Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 204

Chapter 204 – Making the Daughter’s Pet “Sit”





I looked at the man in front of me.

No matter how I look at him, he looks like a human, a man even.


From the name Olivia, from what I heard from Althea, and from what I heard from Hikari……

I concluded that she’s a femaleーーa woman.

But now, a man……?


「Did someone say Olivia?」

「Where is it!」

「It mixed within us!」


My whisper spread out like the ripples made by a rock thrown into it.

The soldiers gathered at once and surrounded that guy.


Soon after, the soldiers attacked without any warning.

I instinctively pulled Hikari to back.


The soldiers immediately seized the man to the ground.

However, he did not show any sign of panic.


『The real one huh』



I agreed with Eleanor.

There’s no way he’s someone simple, not panicking even in this situation.


「Oro oro〜, I got found out huh〜. U〜n, I thought that my disguise was perfect though〜」

「Give up, Olivia!」

「Somebody, let the general know! Ask him to bring the Dragon Slaying Spear!」


The soldiers moved at once.


The next instantーーthe color of the world changed.

The color of the sky, the color of the ground, the color of the buildings.

All and every color was reversed.


「W-What is happening?!」

「Be careful! It’s planning to do something!」

「Eiii! Kill it before it kills us!」


The soldiers attacked although they were confused.

Spears, arrows, and magic were thrown towards that man who was seized to the ground.


But all of thatーーit was reflected.

The soldiers were blown away by an explosive smoke.


Within that smoke, a giant dragon showed its visage.

Although it’s big, it’s a little smaller than the Red Dragon I know.

But in return, its eyes shows intelligence and releases a strong pressure.


Dragonーーthe Dragon King Olivia.

I was sure now that the one in front of me is the real thing.


Olivia went on a rampage within the world with reversed colors.

It mowed the soldiers with its tail, grabbed them with its front arm and crushed their bones.

It even breathed out fire towards the group of soldiers charging towards her, burning them until they turned black.


Suddenly, a strange phenomenon occurred.

The soldiers that Olivia defeated remained in their state, but the town buildings that was burnt and destroyed was automatically repaired.

It all returned to their original condition as if I was watching a video backward.


It kills humans. However, it repairs the town.

I see. That’s the effect of this reversed world huh.


After it cleaned up the soldiers, Olivia turned towards us.

“It’s comingーー”, that’s what I thought, but.


「”Ten Worlds Hundred Lightning Array”」


Io released her great magic.

It’s her ultimate attack that releases the lightning bolts to the same space, with all one hundred of them at once.

It’s a powerful magic that would easily crush an armored fortress.


All of the lightning landed on Olivia, with each one releasing a thunderous roar.


「Did I defeat it?!」


The lightning stopped and after Io whispered.

A tail came flailing from the smoke.


Io reacted and guarded with a magic circle, but it was destroyed and she was blown away.


I caught up to her and caught her.

I quickly took out a recovery magic ball from my Different Dimension Warehouse and healed her.


「I’m sorry, Kakeru-san」

「Don’t mind it」


I put Io down and stood in front of her.


「Oro, oro〜, I was surprised, I didn’t think a human who could use magic this powerful was mixed within. Oh! There’s an even more amazing one huh〜」

「You’re Olivia?」

「Yes. Who are you?」

「Just a nameless man」

『In this era, that is』

「Oro〜? Oro, oro〜?」


The smoke completely cleared and Olivia showed its appearance unwounded.

The dragon tilted its huge head left to right and stared at me.


「Looking at you very carefully……you’re hiding something? What’s this?」

「ーー. Hmph!」


I unsheathed Eleanor and slashed towards it.

Although it was unable to see through it, it knows that there’s something.


Eleanor’s camouflage aura, the aura that hides her.

The aura that can’t be seen through unless one has powers equal to her, Olivia noticed it.


It’s dangerous to be on the defensive. I should attack!


I slashed using Eleanor and Olivia blocked using its dragon claws.


An explosion was created.

An explosion that exceeded Io’s lighting was made.


I raised my gear.

With this Olivia as an opponent, it would be dangerous the instant I hold back and let it hold the advantage.

That’s why I slashed with Eleanor with full force from the first exchange.


Because I slashed with full force, I was unable to maintain the camouflage aura. Eleanor could be seen now.


