Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 201

Chapter 201 – Still Can’t Get Used To It



I woke up in the morning enveloped in warmth.

When I opened my eyes, two girls were snuggling to me while looking towards me.


It’s Tanya, and Tanya.

The two who have exactly the same face.


Even their expressions started to turn the same, so I’m already starting difficulties in distinguishing which is which.

……or so I thought, but I could tell after all.


My eyes had adjusted to the morning light.

The Tanya from the future has a transparent body and the Tanya from the present is tangible.

It became the only way to distinguish which one it is, under the light of the sun.


『Good morning, Kakeru』

「Good morning, Kakeru-san」

「Good morning. Did you two sleep well?」


『That’s impossible〜, I’m this happy that my heart’s thumping so loudly. Right〜?』

「Un……it’s pounding so much……」


The difference between them shows as well as soon as they started to speak.

The ghost one was cheerful and the human one was timid.


But although I said that, the difference between them had shrunk compared to yesterday.

The human one is starting to cheer up.


“Not bad”, I thought.


『Oh, that’s right. Kakeru, you can’t tell which one is which like this right?』

「No, not reallyーー」

「Please wait for a while」


The two Tanyas moved in sync with each other and tied up their hairs using a ribbon they brought from somewhere.

The transparent Tanya tied her hair to the right and the other Tanya tied her hair to the left.

Although they tied their hair to opposite sides, the length and thickness of the hair they tied were the same.

Looking at them side by side was as if I’m looking at a mirror with their reflections.





「What’s with that?」

『With this, you can now tell which is which right?』

「How does it look?」

「The two of you look lovely」


『We didn’t mean it like that though〜, well, that’s good too〜』



Although they said that, the two of them still showed their lovely smiles.


Now then, although I’d like to go on another round seeing how cute these two are, I’m a bit worried about Io and Hikari we left in Tanya’s house.


Io is already an A-Rank adventurer right now, and she’s even called Great Wizard or Hundred Lightning.

And Hikari is not even a human, but a Demon Sword.

That’s why I’m not worried about them being in danger. I just hope that they won’t worry about us.

“Let’s go back”, I told the two.


They nodded and helped each other wear clothes.

Seeing them, I was about to wear my clothes, but.



「We’ll do it」


After the Tanyas dressed each other, they helped me wear my clothes.  

The ghost Tanya is wearing the maid clothes that she had when I first met her, so I didn’t feel anything out of place.


After we dressed up, the three of us left the Magic Cottage.

I made it turn smaller and kept it in my Different Dimension Warehouse, then took out my Warp Feather.




Tanya who saw the series of movements I did let out a voice of admiration.


『Ah! We’re warping huh』

「That’s right?」

「What do you mean by warp?」

「Just look」


I raised the Warp Feather and warped the three of us to Tanya’s house.

With this, I should see her surprised face againーー but when I was thinking of that.


Lightning fell from the sky!!




I instinctively unsheathed Eleanor and guarded.

The two Tanyas are by my side so I released my aura to protect them.


The impacts continued to come.

Once, twice, thriceーー


This……I know it.

It’s Io’s ultimate attack that would drop a hundred lightning consecutively.


One by one, I guarded against the lightning that fell.




The human Tanya grabbed my clothes.

She’s trembling. It looks like she’s frightened by the sudden event.


I held her chin and kissed her as I guarded against the lightning.


「Don’t worry」



Tanya nodded with a dumbfounded expression.

She stopped trembling. Good girl.


Then I continued to wait for the lightning to end falling.


After the rain of lightning ended.


「It’s decided with thisーーAh! Kakeru-san?!」



Io was surprised seeing me appear under the rising smoke.


「W-Why are you there?!」

「I returned by warping. Rather than that, why did you use your hundredーーahh, this guy huh」


I didn’t even finish when I felt a killing intent from behind.

I turned and saw a white snake.


It’s the same thing as yesterday. There was another one here huh.

Io released her ultimate move to resist against this huh.


「Kakeru-san! Are you alright?!」

「No problem」


Before that, I should take care of this guy.

Sensing my fighting intent, Hikari came to me.





I grabbed Hikari who returned to her Demon Sword form and instantly killed the white snake using the mother and daughter Demon Swords.

It divided into a lot just like yesterday, but Hikari’s with me now, so it only took me half the time to kill them.


After making sure I killed it completely, I saw the human Tanya stunned.


「What amazing lightning……a girl turns into a Demon Sword……? Two Eleanors……? Eh? Eh? Ehhhhhhh?!」


Tanya was completely confused by the scene that happened in front of her, while the ghost Tanya watched her past self with warm eyes.








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    • If only he could use magic like Io and not waste time with slashing over 100 times… OH wait!!! He can, 10x + stronger even. But oh well why bother with practical and logical.

      I mean he can not use darkness for 5 sec for fuck sake… again he isnt strong couse of elenoar… she is just more useful in his hands……..


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