Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 200

Chapter 200 – The two Tanyas



「You seem to be in a good mood」

『I feel like I met with an old friend』

「Did you not encounter something like this for a long time?」

『Umu. When I noticed it, they’ve disappeared. I and some wielder probably eradicated all of them』

「Is that so?」

『It’s still my natural enemy after all. There was only one this time, but imagine if there’s ten, or even a hundred appearing at the same time』

「That sounds troublesome」


I got a bit weary just thinking about it.

Just a single one would increase to three digits after all.


「……you don’t seem to hate them though」

『Although they are my natural enemy, their division would only activate with me as an opponent』

「That means……」

『You want Io to fight with one of them?』

「She could probably defeat even ten of them」


I tried to evaluate the white snake and Io’s strength. If it’s Io right now, who had a rapid growth in her magic powers, in addition to her experience and the courage she got from them, she could probably defeat ten of them.

And according to Eleanor, they won’t divide unless she’s the enemy.


「I only need to leave it to the others huh」

『It’s the result of being too specialized against me. Also』


『There’s you』



I felt as if I was hit by a surprise attack.


『If it’s you, you should be able to defeat at least ten of them』


“That would be a lot of tens then”, I thought.

After I sheathed Eleanor, I noticed Tanya looking at me with a shocked expression.


「What’s the matter, Tanya?」




There’s no reply.

She froze completely. What happened to her?

I should try to call out to her strongly once.




「What happened to you?」

「U-Uhm……Kakeru-san……no, uhm」





I looked at Eleanor.

Since I fought against Rodotos, I concealed Eleanor with her camouflage aura, but it seems that I got a little bit caught up with the battle earlier that it was removed.


It’s true. Eleanor’s not enveloped by the camouflage aura, so anyone could see her.

And, in this era.


「Rodotos-sama’s Divine Sword……I saw it once from afar, but it looks exactly the same」

「What? You, you called yourself a divine sword?」

『I didn’t. People just started to call me that as the conquest progressed』

「It doesn’t fit you at all」

『Kuku, I thought so as well』


I looked at Tanya. She looks very scaredーーor rather, she’s overwhelmed.

Well, the Rodotos of this time is the overlord who unified the whole world.

If a guy like that appears in front of a village girl, it’s natural that she would be like this.


Well, what should I do now?




Tanya……the maid ghost Tanya called out to me.

Usually, I won’t hear the voices of the ghosts inside Eleanor, but they could also call out to me.



『Can you leave it to me?』

「Are you going to persuade her?」

『I’m going to explain myself to her too while I’m at it』

「……alright, I’ll leave it to you」


I touched Eleanor and summoned Tanya.

A transparent maid ghost appeared and floated in front of Tanya.

She won’t be able to see her like this, so I inserted my powers onto her, so that she could be seen.

Doing that, although I don’t know if she still looks like a transparent ghost, normal people should be able to see her.

And Tanya who so that fell to her butt.



『Nice to meet you〜! I’m Tanya Chichiakis〜』

「Eh, my name……my face……」

「Tanya, I’ll leave the rest to you」

『Un, leave it to me!』


I pulled up Tanya who fell down and let them be by themselves.


And together with Eleanor, I went towards the Maraton’s Spring by following the flow of holy powers to look whether taking care of the aftermath is needed.



The maid ghost and the village girl was left behind.

One side was smiling cheerfully and one side was confused.


They look completely the same; however, the impression they gave is the opposite.

The maid ghost looked bright and cheerful, and although she was undead, her atmosphere would make anyone enjoy her company.

The village girl was timid at best and one could say that she’s always nervous. Although she’s living, the image she gives is the opposite.


The two of them are facing each other, letting time pass by.


「Why, do you look like, me? My name, too」

『I also don’t know, but it looks like I’m you』

「Eh? W-What does that mean?」

『You know, I came from the future. Well, Kakeru just took me with him』


『In the future, I was an evil spirit that was bounded to a mansion, but Kakeru saved me. I think that I suffered for a very long time as an evil spirit』

「A very long time……evil spirit……Ah!」


The village girl suddenly realized something. She quickly turned towards the direction of the village as she remembered.


