Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 209

Chapter 209 – The Proof of Mercouri



I listened to what Tanya said.

It looks like Siracuza and Calamba were young men from the village who were unable to endure Rodotos’ despotic administration and went on a journey to defeat Rodotos.


There would be rumors about them fighting as the rebel army here and there, capturing a part of a remote region with the army they built.

It looks like the villagers were told about such rumors.


Two names of the five great kingdoms in the future appeared. There was no way it that it has no connection since their goal is even to defeat Rodotosーーoverthrow his empire.

I thought that the possibility of them defeating Rodotos in the end and turn his empire to the five great kingdoms is high.


In short, it’s better to fight together with them to defeat Rodotos, or participate in the battles.


Defeat Rodotosーーdefeat Eleanor?

I found myself making a へ expression with my mouth.



「……I’ll win 90%」

『That’s the most cowardly you have been since we met』

「You on the peak of your strength is on the other side you know?」

「Un, Okaa-san was very pretty」

『I know, I know right?』


I flicked Eleanor with a finger for bragging.

I understand Hikari who’s a Demon Sword herself describes her peak strength as “pretty”, and I can also understand Eleanor being full of herself because her daughter admired her.

I understand, but it’s a bit irritating.


However, it’s as she said.

Just like how Hikari described her as “very pretty”, that Eleanor is Eleanor in her peak strength.

Because Rodotos is wielding is “that” Eleanor, I can’t say for sure that I’ll win 100%.

There’s a need to do something about it.


「What’s the matter, O-chan? You look like you’re itching to do something」

「Oro〜?! H-How did you know!」

「I can tell, it’s O-chan after all」


Hikari said with an angelic smile.


Or rather, she did?

She doesn’t look like that to me though.


Olivia glanced at me for an instant.

Her face looked like she wants to say something.




『I just remembered a creature looking at her』

「A certain creature?」

『Pochi, that should be the easiest to describe it for you』


I couldn’t help but shout “that’s too roundabout” inside.


Pochi, that is without a doubt a dog’s name. It would also be used for saying loyal dog or negatively, someone’s dog.

Is Olivia like that?


I looked at Olivia once again. Un, she really looks like she wants to say something.


「Do you have something to say, Olivia?」

「ーー! Un」

「You should’ve just told me whatever it is. Why won’t you?」

「You didn’t say I can」


『She’s Pochi right?』

「She’s the king of dragons though」


I couldn’t help but make a wry smile.


「And then? What do you want to say? Tell me」

「Those two. I know them」


「I borrowed soldiers from them before」



We fly up to the great sky on Olivia’s back after she turned to a dragon.

I’m with Io and Tanya.


Io had become very strong recently, she’s also courageous, but she was petrified with a pale face. She seems to have a fear of heights.

Her expression finally softened when I released an aura and enveloped her.


On the other side, Tanya looks quite comfortable; she was even looking down interestingly.


By the way, Hikari would sit on Olivia’s head or dangle from it from time to time. She’s enjoying the journey in the sky the best.


「Do you know where Siracuza and Calamba is?」

『If it’s human, I can somewhat tell where they are in this world after meeting them once』


Olivia who turned into a dragon said proudly.

Dragons, they also have that kind of ability huh. I nodded in admiration.


「I see. How can you feel where they are? Can you feel their souls or something?」

『It’s by using my smell, Human』

「By smell?! Really?!」

『Kukuku, she’s Pochi after all』


「By the way, which one are we going to? It’s the closer one right?」

『Umu. We’re heading towards the man called Skiros Calamba』


After Olivia answered, the conversation naturally ended.

I don’t have any question before we arrive, so I also turned silent.




『We’re about to arrive, just over hereーー』

「There’s a battle」



I heard it with my hearing that is multiplied 777x.

There’s a battle occurring in the direction Olivia is heading to.


『It’s 1 vs 20, I think』

『Muu〜……they’re really fighting』

「Which one is Skiros?」

『He’s the one alone. He looks injured』

「Let’s go down」

『Wait, it takes time to land』

「I’ll go down first then」

『What? What are you going to do, Human?』

「I’ll leave Io and Tanya to you. Hikari」



Hikari returned and transformed into a Demon Sword.

I grabbed her and unsheathed Eleanor.

I clad myself with aura and jumped off from Olivia’s back.




I heard Io and Tanya’s voices, but I didn’t mind.

I increased the speed and quickly fell. When I was about a hundred meters near the ground, I instantly landed.


I released my powers towards the ground, softening my landing.

An explosion occurred while I landed safely.


That was good as a result.

Their battle paused because a person suddenly fell from the sky.


I took a quick glance around and instantly understood the situation.

There are 21 of them in total, and 20 of them are surrounding 1. Both sides were dumbstruck.


According to Olivia, that Skiros guy is the one aloneーーif so!


I instantly killed them with Eleanor and Hikari.

They were decently skilled, but they’re far from Rodotos, Olivia, and they can’t even be compared to the white snakes.

Their level is that of normal humans. Their heads parted from their body in an instant.


「About this much」

『Otou-san’s amazing. He’s so cool jumping off』

『H-Hmph. I was prettier when in my peak though』


Why are you challenging me like that?

I flicked Eleanor with a finger and turned to the man.


Suddenly, something fell from my around my waist.

It fell at the impact of my landing.


It was a fan. A fan that I got from Helene when we first met and I just came to this world.

I’ve always kept it with me since I got it from her. It’s a fan with Mercouri’s emblem.


I opened it. Un, it fell but it isn’t broken.

Thank goodnessーー


「That emblem?」


「Are you someone related to Mercouri?」

「W-What is it so suddenly?」


The man called Skiros Calamba rushed up to me.

She looked at the fanーーat the emblem with deep emotions.


「Thank goodness……Mercouri……I finally met Mercouri……」


Skiros was moved.

This, don’t tell me……


『In the end, it looks like you are one of the main characters』


Eleanor said interestingly.









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