Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 203

Chapter 203 – The Child Surpasses the Parent?




A dragon, and an opponent I fought once.


Delfina explained it to me like this before.

Dragons are super-beings that have strong strength and magic powers, as well as high intelligence. That is why, all dragons possess a strong pride, consciously acting as “powerful beings”.

On the other side, at the time of a dragon’s death, it’s as if they turned into a candle that shows its final flash, their strength would explosively increase just like a supernova. When that happens, they lose all their reason and intelligence, degrading into an existence that only brings destruction.

The color of their bodies would change, and would be feared as Red Dragons.


Because dragons possess strong pride, they despise becoming an existence that only brings destruction, so many of them would end their lives before that happens.


However, there are also dragons who continue to have an attachment to their lives, and as a result of struggling to live, they would turn into Red Dragons after being swallowed by their own powers.


Olivia is an example of that. She turned into a Red Dragon in Mercouri Kingdom’s territory, causing thousands of lives lost.

And after that, I defeated her.

That giant red dragon, she is one of the strongest foes I’ve ever met.



I looked at the notice.

I see. Rodotos is gathering soldiers to defeat Olivia huh.


『To think that another name that we know would appear again』

「From my perspective, both you and Olivia are similar existences. Both of you far exceed the longevity of a human. I’m not surprised about Olivia’s existence after meeting you」

『Hmm, I guess that can’t be helped』

「However, Rodotos and Olivia huh……I’m not that interested in both」


I muttered while looking at the notice.

There is only one thing I’m interested in this world in the past. It’s the powers that are taking action to erase Eleanor’s existence.

If this past is connected to our present, then I should checkout those powers, and maybe crush them in some cases.

That’s why Rodotos’ plan on attacking Olivia doesn’t concern me.


That was what I thought. But.


「I want to meet O-chan」

「Let’s go and meet her then」

『Wait a second! You, you’re good just like that?!』


Eleanor made a tsukkomi immediately.

Normally, Eleanor could tell most of what I’m thinking.

Depending on when it is, she might not know the minor details, but most of my plans and emotions are free for her to feel.

Of course, I’m sure that Eleanor knows my plan on crushing those powers that want to erase her existence.

That’s why she shouted like that.


「Hikari is saying she wants to meet Olivia」

『Ku! This doting parent』

「Are you going to stop her then?」


「Hikari, Okaa-san’s saying wait」

「Okaa-san, I can’t meet O-chan?」


Hikari stared at Eleanor intently.

She stared at Eleanor with her lovely eyes, unique to those young girls.




Eleanor was steamrolled by Hikari’s cute begging.

This girl, she’s always calling me a doting parent, but she’s more of that than I am.

If Hikari asks for itーー


『L-Let me see. Well, it might be better to see what kind of person the Olivia in the past is』


ーーof course she can’t refuse.

It’s also cute of her making things up to hide her embarrassment.


Well then, now that’s decided.

We should go meet Olivia for Hikari.

The thing with Eleanor comes after that.


「……and then? Where’s Olivia?」


I asked with the premise that we’re going.


「I’m sorry, I don’t know」

『Me too』

『I also just found out that Olivia is also in this era』


The three people who might have an idea where she is answered they don’t know at once.

Although she’s also a Demon Sword, Hikari wouldn’t know for sure. Io hasn’t been born yet in this era, so of course she doesn’t know.


That was what I thought, but.


「I, I might know where she is」


Unexpectedly, Io said something like that.


「What do you mean by you might know?」

「I received a quest from the Guild before. It’s to investigate other dragons, whether there is the risk of more Red Dragons appearing」


『That’s quite a huge job. After all, for dragons, it’s like they’re being told “you didn’t clean up your mess”』

「That’s probably why they gave the quest to Io. Io is currently the Guild’s ace adventurer after all」

「You overpraise me……」


Io looked down shyly.


