Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 194

Chapter 194 – Encounter with a Hero



Rodotos charges and attacks. I blocked Eleanor that was being swung down using Eleanor.


「YYouu……wwho aare yyou」

「What a weird way to speak for an overlord」


I pressed Rodotos together with that Eleanorーーhowever, he kicked in the air and returned.

Rodotos who charges and attacks again suddenly shifts direction and releases a cleaving attack from my blind spot.


I blocked using Eleanor. My hand got a little numb.

I made a turn after parrying his attack slashing towards him with an arc.


Rodotos’s Eleanor receives my attack head-on.

The Eleanors collided with black sparks scattering and scorching the ground.


「What power! As expected!」

『That was my peak. It is just normal that its this strong』


Eleanor spoke with a somewhat serious tone.

I focused and fought Rodotos seriously.


The other side’s Eleanor is above in strength.

According to what she said, this was her strength at its greatest, and her strength as a Demon Sword is 30% greater than right now.


Rodotos himself is strong.

He has a lot of moves and his sword techniques is sharp.

He should be just as strong as Nana even if he is just using a normal sword.


And a guy like that is wielding Eleanor. He’s a tough enemy.

As we continued to fight, our gears were rising.


He attacks me from behind after leaving an afterimage, but I raised my speed in return, just returning his slash.

Sometimes I would release a strong slash that would slam him to the ground, sometimes I would launch him to the air, follow him, and make him crushing towards the ground.


While I did so, it greatly changed the surrounding terrain.

Boulders were crushed, trees were burned by black flames, and valley-like craters were made in the plain.


The scenery that looked pleasing to the eyes slowly turned into a gruesome hell.



「Wwhat iis ffunny」

「No, well. I just thought I never fought like this since that time with Olivia」



I stopped attacking.

Rodotos who’s wielding Eleanor is strong without a doubt. He’s stronger than anyone I’ve ever fought.

Stronger than any army, stronger than any monster, stronger than any human I’ve fought.

Andーーhe’s stronger than a Red Dragon.


Our fight that destroyed the surrounding, it can be said that we were just equal.


「Pput tthat tthing ddown. Ii mmust kknow wwhat iis hhappening」

「Ha! Steal her from me if you can!」





I also want the other side’s Eleanor has to say.

Mostly to satisfy my curiosity.


And to do thatーー


「Hikari, let’s go!」

『Un! Hikari was waiting. I’ll do my best okay!』


I unsheathed Hikari.

The daughter of me and Eleanor, Yuuki Hikari.

The other Demon Sword that looks exactly like her mother, Demon Sword Hikari.


I unsheathed her and raised her with Eleanor.

The two Demon Swords, I took a stance at full strength.


Rodotos who saw what I was doing changed his expression.


「WWhat, iis」

「You’ll know soon」


The second round. I charged towards Rodotos and attacked using the mother and daughter Demon Swords.

We were almost equal when it was just our Eleanors, but the balance was destroyed because I unsheathed Hikari.


Rodotos was gradually pushed back.

My strength, speed, and reactions exceeded his. For every five exchanges we had, I would land one clean hit on him.

That repeated many times, accumulating damage, and the difference between our powers only grows.


If this continues, then I willーー




Rodotos made a huge jump backwards and with a cry, he makes Eleanor pierce his palm, letting Eleanor drink his blood.

The next instant, a huge black ball appeared from Eleanor.

It appeared above Rodotos’s head and has a diameter of twenty meters.


Rodotos fixes his grip on his Eleanor and swung down.

The black ball flew towards me.


「Just that!」


『Otou-san! Io-oneechan!』



I remembered with the two’s voice.

That’s right. I brought Io with me.

Though, I haven’t seen her for a whileーーthere she is!


At that place that turned into hell with my fight with Rodotos, Io was still sitting on the ground.

I rushed towards Io and stood in front of her to protect her.

The black ball flew towards us. I gripped Eleanor and Hikari tightly.


「Can we do it?」

『It’s up to you』

「Thanks for that I guess!」


I released the Demon Sword’s aura and enveloped myself including Io.

I defended with all of my strength.

The black ball hits. I felt my vision turn dark.


The next instant, a strong impact I’ve never felt before followed.

I feel the impact passing through the very core of my body.

After I endured that, this time, the air around me compresses, and came a feeling of oppression that felt as if it tries to crush my body.


It felt like it was crushing me along with my aura.


「Something like……this!」


I charged power in the core of my body, then released it all at once.

