Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 195

Chapter 195 – A Promised Future



I asked Eleanor about Rodotos.


「That guy was Rodotos for real right?」

『Umu. He’s the real thing without a doubt』

「Then that Eleanor was real too?」

『Behold, that was me at my peak. From how Rodotos looks, he has ‘fallen’, so it should be after I let him conquer the world』


Eleanor said happily.

That means both are the real thing huh.


「Then, this place is……how many years ago?」

『Who knows』

「What who knows?」

『I have lived for so long that I stopped remembering about minor things like that』


This girl……


「Uhm, if I remember correctly, Rodotos is a person from four hundred years ago」


Io answered instead.


「Is that so?」

「It’s written in history books, so I think so」

「I see, four hundred years ago huh……」

「Uhm, Kakeru-san……that Rodotos, is he……」

「He’s the real thing」



Io was very surprised.


「The real thing? What does this mean?」

「It looks like we’ve returned to 400 years ago for an adventure」


「That’s right」


We were sent to four hundred years in the past with pair ticket for a wonderful adventure that I won with the golden lottery ticket.

With this, it really sounds like it’ll be a wonderful adventure.



I checked the items I possess while returning Hikari to her human form.

I have Demon Sword Eleanor, Demon Sword Hikari, and she can return to her human form.

I could also open my Different Dimension Warehouse and could take out my Magic Cottage.


Within the items I possess, the only one that has a problem is my Warp Feather.


「I can’t warp」

「You can’t?」

「Yeah, I can’t warp to Roizen nor Meteora nor Rethim. I can’t warp to anywhere I’ve gone to before」

「Did Otou-san’s feather got broken?」

「That doesn’t seem to be the case though」


I took distance from Hikari and Io, then used the feather.

I teleported in front of the two in an instant.


My Warp Feather allows me to teleport to any place that I’ve visited once.

It looks like because of the time travel, the ‘place I’ve been before’ had disappeared.

It looks like the feather itself isn’t broken.


「Oh, it’s good that it’s not broken」

「Yeah……well then」


I thought about what we should do from now on while patting Hikari’s head.




「No, I just remembered something」


I remembered the time when I was sent to this world after winning the lottery.

I saved Helene, aimed for a town, and did many things that I wanted.


Just like that time, I’m starting again with everything reset.

However, it’s not a complete reset. I have the Demon Swords, I also have my items, and I even have a party member.

It’s as if I’m in a bonus stage in a game where I retain my powers and it feels new to me.


We started to walk to find a town.


「Come to think of it, why did that guy attack us?」

『Are you talking about Rodotos? I also don’t know』

「Weren’t you on his side too?」

『I have no memories of meeting you during this time. In the first place, there’s no way I’d forget about Hikari』



That sounds convincing.

Eleanor was very surprised when Hikari was born.

If in the pastーーif she had met Hikari in the fight earlier, then she wouldn’t be that surprised.


「In the first place, you should’ve remembered about this event」


「I guess there’s another mystery」

『All women are innately mysterious』


I flicked Eleanor with a finger for saying cheeky things.



We walked for around two hours and arrived at a small village.

We passed through the fields and arrived at a small but peaceful farm village.


「There’s no one around here」

「No, there is. It looks like they’ve gathered inside the village」

「All of the villagers gathering? Ah! I wonder if it’s a festival or something」

「Let’s go and find out」


I entered the village with Io and Hikari and walked towards the place where I could feel the villager’s presence.

We arrived at the village square and saw many people gathered there.


In the center of all of those villagers was one old woman.

That old woman is sitting on the ground and is holding her hands over a crystal ball placed in front of her.

On the other side of that crystal ball was a villager-looking man staring at the old woman and the crystal ball with both fear and expectations.


「After ten days, travel towards south」

「To the south after ten days?」

「Correct. The encounter you shall have there will change your life. It is seven parts good and three parts bad. Got it? Seven parts good and three parts bad」

「Thank you very much!」


The man kneeled in front of the old woman and bowed his head.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Otou-san, what was that?」

「It looks like fortune telling」


I turned to Io and saw her make a small nod.

As an adventurer, she should’ve seen people like her.


「Is she the real thing?」

「I don’t know. She isn’t taking money, so I think that it’s not a fraud, at the least」

「Well, that’s true」


We stayed in our places for a while, watching them from outside their crowd. I sharpened my hearing and listened to their conversations.


「I can’t believe that Akansa-sama will come here」

「Good for you, you got your fortunes read」

「Ten days later huh……I’ll do my best」


It looks like she would read everyone’s fortune.

As a proof, it was not the villagers who were walking towards her, but it was the old woman who was looking around and pointing towards someone to come, within everyone’s atmosphere that was filled with awe and worship.


And just like that, after she read a few people’s fortunes.


「You. You are the last one」


She said as she pointed at one girl.

The villagers sighed and sent that girl eyes filled with envy.


The girl looked panicky and hurried up to stand in front of the old lady.

The old woman stared deeply at the girl and held her hand over the crystal ball.


「Painful and agonizing, a suffering as if you were in eternal hell is waiting for you」



The girl could not believe what she heard.

Although I don’t know the reason, I felt that the villagers possess a faith-like belief towards this old woman in this short time.

If that old woman had told her so, then it would be the equivalent of a death sentence for her.


「Overcome it. For beyond that is a single ray of light. One part good nine parts bad. It is one part good and nine parts bad」

「No way……」


The girl was at a loss for words.


「You’re wrong」


I interrupted.

The eyes of the villagers gathered towards me at once.

Confusion andーーmostly anger.

Eyes like that were pointed towards me.


While Io and Hikari faltered, I didn’t mind and walked past the crowd, towards the girl and the old woman.


「What do you mean wrong?」

「The first half is correct, but the second half is wrong」


「Painful and agonizing, a suffering as if you were in eternal hell. Of course it is. Beyond that is a single ray of light. That is true as well」


I told the old woman and looked at the girl.

It’s a face I know.

It’s a face that I didn’t think I would see here.


「It’s ten parts good with zero bad. Her destiny is already decided」


What I saw there was the lovely face of a petite girl.


Tanya Chichiakis.

It is the name of the girl who possesses the future of becoming Eleanor’s familiar instead of the Undead Army.








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  1. hahahaha the time is come when he can taste Tanya’s body…oh my God, this is truly harem till the end…but I still want to see Eleanor in human form in real world after this T_T


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