「And so, I investigated a lot of things about Olivia. Olivia-san, it looks like she lived all her life in a place called Edassa before she turned into a Red Dragon」

『That’s some impressive information』

「Yeah. Good job, Io」

「Yes. Uhm……Kakeru-san……」


Io started fidgeting, looking up to me as if she wants something.

I immediately understood. I pulled Io to an embrace and kissed her.

Io who received her “reward” leaned her body to mine with steamy eyes.


The human Tanya suddenly held her breath. She looked at her with envious eyes.

On the other hand, the villagers who are in front of the notice looked at us with eyes saying “what the heck are these guys”. I ignored them.


「Now that’s decided, let’s depart towards Edassa. Where’s Edassa by the way?」

「I’m sorry, I don’t know that far」


Io said with an apologetic expression.


「What about Tanya?」

「I’m sorry, I’ve never heard it before……」

「What about Eleanor?」

『I dunno』

「Hikari……well, she probably doesn’t know」


Because there was Io’s case, I asked Hikari to be sure but she only shook her head.


「I’ll know when we get closer. I’m always with O-chan after all」

「I see. Well, what should we do now?」

「ーー! Please wait for a while」


After saying that, Tanya asked around the villagers.

After a while, she returned disappointed.


「No one knew……」


She said with her shoulders dropped.

She probably wanted to help me and get a reward just like Io.

She looked so pity. I should make up some reason later and kiss her.


Well, leaving that on the side.

What should we do?


『Shouldn’t you just become a soldier? Rodotos is going to subjugate Olivia. If you follow the gathering of the soldiers, you should be able to meet her. That, or we could get information along the way』

「Well, that’s true」


In the end, we responded to the recruitment of soldiers.



We departed from the village and arrived at a town called Faara.

Unlike the quiet rural village, it seems to be a crowded town.

According to what I heard from Tanya, it looks like this town is the largest in this region, so it is not unusual for the villagers to come here and earn a living.


We went to the gathering place of the soldier recruitment.

Robust, strong men, and magicians holding their staff.

People that clearly look like they “can fight” can be seen over here and there.


So that we could mix up within the soldiers, and so that they wouldn’t be seen with lustful eyes, I used my camouflage aura on Io, Tanya, and Hikari, so that they would look like normal men.

The camouflage aura can only be seen through by those who have powers equal or surpassing Eleanor’s, so there should be no problem.


「After this, we only need to make sure Olivia doesn’t get defeated. We’re going on a subjugation. A single fight can’t be avoided」

『It should be alright. You could defeat her even after she turned into a Red Dragon』

「I guess so」


I looked around.

The soldier recruitment gathered many kinds of people, but……there doesn’t seem to be strong ones.


「No matter how many of these guys they gather, they won’t be Olivia’s match right?」

『They are probably going to be used as cannon fodder』

「You will? Or is it Rodotos?」


Well, I think that both of them would try to do that.


『Who knows?』


Eleanor dodged the question.

Well, whatever.


Now then, I wonder how long we should stay hereーー




I noticed Hikari staring intently at one man.

It’s a young man. One that has a common face that you won’t remember passing by.

Well, he has a good built……don’t tell me, Hikari is?!


“I won’t give you my daughter”ーーthat line instantly appeared in my head.






Hikari ran and embraced the man.


「Un, it’s really O-chan」

「Huh? You……are not human?」


The man whispered in doubt, but it was clearly not a man’s voice, it’s a woman’s.


Don’t tell me……she’s Olivia?

But, why? Also, how?


『Kukuku, you got beaten by Hikari』


Eleanor interestingly said while I was wondering.

For starters, I gave her a flick of a finger.








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    • Its fun and all, but sucks when jo authors do “time travel” arcs. They usually suck. Not sure whats the point of all of this.
      If they actually impact the future its gonna suck.
      If its adventure to learn some stuff that would be ok.


  1. I hope Hikari one day rides to battle on Olivia, while wielding her mother. That would have been epic! Or maybe she will tame all divine/mythological beasts?


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