Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 218

Chapter 218 – Io’s Past (Part 2) ~ The Protected Girl





Io Akos dropped a lightning on the monster in front of her with smooth chanting and magic activation.

It is a monster called Harpia, having a woman’s face and body with wings and feet of a bird.

The harpia that flew in the air was hit by lightning and staggered for an instant.


Io was already mustering magic powers for her next magic.

She only needs to chant it andーー


「It’s dangerous, get back!」

「Io-chan, stay there」


A pair of male and female swordsmen charged from her sides.

The two of them cut off the harpia’s neck and chopped its body with a perfect combination.


It was a fascinating combination as usual.

Io looked at the two with eyes of admiration.



「Has Moris-san and Nay-san’s been in a pair for a very long time?」


The three of them walked towards the next spawning point after defeating one monster.

Their quest was to defeat five harpias. From how the battle earlier ended, it was an easy job so the three of them advanced without worries.


And along the way, the man named Moris answered Io’s question.


「I guess so. I think it’s already for 20 years」

「Ehhh? H-How old are you two now?」

「The both of us are 25」

「You were together since you’re 5-years-old?」

「You don’t need to believe this guy’s nonsense. If he was to mention it, when we were five, he just said “I’ll pass through that mountain and reach the town!” but only got lost instead」

「I-It was still an adventure」

「Okay okay, an adventure you caught me into」


Nay said and shrugged her shoulders. Io let out a small laugh.

She probably imagined the scene at that time.

5-year-old children, the boy dragged the girl to go for an adventure.

Io let out a small laugh imagining that heartwarming scene.


And, she thought to herself that her choice was not wrong.


Moris and Nay whose fame are currently rising.

It was rumored that these two would absolutely reach A-Rank, so Io searched for them and asked them to let her enter their party.


And right now, they are out for a monster subjugation quest together.


「If we were to be reincarnated, it’s better if the day we are born is a bit separated」

「If so, then I’m just going to chase after you so that we will be born the same day」

「Uwa〜, this guy, he’s a stalker. A stalker the instant he’s born」


Despite saying that, Nay was with all smiles and do not feel bad about it.

Two people who are strong as swordsmen, their combinations are impressive, and two people who help each other in defeating monsters.


Io stared at the two of them with eyes of admiration.

She admires the Heroes and Champions that appear in stories.

And she does not only admire them. She dreams of fighting together with those heroes.


“I want to fight and go on an adventure together.”

That was Io’s dream.


She worked hard for that.

Since she found out her talent in magic, she continued to train herself so that someday, she will be able to participate in a hero’s party.


And right now, she is on an adventure with veteran swordsmen.


「Found it, it’s there」


The air around them changed.

Moris and Nay’s expression suddenly changed from a leisure one to a serious one.


「It’s a big one」

「Let’s go」


「Io-chan, just watch over there. This guy’s dangerous」



Io was eager, but it was a disappointment.

Moris and Nay charged while she was confused

The monster was the same with the harpia earlier. However, just like Nay had said, its body is bigger than the common ones, and both its speed and power is higher.


But the two swordsmen fought an even battle with it.


“I need to support them.”

Io mustered her magic powers and stared at the monster’s movements.

“It’s fast! But I should be able to hit it somehow.”


She watched its movements and somehow predicted its next.


(If it’s this, I think I can hitーー


But when she raised her magic staff.

Moris was sent flying to Io’s side.



「I’m alright! ーーIo-chan, don’t move there. It’s dangerous」


After saying that, Moris charged towards the monsters again.

Io who was about to cast her magic, but the magic powers she mustered disappeared with an instant’s hesitation.


She was stopped twice, twice that is.

She was stopped because it was dangerous.


Io hesitated, but put her staff down in the end.

She felt a torn stabbing her heart.


With this quest as the last, Io parted with the two.

No matter how much she continued to train, no matter how much she worked hard and continued to become stronger.

Io was still unable to find somebody who would let her fight with them.









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