Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 216

Chapter 216 – The Instant Eleanor was Surpassed



Eleanor’s appearance flicked like a heat hazeーーand in an instant, she was in front of me.

I blocked the hand chop she swung down using Hikari. The sound of the Demon Swords clashing reverberated.


「You’re quick!」

「Those two Demon Swords, I’ve taken a liking to them. I’ll use them after killing you」





「That sounds like a funny joke coming from you」


Eleanor narrowed her eyebrows.

I pushed her back by swinging Hikari.


Eleanor was blown to the air and spread out her arms. A red light was released from her whole body.

At the same time, the surrounding space bent, countless swords appearing.




Swords that look the same as her form as a Demon Sword appeared as if to cover the surrounding space.

There’s probably more than a hundred.


「Let me test you」


Eleanor smirked and waved her hand down. The swords flew at me at once.


『Don’t be careless』

『It smells the same as Okaa-san』

「I know!」


Eleanor and Hikari.

I used the two Demon Swords to block the flying swords.

Demon Swords that were thrown and fell denser than rain, I blocked them off using my full strength and full speed.


Each attack was heavy and most of all, its “properties” is Eleanor itself.

I blocked all of them without exception. They disappeared like smoke as they fell.


『To your right!』





My body moved instinctively hearing Eleanor’s warning.

I parried Eleanor’s attack who closed her distance to me.


「Good, you blockedーーmu!」


Eleanor narrowed her eyebrows. There was a dark aura on her hand that clashed with the Demon Sword.


「What’s this?」



I raised my gear and slashed with the Demon Sword.

I slashed numerous times although it has less strength, slashing in speeds of a hundred times per second.

Every time I slashed at her, every time Eleanor received an attack, the aura explodes and inflicts damage.


It is one of the techniques I got from the lottery.


「Eii! Annoying trick」

「There’s even more」

「Don’t get cocky」


Eleanor took distance using the impact we clashed.

She snapped her finger and zombies, skeletonsーーthe Undead Army appeared from beneath my feet and grabbed my heels.


「Rest for a while」

「With just this!」


I released my aura explosively, blowing away the undead.

I charged to Eleanor after removing the constraints.


We exchanged three attacks. Although we were equal physically, she has more pure powers of the Demon Sword.

“To defeat herーー”, the instant I was thinking of that.


A killing intent fell from the sky.


「I won’t let Human get killed!」


Olivia who turned to her dragonkin form from her dragon form attacked Eleanor with a sudden descent.

The full strength attack of Dragon King Olivia, and that.


「You lizard should stay out of this」


Eleanor dodged and countered with a turning kick that made a whirlwind.

Olivia was hit directly and was blown away vertically.

She only stopped after cushioning through several trees.



「Don’t come! Just stay there」


Tanya who was placed down by some way by Olivia called me from afar.

Eleanor’s power that could even blow away Olivia with a single attack, Tanya doesn’t have the means to fight her.

I charged towards Eleanor after shouting at her to stop.


Eleanor who turned to her human form is strong.

I launched a surprise attack with a short warp using my Warp Feather.

I stuck an aura on her and attacked her with the multiplying attack.


Even with the two Demon Swords and the items that I got from the lottery, we were still equal.

I thought that our battle would drag on like this.




Eleanor’s movements stopped for an instant.

The movements of her limbs became dull, moving as if something was bothering her.


Although it was not even 0.01 secondsーーit was enough.




I closed our distance, made her lose her balance, and blocked her counterattacks using Eleanor.

I swung down Hikari towards her head that was fatally defenselessーー


This time, I stopped. My body freezes, my slash paused.

Slash her?

I will?


Using, Hikari, slash, Eleanor?


The 0.01-second instant that my slash stopped because that came to my mind, the other Eleanor recovered her balance and counterattacked.

She waved her arm in a beautiful circle and tens of Demon Swords were summoned from there.

The Demon Swords were shot. I blocked them in a hurry while falling back, but Eleanor closed in as if to end the fight.