『Right, right. The fortune that Akansa person told you. It’s probably correct』

「One good, nine bad……」

『And, what Kakeru said is also true. It’s something that he personally did, so it’s true. I was saved by Kakeru and I’m very happy now. It’s ten good』

「It was……like that. But, the future?」


She seems as if she could understand some things, but she fundamentally could not understand or be convinced by the concept of coming from the future.


『You know, maybe it’s because I’m a ghost now, so I can tell』


『I know that I am you』




The maid ghost hugged the village girl.

Being summoned by her master, she is now able to touch her.

So she embraced her.


The next instant, their bodies flashed.

The instant they touched each other, they flashed.




Their pulses overlapsーーalthough one of them shouldn’t have any for a very long time, it still overlapped, echoing in their ears.


『Haha, I know I know. I also know that you know』

「Un……I understand now. You are me」

『I am you』


They stopped hugging, took distance from each other, and held each other’s hands.


『I’m glad I’ve met you』

「Me too. I really feel strange right now. And……」

『Feel a bit happy?』


Grinning, the maid ghost smiled mischievously.

The village girl nodded timidly.


Exceeding time and space, the same soul met and understood each other.


『While we’re at it, I’ll teach you something that will make you happier』



The village girl was tempted.

Her gloomy atmosphere disappeared and her eyes are now filled with the light of anticipation.


『Un! Happiest in the world』



There was another white snake in Maraton’s Spring.

As usual, it’s a troublesome guy who would divide every time I chopped it, but still, I killed all of them although it took me some time.


The instant the snake died, the spring turned to a normal spring.

The thick holy powers that would make increase Eleanor’s words by a lot just by approaching it disappeared without a trace the instant the snake died.

I walked around seeing if there’s something of the similar powers, then returned.


The two Tanyas were there.

The living Tanya looked a by shy and was looking down, and the maid ghost Tanya is floating by her side, holding her hand with a smiling face.


「You finished talking?」

『Un! I already convinced her up to her being me. After all, we’re like this〜』


The maid ghost Tanya raised her hand.

I saw their hands that held to each other’s flash a light.


『Both of us knows that we’re the same person〜』

「I see. About you two having the same soul, huh」




「And then? Why is she facing down?」

『She’s just a bit shy. So since she can’t speak for herself, I’ll tell it. Or rather, well, it’s about me though〜』


After saying that, the ghost maid Tanya stared straight at me and continued.


『Kakeru, do me』


「I-Immediate answer……」

「You don’t want to?」

「A-Am I, okay……?」

「Of course」


After saying that, I walked towards her, pulled her into an embrace and tried to kiss herーーbut.

The ghost maid Tanya got in between us.


『Wait, Kakeru』


『Let me join you too』


The smiling ghost maid Tanya said shyly.


『Let me be together with you too』

「W-We’re the same, so, uhmm……」

『Do us』


The human Tanya was very embarrassed that she couldn’t even speak the words, and the ghost Tanya was very aggressive.

Although their reactions were different, it looks like they feel just the same.


I looked at the two of them. Of course, there’s no probably at all.


I carried the living one with a princess carry and pulled the ghost one by her hand.

I took out my Magic Cottage, led them inside, and made them lie on the bed.


A human and a ghost, both with the same face, both with the same soul.

Together as one, I embraced the two of them taking their first times, loving them throughout the night.







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  1. I would ask how it was possible for him to do a ghost… but given his previous achievement of impregnating a sword I feel it’s pointless for me to question his sexual abilities anymore…


    • I think it’s cuz the ghost tanya is with the living tanya, they’re able to “sync”, or something similar, that’s why living tanya can physically touch ghost tanya lol, they might have held onto each other so ghost tanya gained a physical aspect


  2. Thank you very much, and holy shit. He is the same as Aegir Hardlett in Road to kingdom where he slept with a ghost


  3. Is it a Oyakadon? I guess not. I mean that’s a mother daughter pairing threesome. So a same soul. Yet if he doesn’t take Tanya with him when he goes back to the future. She would give birth to a legendary being here right?


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