Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 210

Chapter 210 – Dragon Soldier



*Wings fluttering*

Olivia landed after gliding and making a turn.


The sound of her wings could be heard from a distance, so the excited man couldn’t help but also look.

I instantly released my aura and enveloped Olivia along with the girls.


Camouflage aura. A disguise that cannot be seen through unless one is more powerful than Eleanor.


「Huh? I thought there was a sound just now……」


The man tilted his head while looking up at the sky.

He probably sees the clear blue sky and white clouds, so it’s just natural that he’d find it strange to see nothing after hearing such a loud sound.


I gave Olivia and the girls a look.

Io and Tanya understood and did not speak. Olivia is intelligent too so she immediately understands. She silently landed and turned to her dragonkin form.


After seeing that, I called out to the man.


「You are Skiros Calamba, right?」



Skiros nodded with gladness.


「And you are……uhm……」

「Yuuki Kakeru」

「Yuu, ki……? You’re not Mercouri?」


Skiros showed a light confused expression and looked at my face and the fan.


「The owner of this is my woman」

「I see! You’re the son-in-law」


His spirits that were about to fall revived instantly.


「Are you searching for Mercouri?」



「Do you know Akansa-sama?」



I think I heard that name somewhere before. Where was it again?


『It’s that, you know, “that”』



I looked towards the direction Eleanor’s consciousness is pointing to.

There was Olivia and the girls over there.

Olivia, Hikari, Io, TanyaーーTanya!


I see. It’s that old woman who made a strange fortune on her in Tanya’s village.

That old woman’s name is Akansa if I’m correct.


「That old fortune teller huh」

「T-That is a bit of a disrespectful way to call her. She is a famous life calculation expert after all」

「And what did that Akansa say?」

「It is……”Gather towards Mercouri, there is 8 good and 2 bad ahead of the emblem of light, there is 8 good and 2 bad”」

「Ahh, that sounds like something that old woman would say」


『Mercouri’s emblem of light should be this fan』

That would be the case.


「The others are also searching for Mercouri although their proportion of good and bad is different, so all of us are searching Mercouri and his emblem」

「The others? All of you?」

「The ones who have the will to overthrow Rodotos」

「Is one of you called Siracuza?」

「You know?!」


I remembered what Tanya saidーーat the same time, I remembered the future I came from.


「Is there also people named Comotoria and Aegina?」

「Yeah! The four of us are raising an army」



Calamba, Siracuza, Comotoria, Aegina.

The four of them were told by a fortune teller to find Mercouri/me(?).


Just like in Tanya’s case, I know that the “good” that fortune teller is saying is correct because I know the five great countries in the future.

I know, but……



I parted ways with Skiros once.

He plans on advancing the gathering of soldiers to the last stage because Mercouri was found.


After seeing him off, I removed the aura from the girls.


「What is happening, Kakeru-san」

「It looks like we’re going to be the “Mercouri” among the five great kingdoms」



Io tilted her head. Her face says she didn’t understand what I said.


「In other words, Mercouri doesn’t exist, and we who came to the past are Mercouri」


「However, after reaching this point, there’s another thing that bothers me」

「Another thing?」

「Helene and Iris. Both of them are not purely human」


That’s right. I did not think much of it because they naturally mixed in with the humans, but the first impression I got from Helene when I just came to this world was that “she looks like an elf”.


Long golden hair, long ears, and beauty full of elegance.

I secretly thought that she looks like an elf.

That was the case with Helene, and Iris was the same.


On the other hand, the other princesses and queens of the four kingdoms are completely human.

Rica, Aura, Fiona and Marie, and Selene as well.

I could feel that all of them are simple humans.


However, even though that was the case, this happened.

I could only think that there is something more to this.


「Well, I understand that, but what are you going to do for the soldiers, Kakeru-san. Your slaves didn’t come with us, so with just us……a war is impossible, right?」

「I guess so. If we are Mercouri, then an army is a need」

「What should we do?」



I placed a hand on my chin and thought.

Should I gather them using money? Or should I kick some band of thieves’ asses and make them my minions?

Or maybeーー




『Pochi looks like she’s itching to say something』



Just like Eleanor had said, Olivia seems like she really wants to say something.

Just like what happened before, she wants to say something but she’s waiting for my command.


「What’s the matter, Olivia?」

「About Hikari, I could really smell myself from her」

「Un? You were always together in the future after all」

「Un! O-chan and Hikari are best friends!」

「It’s not just my smell, but my magic powers as well, you know〜」


「Also……Hikari, she’s Eleanor’s daughter right?」

「Yeah, no matter how you look at her」

『Although no one could tell she’s your daughter just from her looks』


I flicked Eleanor with a finger for speaking rubbish.


「And then?」

「If it’s like that, I think that I can leave dragon soldiers for Hikari」

「Dragon soldiers……huh?」



“What does she mean?”, but when I was thinking of that.


『The Undead Army huh』


Eleanor muttered. I remembered the first time I met her.

She possesses the ability to keep a massive amount of undead, summon, and command them.


Similar to that, however, the ones that will be commanded are dragons.

Olivia is saying that Hikari has that ability.




Hikari looks like she doesn’t understand, but it would be amazing if she can do that.


『She is my daughter after all』


Eleanor said proudly.

I couldn’t help but agree with her.










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30 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 210

  1. So if he is “Mercouri”, does that mean Helene and Iris will be his descendants with a random woman in the past? The twists in this novel is so hard to predict lol


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  3. So who is it again? The ancestor of mercouri. Did i miss it? Did it even show up in prev chap? Hmm the twist make my soul hard boil.. Maaan


  4. If he is that “Mercouri”… and he fvcked his descendants….
    Will this count as incest?

    Damn heck and why didn’t Althea, Eleanor, Tanya, Olivia didn’t know about him in the present (chapter is at the past).?


    • I doubt this’s incest. In most case Incest will only be considered if it within 4 or 5 generations (great-grandfather or great-great-grandfather). Anymore than that is free-game. Maybe because 4-5 generations gap is the most a HUMAN family can have between the oldest and the youngest. So in this case, after MANY centuries later, when he fvked The Mercouri Sisters, it doesnt count imo.
      Also, Eleanor got brainwashed ?? Tanya died and lost her memories, Olivia got older and dementia kicked in. Maybe something happended to Althea that changed her from Human to Non-human. Dont know. Just have to wait and see


    • Olivia was a red dragon who couldn’t communicate until she reincarnated and as a baby dragon she couldn’t speak so we don’t know if she has her memories. But it’s been hinted that the reason she let herself turn into a red dragon was so that she could meet Kakeru again.

      Tanya already mentioned that she doesn’t remember her life when she was alive.

      Althea might remember him and was just pretending since it fits her character to do something like that.

      For Eleanor, it’s unknown at the moment so we’ll have to wait and see.


  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    I’m guessing he’s gonna defeat Rodotos then the real Mercouri will come and he’ll throw all the credit there since remember he still introduced himself as Yuuki Kakeru, not Mercouri and Skiros assumed that he’s the son-in-law.
    And if that’s the case then there’ll be no incest.


  6. Isn’t the fortune teller quite accurate about most of the event that is gonna happen, is she going to be one of plot twist of the adventure?


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