One momentary hesitation, the battle was completely reversed.

I could only defend against Eleanor’s attacks.


『What are you doing!』



Because our strength was almost equal, that instant of hesitation was fatal.

I could only defend and the initiative was completely taken away from me.


「Take this!」



Eleanor summoned even more Demon Swords, shot most of them, grabbed one and swung it.



When I thought of counterattacking to aim for mutual destruction, something passed me by from the side.

It flew in speed that was far quicker than I could recognize it.


That thing that was enveloped by lightning tackled Eleanor.




It was Io.

Io who had used all her powers launched a surprise attack using the technique she used before.

Only in this instant, Io surpassed Eleanor and my speed.


However, it did not last long.

Soon after tackling her, Io returned back to normal from lightning form and collapsed to the ground.



「I know!」


I kicked the ground and swung down Demon Sword Eleanor to slash the human Eleanor who was stunned after receiving not a minor damage from an attack outside of her consciousness.




Eleanor quickly used the utmost power she could and jumped back.

After landing, a streak of fresh blood flowed out of her head.


「Ku! The condition of my body is still…… Our battle shall be postponed」

「Who’d let you escape」


I tried to chase after her, but Eleanor snapped her finger and created a wall using her Undead Army.

Hundreds of undead were summoned and blocked my path.

Although I instantly killed them with Eleanor and Hikari, I let the other Eleanor escape.


『You can’t catch up to her now』



I sheathed Eleanor and Hikari and looked at the women who collapsed.

Olivia came while holding the side of her stomach.


「Olivia, are you alright?」

「Sorry, I got beaten up」


She jokingly replied.

It looks like she was fine although she was a bit injured.


On the other hand, Io collapsed.

I raised her body and saw her sweat profusely. She groaned in pain.


『You should let her rest』


『However, I was surprised. She cut in from outside of our perception』

「I was also surprised by that」

『”That” Io was, huh〜』


Eleanor was very impressed. I also had the same feeling as her.

She was an unreliable magician that can be found anywhere when we first met, but she had grown so much now, she can surpass Eleanor and my perception although it’s only for an instant.



「What’s the matter?」

『It looks like she’s talking in her sleep』


Just like Eleanor said, Io had no consciousness, she was only muttering in her sleep.


「I will……more……for Kakeru-san……」




Io repeats “more”.

Her appearance was so sweet, so lovable.


I gave her a soft kiss.









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28 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 216

    • That was it mostly. I wonder though if the thought of him causing a time paradox crossed his mind. It WAS a killing blow if it was to hit.


      • I hope that pause will at least make her curious enough to talk to him. There’s no way that she doesn’t know her ass would be dead if not for that. Her reaction will be hilarious.


      • Eh, doubt it. She’s got the whole chuuni thing going right now and that makes anyone blind.


    • I want him to make Eleanor this woman in the past ( have sex with her ) and then when he returns in the present to ask Althea to make Eleanor a human form .
      Perfect end if it is that :p
      Also thanks for the chapter


  1. How couldnt he catch up? Didnt the warp feather let him teleport to places he have been and seen?

    And maybe this is the time to practice magic? Like copying IO’s technique? -.-


    • He doesn’t know where she went, and the places he went to in the past world are pretty limited

      Also Io is better than him at lightning magic, he can’t just pull that off


      • Io was passed out in the middle of an undead army. You’re absolutely right, he could’ve easily hunted Eleanor down and kept up the pressure by warping, but he would have had to leave Io vulnerable to do so.


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  3. Either the MC or the author keeps forgetting about copy, which is annoying because every now and then the author will remember it. If there was a person to use it on it would be this eleanor.


    • It is the Author 100%, making the MC a club swinging Cave man. He supposedly used copy on the attack from Althea but it didn’t explain how it was used. Why Cave man has to swing sword to kill snake cause cave man can’t remember he can do the same spells Lo can.


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