Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 212

Chapter 212 – The Demon Sword Cupid



In the peak of Mount Sirulia, I held Hikari who returned to her Demon Sword form.


「Let’s begin」



Hikari’s innocent voice echoed in my head.

Soon after, the blade of the Demon Sword started to glow with a faint light.

Although it is a different light from the aura I’m normally using, I’m familiar with it.


The same scene occurs when Eleanor summons her Undead Army.

And I was right. Soon after, drakes appeared one next to the other around me.


Hikari’s summoning, dragon servants.

They exceeded a hundred and almost covered the peak of the mountain.


「Is this all?」

『Un! Everyone came out』

「Can you keep them again?」

『Wait a second. Mumumumu〜……』


Hikari groaned. Although she’s in her Demon Sword form, her appearance of narrowing the eyebrows of her lovely face naturally came to my mind.

I couldn’t help but smile.


And gradually, all of the drakes disappeared.


『I did it〜!』

「Let them come out once more」



A hundred drakes were summoned again.

The Demon Sword Hikari’s servants, the Dragon Army.


It looks like she’s able to let them exit and enter.


「As expected of Eleanor’s child」

「I, I think that I might’ve seen a historical event just now」

「What does that mean?」


Olivia was impressed yet convinced, Io was astonished, and Tanya was mystified.

It’s interesting how the girls’ reactions were different.


『So, what are you going to do now? Don’t tell me you’ll release them just like this? I have never heard that dragons have been involved in the founding of Mercouri』

「Your memories aren’t that reliable in this case after all」

『What did you say?』

「If you want to deny it, try remembering something about this era」



Eleanor fell silent. It looks like she can’t say anything back when that was pointed out.


「Well, however. I get what you’re trying to say. And so」


I grabbed Eleanor’s hilt and released the dark aura.

I enveloped the drakes that Hikari summoned with that.


『Wawawa〜, everyone turned into humans〜!』

「Camouflage aura. I only made them look as if they turned into humans」


The appearance drakes that was enveloped by the aura quickly turned into human soldiers.

They all look like humans. The equipment they are wearing is based on Knight Fortis who was with Helene when we first met.

The horde of drakes turned into knights of Mercouri in an instant.


『Wa〜, it’s the same with Helene-oneechan’s subordinates〜』

「With this, we can participate in the battle」

『Un! It’s so amazing, everyone looks like a real knight』


Hikari was impressed.

As long as one doesn’t possess powers that exceed Eleanor, her camouflage aura cannot be seen through.

Although they are both Demon Swords, Eleanor’s daughter, Hikari, is weaker so she can’t see through them.


I looked at Olivia for no particular reason. She’s making an impressed expression.

If the Dragon King Olivia can’t see through it, then it should be alright.


With this, the preparations to participate as “Mercouri” is finished.



Deep within the night, at the peak of Mount Sirulia.

When the men and women had fallen asleep, a young girl pushed the Magic Cottage’s door open, and went outside.


The wind in the peak of the mountain makes her long hair flutter in the air, with the moonlight shining upon it releasing a faint glow.

Hikariーーalthough her appearance was still young, she possesses mystical beauty.


「Is it around here〜?」

『Umu. You can hear me?』

「Un, I can hear you. How strange〜, I can although Okaa-san is with Otou-san」

『We’re mother and daughter after all』



Hikari smiled innocently. As the child of Eleanor, she should be the second most powerful Demon Sword in this world, but she has the loveliness in her human form that no one would think as such.

No, you can say that she only possesses loveliness.


And that Hikari asked Eleanor furthermore.


「I went outside, but what should I do now?」

『Umu. Call out your dragon child, one is enough』

「I got it! A-chan, come out〜!」


Hikari called out as if she was speaking to her best friend.

Soon after, a drake appeared from her shadow.



「It’s her name」

『I see. Umu, if you can give them names and differentiate them from each other, then it is much better. Right now, I shall bestow Hikari one of my techniques』


『It’s the etiquette of Demon Swords』



Hikari placed her hands on her head and started to fidget.

The mother and daughter Demon Swords possesses a spiritual connection that ordinary beings do not have.

Eleanor used that and directly gave Hikari her knowledge.


『You understood?』

「Un, I got it. But, can Hikari do it?」

『You are my daughter. Try it』

「Un! Mumumumu〜……」


Hikari gripped her small fists, gathered her powersーー”Eiiya!”, she jumped like banzai!

Soon after, the appearance of the drake she summoned changed.

It changed from its dragon form to a beautiful girl.


「Waa〜, she really turned into human」

『Of course. Even so, I could feel a familiar air around her』

「Ehehe〜……you can tell?」

『What do you mean?』

「Okaa-san, you told me to imagine an appearance that fits A-chan right?」


「That’s why I imagined. The appearance of “good women” that Otou-san loves」

『I see. It was that air huh』


Although the girl in front of Hikari do not necessarily look similar to someone, but just like Hikari said, the air around her was completely similar to those of the “good women”.

If anything, it would be like the women that gathered in the harem Rica is making, or maybe the slave soldiers.

The air around her is similar to those women.


「Thank you, Okaa-san」

『Umu. But still, you are still too far from it. You took so much time before you changed her appearance. It is ideal as a Demon Sword if you had already changed its appearance the instant you summoned them』

「What should I do?」

『I’ll tell you now the way to practice. You should practice very well』



After Eleanor taught Hikari how to practice the technique, she returned her consciousness to the bedroom.

The bedroom where a man who has four women sleeping beside him.

Eleanor looked at him, then looked at the woman who is the Dragon King.


『When all’s said and done, an angel of love that helps the dragon children’s love affair. Hmph. I’m really losing my edge』


Eleanor deprecatingly, yet profoundly whispered.








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    • The only thing I can think of is maybe some of the strength is age-locked? Like she only has access to a tiny bit of her inborn strength until she gets older? This is gonna be my headcannon I guess.


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