Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 211

Chapter 211 – Ojii-chan and Obaa-chan



We departed towards a mountain called Sirulia riding on Olivia’s back after she transformed into a dragon.

It was not as triangular-shaped as Mt. Fuji, but a rock mountain with steep cliffs impossible for normal humans to climb.


It was a mountain without few greens, but its peak was different.

You could see it covered with white from afar, so I thought that it’s covered with perpetual snow like Mt. Fuji, but I found out it’s different when we approached and landed.




Tanya whispered with a frightened expression.

What covered the peak was a countless amount of eggs.


Those eggs bigger than an ostrich’s was aligned in order.

Tanya was scared by its big size, but Io who is an S-Rank adventurer was not scared by mere eggs asked Olivia.


「These, are they dragon eggs?」

「It’s called drakes. In human terms, they are demi-dragons」

「Demi-dragons……like demi-humans?」

「That’s right」


I see. It’s a species of dragons but a little different.


「They’re quite powerful and just as intelligent as humans, but they’re far inferior to dragons, so we’re protecting them most of the time or keep them as servants」

「Do you keep them as well?」



Olivia nodded.


「They’re as intelligent as humans and they have their pride as well, so normally, they would only be subservient to dragons. But if it’s Hikari……」

「I see. It’s possible for Hikari who you rubbed off your magic powers huh」


Olivia nodded once again.

While listening to the drakes’ explanation, Hikari was looking interestingly at the eggs.


She would touch, pat, and peek from below.


I asked Olivia while watching her do that.


「And then? What should we do?」

「She only needs to hit the drakes that are born. It’s easiest to make them subservient using force when they are just born」

「Imprinting huh」


Olivia nodded.

That sounds easy.

I should just help Hikari hit the drakes that are born.


The problem is how I would make Hikari hit them.

It’s a bit wrong with me using her as a Demon Sword and hit them, right?

What should I do?


『It looks like there is no need for you to worry about that』



I raised my brows at Eleanor’s words then noticed that her consciousness is pointing towards Hikari’s direction.

I turned to that direction and saw a scene where the eggs are cracking one next to the other, with drakes hatching out of them.


The ones born earlierーーthey were playing with Hikari.

They were playing with Hikari, Hikari who was smaller than them.


It looked like a huge dog like a Saint Bernard was playing with a child.

And it was not only a few of them. All of the drakes that hatched from their eggs gathered around with Hikari and played with her.


「Ahahaha, that tickles〜」


「……is that how it is?」


I asked Olivia.


「U〜un, normally, you would need to hit them and show them your strength……」


Olivia was surprised by Hikari and the drakes.

“I’ve never seen or heard something like this” was written on her face.


The drakes cried at once, all of the dragons followed and cried, started to resonate with each other’s voices.


「Are they saying something?」

「They’re calling Hikari Okaa-san」


「It means there was no need for imprinting huh」

『Umu, they are submitting to her naturally』


「As expected of my daughter」『As expected of my daughter』


I said at the same time with Eleanor.

I involuntarily flicked her with my finger.


「Hikari-chan’s amazing」

「Un, this is unexpected. I thought that she’d make them submit using force since she’s Eleanor’s daughter, but I did not imagine it will be like this」


Tanya and Olivia sighed with admiration.

I felt quite happy hearing Hikari praised.


「So, will she be able to keep them just like your Undead Army?」

『Of course. I’ll teach Hikari how later』

「That’s good. She looks like she’s having fun, so do it later」


Eleanor and I watched over Hikari and the drakes play with the same feelings.




Suddenly, Io seemed to have noticed something.


「What’s the matter?」

「The drakes, they’re calling Hikari-chan Okaa-san right?」


Io said that and confirmed with Olivia. Olivia nodded.


「Un, they’re saying that」

「If their Okaa-san is Hikari-chan……what is Kakeru-san?」




If Hikari is their mother, then what am I?



『Wait! I do not plan on becoming a grandmother in this age』


Eleanor started panicking. It looks like she understood faster than me who blanked out.

I was so surprised that I even forgot to question how old Eleanor is right now.









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  1. Hikari, daughter of a human(allegedly) and the strongest demon sword, mother of dragons, master of the Dragon King Olivia…
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