Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 207

Chapter 207 – All Acquaintances, Assemble



I left the Magic Cottage and glanced at Olivia who I left inside the cottage.



『What’s the matter?』

「No, I just felt I’m about to remember something」

『By looking at her? The Dragon King Olivia, if I would pick someone that has a link to her in your memories, I think that it’s that Saint who’s just as tough as her?』

「Melissa? U〜n, it’s not Melissa」


I tilted my head again and thought.


「Something just bothers me, probably something with Rodotos」

『Rodotos? Well, she and Rodotos are enemies though』



I thought about it, but couldn’t find out in the end.


『It only means it is something that is not worth remembering』

「I guess so」


I decided to think of it like that.

It bothers me a bit, but I guess no matter how I think about it, I can’t remember if I can’t.

Deja Vu’s are also like that, most of the time it’s just your imagination.


Well then, since Olivia is resting, Io and Tanya’s presence is inside the Magic Cottage.

For Olivia, it might be better to rest here for today.


But when I was thinking of that.

A presence attacked me.

It’s a holy presence, opposite to that of Eleanor.


I turned around and saw a white snake.

It’s completely similar to the ones I defeated before, but there’s five of them.


「These things again……why do they appear here again?」

『What are you going to do?』



Io rushed out of the Magic Cottage holding her staff.

Tanya also came out. She looks somewhat out of sorts.

Olivia also went outside. Although her hips were trembling a bit, she was full of spirits.


The three women. They look beautiful standing side by side.


「Just watch from there」

「Eh? Ah, okay」


Io lowered her staff.


「Io-san, is it alright?」

「Un, we can leave it to Kakeru-san」

「Human, that is Eleanor’s natural enemy. Isn’t it better if we lend you a hand?」

「It’s alrightーーrather, it would be troublesome later」


「What do you mean by later?」


Leaving aside the women talking, I made Hikari turn into a Demon Sword, and charged towards the snakes.


As usual, they were very annoying.

They’re powerful, tough, would annoyingly divide into two per piece after I chopped them.

When I noticed it, the five snakes quickly turned to a hundred snakes.


Some tried to attack the women, but I grabbed them using my aura, pulled them to me and chopped them into two.


And halfway.


『One〜, two〜』

『Mu〜, only Hikari’s counter is increasing. Oi, use me more』


The white snakes finally reached the limits of their division, and the mother and daughter Demon Swords started counting just like sometime in the past.

And while they did that, I killed the snakes one by one.



The three woman watched Kakeru fight courageously in front of the Magic Cottage.

Kakeru was like a typhoon, his way of fighting even made the Dragon King Olivia sigh in admiration.

He used Eleanor to defeat Eleanor’s natural enemy.

Logically, it was an unbelievable thing.


The woman watched him fight. Suddenly, Io muttered.


「I wonder, if my body will last……」


Io muttered something that seemed to be completely unrelated to the scene in front of them.

Tanya asked while tilting her head.


「What do you mean by that, Io-san?」

「You know, Kakeru-san, he’s, uhm, very strong in bed after fighting. From how it looks, I think that it would be double of the usual after he defeats all of them」


「Un, double」


Io looked at Olivia with a solemn expression and nodded.

Olivia had her hips shaking even now after being ravaged by Kakeru.

So it was natural for her to be surprised that it would be double of that.


「B-But, there’s three of us. And Olivia-sama is a dragon」

「……I think it’s not enough」

「Un, absolutely not」


Olivia who had just experienced it, and Io who had been with Kakeru the longest here affirmed.

Tanya turned paleーーwith a tint of redness.


「But, Kakeru-san’s kind, so」


Io and Olivia also blushed and timidly nodded.

The three of them knows.

They found out using their body.


The Demon Sword Wielder is the most frightening opponent in the battlefield, but.

He’s a man who is very gentle to his followers, especially to women.


The girls were well aware of that.



I wiped out the white snakes.

I got out of my breathe a little.


Eleanor and Hikari counted and in the end, its sum exceeded three hundred.

Three hundred snake corpses were piled up like a mountain.


The ground was covered by them and the mountain can’t be seen properly anymore.


「Io, can youーー」


I turned around to ask Io to clean it up, but that instant.




An impact passed through my whole body.

The impact reverberated in the core of my body.





Even more than me, Eleanor and Hikari seemed painful.

The impact that passed through my body was not a simple attack.


It was with holy powersーーopposite to the mother and daughter Demon Swords.

It was a power far greater than what the white snakes possess.

Because of that, Eleanor and Hikari were suffering.



『Hikari! You, hurry up andーー!』



I gathered every strength in my body.

777x, 100% additional attack, Copy Plus.

I gathered every strength I got in an instant, and concentrated them to my right hand.

And, I swept.




The holy powers were blasted off very easily, as if a paper gun was popped.

A sense of release enveloped my body, and I felt Hikari let out a breath of relief.


「How strange. I thought it was a fake or inferior, but it was a Demon Sword that could block that level of power huh」


I heard a woman’s voice.

*Chirin* I heard the sound of a bell.


I turned towards the direction where the voice came from, there was a beautiful woman standing on top of the white snakes.

A woman with twin tails, with a face that I know.


And that woman, she has a solemn expression on that face that I know.


The next instant, I understood what it was about Rodotos that bothered me.


『I see. This intelligent woman was on Rodotos’ side』


Eleanor also remembered.

That’s right. Eleanor said during the first time we met.

The intelligent woman who helped Rodotos conquer the world.


And her name as well.


「Great Sageーー」

「I am Althea, just Althea」


I met Althea of the past, the Althea who stayed beside Rodotos.


And, that instant.


A golden lottery ticket appeared in front of meーーhalf of that golden ticket.

The half of a golden lottery ticket appeared in front of me.








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  1. The Last Boss is back.

    I say “Last Boss,” but it’s more like Dragon Quest III on GBC. A last boss, but then a bonus boss dragon who will kick the living crap out of you.

    And that would be, if circumstances ever permit it, Eleanor.

    But not loli Eleanor, hopefully.


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  3. kittycatclawz
    2018-04-18 at 11:59 am

    Also, Althea should be alive back then, they haven’t brought her into the mix yet. They’ll probably have something with her as well during this Past Arc

    > Funny you should mention that….


  4. The descriptions of ka Karu virility is famous even in past 😂😂😂🤣🤣 LOL OLIVIA of 400 years ago too experience d it first hand


  5. Lame. His acknowledgement to her should have been “Hello Just Althea!” That way she could say something like “Finally someone who doesn’t call me Great Sage”


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