Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 208

Chapter 208 – Althea and Tanya



I picked up the half golden lottery ticket and kept it in the meantime and concentrated on the person in front of me.

The first one who reacted was Io.




She also didn’t think that she would meet her here, so she let out a loud surprised voice.

Althea gave Io a deep stare then silently opened her mouth.


「The way you called me, that expression. You, you know me」

「Eh……? Ah……!」


Io covered her mouth.

It looks like she finally remembered that this is the world in the past and that Althea was also a person from the past.


「I-It’s not, I……」

「Although I have many acquaintances, I would not forget a human who possesses such amount of magic powers. Who are youーーno, who are you all?」



Io made a troubled expression and looked towards me for help.


「……it isn’t strange knowing the Great Sage Althea right?」

「A Demon Sword that possesses exactly the same aura as Eleanor, a young woman who exceeds the magic powers of a Great Wizard, and the Dragon King Olivia」

「Ororo〜, you know me?」

「It is not strange knowing the Dragon King Olivia」


She replied with the same line.

Truthfully, I don’t think that a human who could see through Olivia’s appearance exists.

She’s not in her dragon form now, and she would change her appearance every time she mixes in with the soldiers, so her appearance shouldn’t always be the same.


But even so, Althea confidently said that without hesitance.

On top of that, she was the same with Eleanor and Io.

She was spot on with both. Although she did not know, she understood the essence in an instant.


The Great Sage Althea, the one who knows everything.

That nickname of hers isn’t for show.


I glanced at Olivia.

It looks like it would be better to tell her everything, just like how I did with Olivia.


I’m also looking forward to how Althea would react to it.

I got interested on what kind of reaction the woman who is called the Great Sage would show.


「I came from the future. This is Eleanor from the future」

「How many years later?」


「How many years have passed in the future you came from?」


「You’re asking that immediately? ……I wonder how many years. At least, Rodotos’ name have been uncommon, and, ahh, Olivia had reached the end of her lifespan too」


「What’s about the kingdom? What happened to Rodotos’s empire?」

「It doesn’t exist. Mercouri, Calamba, Comotoria, Siracuza, Aegina. The world is divided into these five kingdoms」

「I’ve never heard of any of them」

「Ahh, by the way, you have quite an influence on them」

「Ara, is that so?」

「You even gave me noble titles from all five kingdoms, akin to treating me afternoon tea」

「I gave you?」

「You gave me」



Althea gave me an interested stare.

What happened to giving me the noble titles?


「That’s like very me」

「It’s you after all」

「I’m interested in you now」

「I think you told me something similar in the future」



Unlike the light conversation before, Althea suddenly turned silent.

She stared at me without saying anything.


「What’s the matter?」

「It will take a very long time for Rodotos’ name to be lost」


「Time that would make the empire lead to its downfall, time that the power balance of the world will be dyed with names of kingdoms of which names I do not know」

「What are you trying to say?」

「Why am I still alive?」



Olivia’s words were shocking.

Why is she alive? That, don’t tell meーー


「You, don’t tell me, you’re……human?」

「I am Althea, just Althea」


Althea answered with a serious face.

It was a line that I was used to hearing, but it had a completely different meaning.



The Great Sage Althea.


When she appeared for the first time, she was an old woman who wore a coat that covered her whole body.

She can absorb a human’s vigor by touching them, and she can regain her youth by absorbing from a thousand people’s portion.

Because she had that ability, and because she’s a Great Sage that would appear in history from time to time, I’ve always believed that she’s from a long-lived race that is not human.


But, she completely denied that.



We parted ways with Althea for once.

With me as the middleman, Olivia and Althea had a conversation with the topic of Orga the dragonkin, and she told her that the Dragon King’s flesh would have no meaning for Rodotos.


According to Althea, she had already guessed so, but even so, if it was slightly possibleーー.

But after Olivia told her that, she easily backed down.


We decided a way to contact each other for later, so that she could consult us for a way to release Rodotos from Eleanor, and parted ways.


And right now, beside the Maraton’s Spring.

I looked at the half golden lottery ticket.  


『Something must be lacking』


I wasn’t alone after all.

Eleanor said with a ‘serious face’.

The half of a golden lottery ticket. It appeared the instant I met Althea, but it was but half a ticket.

Just like Eleanor had said, it is only natural to think that something’s lacking.


『To determine her as Althea, there are too many things that are lacking. It is the same with Tanya and my memories』

「I guess so」

『However, it also became clear. It would seem that the final goal is to find the missing half piece of that golden ticket』


I nodded.

Since I came to this worldーーno, even before I came to this world, lottery and me has inseparable ties.

With a golden lottery ticket appearing now, on top of it being just half, I could only think of searching for the remaining half.


Golden lottery tickets cannot be searched for, it can only be attained by achieving something.

The problem is, what should I achieve?


「Your memories, Tanya’s memories, Althea’s body. Those things, for the time being」

『How about going to that lottery place for once? There might be a clue』

「I was trying to do that since earlier, but it looks like I can’t go there for some reason」

『We’re stuck huh』


「Kakeru-san……do you have a minute?」


I heard a voice from behind. It’s Tanya.

I turned to her and saw her with her eyebrows tied.


「What’s the matter?」

「Listening to what you talked about earlier, I was curious about something」

「What is it? Tell me」

「Siracuza and Calamba, are they a person’s name?」

「They’re kingdoms’ name……ah, it’s also a person’s name」


Both Helen and Iris has the kingdom’s name, Siracuza, as their surname.


「As I thought……」

「What do you mean?」

「Uhm……Siracuza-san, I know him. It’s the name of a villager who left the village, saying he’ll defeat Rodotos. Calamba-san is the name of the person he took with him」





Eleanor and I lost our words.

Siracuza who left the village to defeat Rodotos and Calamba who followed him.


This……it’s too good for a coincidence.










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    • Maybe he kills Rodotos and sets up Calamba and Siracuza as the heroes, maybe having them seal away that time’s Eleanor to gain credence. That would explain why it’s near the village they’re from.

      Hell if I know. It’s just a guess.


  2. There is a typo here :

    “Both Helen and Iris has the kingdom’s name, Siracuza, as their surname.”

    Instead “Both Helen and Iris has the kingdom’s name, Mercouri, as their surname.”

    “Olivia’s words were shocking.

    Why is she alive? That, don’t tell meーー”

    Instead “Althea’s words were shocking.

    Why is she alive? That, don’t tell meーー”


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