Boom! The black ball popped together with that explosive sound.


It scattered around us and melts the trees, the rocks, and even the ground.

My vision clears and what I saw in front of me was not Rodotos but a huge army of skeletons and zombies.


「The Undead Army」

『How nostalgic』


Is it to buy time? Or is it to take care of me after that attack?

I don’t know which, but there’s no doubt that Rodotos left them behind.


There’s around 200 of them, but it didn’t take me a minute to clean them up.


After taking care of the Undead Army, I sheathed Eleanor and Hikari, and turned to Io.

I reached out a hand to her who was still sitting on the ground.


「Are you okay?」


「It looks like you don’t have any injuries」


I got relieved.

It’s completely my fault forgetting Io while fighting.

I should reflect on this.


And the said Io stood up after taking my hand,  but her body is trembling.


「What’s the matter? Are you hurt after all?」

「N-No. I-It’s not, it’s not that……」


Io continued to tremble as she spoke.

Her eyes swims around and flinches when she saw Eleanor.


『Hmm. She reacts by just seeing me. She must be afraid of Rodotos』

「Are you scared of that guy earlier?」


「I see」


I embraced Io who is scared by Rodotos.

I gently held her chin, raised it, and kissed her.


A kiss that only touches our lips. A short kiss that did not last for even three seconds.



「Are you still scared?」

「Eh, ah……I see. Kakeru-san’s with me」


Io clings to me.

While doing that, she made a small nod and closes and opens her hand.

And then, she looks up to me.

Her face returned to normal, with its usual bright smile.


「Thank you Kakeru-san. I’m find now」

「I see」


「But, I wonder what in the world that person was? He’s wielding Eleanor-san……or something similar」

「That was also Eleanor. By the way, his name is Rodotos. It looks like he was an overlord」

「Ah! It was Rodotos huh. Kakeru-san’s really strong after all〜, just as strong as Rodo……tos……eh, ehhhhhh?!!」


After a single breath, Io finally notices the strangeness and raises her voice.

That face of her was also very cute, so I gave her another kiss before explaining.







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24 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 194

    • It’s more that Rodotos is strong enough to put up a decent fight when his weapon is stronger than Kakeru. Kakeru’s not feeling any real desperation from the fight, and when he starts using Hikari he easily overwhelms Rodotos.

      Rodotos atm is… demon king tier. Demon kings SHOULD be able to put up a fight against a god-tier opponent like Kakeru.


  1. There is a typo here :

    「Thank you Kakeru-san. I’m find now」

    instead 「Thank you Kakeru-san. I’m fine now」

    I also want the other side’s Eleanor has to say.

    This sentence is odd.


  2. Can’t wait to see how other Elenor reacts when she realizes that Hikari is her daughter she might just go into panic mode


  3. Did the author forget that every one of the MC’s attacks adds an additional attack at 100%?

    Author probably thought it was OP, so it was removed.


    • He is just making it pointlessly “equal in power”… i mean he isnt strong because of elenoar he is strong couse of 777 thingy. Not just 100% from after that he can use magic etc. that line “we were equal was so dumb”.


      • Rodoto’s Eleanor is 30% stronger than Kakeru’s Eleanor. Also being wielded by a legendary hero that Eleanor spent years training and improving. It is that opponent that was able to make Kakeru use his full strength. Near equal with just Eleanor being used by Kakeru, adding Hikari’s strength made it an unfair fight with the Hero being put on the defense, taking injury while not managing to do any damage to Kakeru.

        Remember, even though Kakeru is OP, his base stats are still villager. It is the 777x that takes him to the God level ability. He is extremely intelligent for the same reason. All of his base stats are multiplied.

        Rodoto has the more powerful weapon and gained OP status the hard way…training.


    • The only time you see that double attack was in the fight with Nana as she can do the same thing as well. I think you are correct that the 2nd auto attack for everything was canceled by idiot author. Just like all abilities he gets they are just left to way side so MC can swing sword like an simpleton. 3 quick double swings by MC with 2 swords would be 12 attacks in quick succession to be blocked by one sword BS unless he has MC’s speeds (which MC doesn’t use BTW). By definition his aura blast would have been duplicated as well. And yet again MC will not use Copy ability from something in front of him.


  4. Kakeru was first in history to fully control Eleanor then how can a pushover who cannot use Eleanor to full capacity win against him even if Eleanor is at its peak! What matters is that CAN ELEANOR’S STAND AND UTILISE ELEANOR TO ITS FILL CAPACITY!!



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