io stared at me.

Her eyes seem to say something, they look like a lonely puppy’s eyes.


I did not say anything and kissed her.


「That attack was impressive. You caught Eleanor by surprise and it was beautiful. Let me see it again after you recover」

「Eh……? I can……use it?」

「Un? According to Olivia, it doesn’t seem to have any after-effects. Isn’t that the case?」

「U〜un, I didn’t mean that! Uhm……can I really?」


「I thought……you’ll tell me to stop」


Io became short on her words and looked away.

She looked like a child whose prank was found out.



「Why you say……?」

「You’ll recover after resting right? Since it uses a lot of stamina and magic powers」

「Un, that is true」

「If so, then what’s the problem? Rather, why do I need to stop you becoming a better woman?」

「Eh? B-Better woman?」

「Yeah. Didn’t I tell you? It was strong and beautiful. A magician, although it’s only for an instant, was able to surpass Eleanor’s physical ability. And to be able to do that, you areーー」


I gave her another kiss and said while staring at her at a distance where our lips almost touched.


「A good woman」

「I……can I fight together with Kakeru-san?」

「We did that up until now right?」

「Can I work harder, and become stronger so I can be of help?」

「You have done that up until now right?」

「I, won’t I be a baggage?」

「I’ve never thought of you like that」

「Although the result is better if Kakeru-san fights by himself?」

「This time, it was better since Io was around right?」


Io was surprised by my reply.

Her eyes widened and opened her mouth but could not utter the words.


After that, Io made many expressions for a while.

Surprise, confusion, teary smile.

Many expressions appeared and disappeared from her face.


I don’t know what she is thinking, I don’t know, but.


「I, I will work more and more harder」

「Alright, do your best」

「Is it okay? I might surpass Kakeru-san someday you know? Just like how I surpassed Eleanor today although it’s just for an instant」

「Yeah, do your best」


Or rather.


「Why do I need to stop you from becoming a better woman?」


I really feel strange why she asks that.

Io seems strange for asking that many many times to be sure.

About doing her best and levelling up, about fighting together with me.

About maybe surpassing me and Eleanor.


What’s the problem in that?


『If it was anything, it would be your denseness that is the problem』


Eleanor said something weird.

It’s true that I can’t understand Io’s point, but that, is that called dense?


It’s not, rightーーbut when I was thinking of that.




「I, I’ll do my best」


Io declared shortly but clearly.


And Io who stared at me like that with an innocent smile was so lovely, so lovely that all of my questions instantly disappeared.


Once again, I gave her a kiss.









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