「Rodotos himself is mixed within huh」

「You know Eleanor huh」

「Orororo〜? This, it isn’t like how it is? Who are you? Did you steal Eleanor or something?」

「Don’t say it like I stole someone’s lover」

「Well, whatever. I should find out after defeating you」


The fight with Olivia was fierce.

When I wounded it using Eleanor, it healed instantly, then counterattacked with a swing of its tail.

After it destroyed buildings, I jumped out to grab its tail, and throw it into the other buildings.


The town was destroyed, then it was repaired, then it was destroyed again.

The fight with Olivia was fierce.


We fought against each other equally. But when I thought what I should do next.


「Ororo, there’s no end to this like this」

「Give up now?」

「No way, no wayーーjust right now, power〜〜〜〜 uppp〜!」


Together with its strangely flat voice, Olivia did something like a guts pose, raising its front legs up to the sky.

“What’s it up to?”, I thought.

Although it said power up, I don’t feel it getting stronger.


「A bluff?」

『It’s coming!』



Whirling flames suddenly came from my right.

I blocked with Eleanor, but this time, countless ice spears were flying towards me from the left.

But even after I hit down all of it, the ground below me suddenly cracked, and lightning more than ten times Io’s fell from the sky.


And when I was dealing with all of that, blocking and parrying,


「You’re quite amazing」


I heard Olivia’s voice from behind.

It quickly went behind me with speed that doesn’t fit a dragon’s giant body.


It clawed towards me with its front leg.

A huge twenty-meter deep hole was made with me on the bottom.


「This should be enoughーーeh, huh?」


Olivia who pulled back its leg was stunned. It looked as if it can’t believe what it had seen.




I blocked Olivia’s attack using Eleanor and Hikari who joined just before.

The mother and daughter Demon Swords, the two Demon Swords perfectly blocked Olivia’s attack.


I jumped out of the twenty-meter deep hole. In the world where the colors are reversed, the hole was automatically repaired.


「It’s strong」

『Umu, it might even be stronger than “that” Olivia』

『Even more than O-chan?』

「Its power is a bit weaker, but its tacticsーーno, it’s fighting sense is far better」

『That is what having intelligence does』

『Oh〜, as expected of O-chan huh』


The battle continued.

I launched a fierce assault on Olivia who was confused by the increase of Demon Swords.


I attacked with all that I haveーー120% of my strength.

Not only with Eleanor, but together with Hikari too.


I chopped off its tail and its front leg that had sharp claws.

I kicked Olivia up to the air then made it fall crashing to the ground.

Its huge body created a huge crater.


The dragon came crawling out of that crater.

I pounded its head when it was about to stand up, making it crawl on the ground.


The battle is concluded.

I repeatedly pounded Olivia who continued to try to counterattack, making it do the same pose.

I overwhelmed her just like that. And in the end, I even felt as if it was like training a dog.








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27 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 204

  1. I seriously hope this adventure of his is on a parallel world and not his own world’s past. Coz i want Kakeru to bring human Tanya and Dragon Olivia back.


    • You’ll be disappointed though. It’s truly the past and not a parallel world.

      Here’s a hint: why did Olivia cling to life to the point of going berserk in the future?


      • Actually its not spoiler. if you really read the novel from the beggining. you will unsderstand a lot of things on this arc. 1 > Althea wisdom on Kakeru. ( in earlier chapters it was mentioned Althea was also advisor or rodotos. so pretty sure will appear here.
        2nd > Olivia reason to be near kakeru territory even though her territory its looong far.
        3rd > this one its pretty dubious but i think it also has to do with tanya working at that city as maid.

        Also if really its past. somehow i am pretty sure he would do something to make tanya stay alive prob but doesnt matter anymore since we already know he can piii a ghost XD. somehow i get the feeling that the reason Eleonor dont remember this time travel has todo with kakeru himself. or althea =3


  2. Thanks for the chapter

    When you’re a dragon doing a covert operation because they want to kill you, and this one op guy who isn’t curious about you but just following his daughter’s wish to see you fucking called your name in the middle of those people.facepalm Asshole


  3. That actually turned out to be pretty awesome. If this were Re:Monster, the entire fight would have gone: “The fight with Olivia was fierce. I won though.”


  4. The Rodotos falls into a pile of manure. “You’ll pay for this McKakeru!!!”

    But Kakeru makes like a tree and gets outta there.


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