Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 193

Chapter 193 – A Wonderful Adventure



It was the lottery ticket in the shopping center at the beginning.

I won the jackpot and gained the rights to go to a different world.

Furthermore, I hit another jackpot, getting the All Ability 777 Times, and came to this world.


Many things happened and there were also incidents.

As a result of solving all of them, I was able to draw the lottery once again in this world, and gained many more skills.


And among them, I would be able to draw a special lottery when huge events were solved or achieved.

The prizes would be different from the usual lottery and all of them have great effects, so I honestly look forward to them.


And, after solving the incident in Aegina, I gained a golden lottery ticket, so I came to the lottery place with Eleanor and Hikari.


Eleanor who is a Demon Sword turns to a human for some reason when she’s here.

This is the only place where she could cling together with her daughter Hikari.


「Okaa-san, Otou-san. Look, Hikari grew taller a little bit」

「Hou, let me see……hmm, its true, you seem a little bit taller」

「I know right〜. If this continues, I will be taller than Okaa-san soon〜」

「Umu, do your best and try to exceed me」


Inside the lottery place, the mother and daughter who turned to their human forms chatted with harmony.

Hikari who is innocent and pure is as usual, but Eleanor could not help but look happy in front of her daughter.

No one will believe that this girl is the Demon Sword Eleanor that the whole humanity is afraid of.


「Uhm……this will be the nth time, but please don’t bring your strange family bonding scene here」


I heard a woman’s voice from behind while I was watching Eleanor and Hikari.

She’s this lottery place’s staff and I’ve been under her care for quite a while.


I turned around and replied to her who looks troubled.


「Is it strange? It’s quite normal this time though?」

「Which part is normal, lookーー」


She pointed at Eleanor and Hikari as she said.


「At your speed of growth, you should exceed me after a hundred years」

「Yay〜, it’s that soon!」


「Normal mother and daughter don’t talk about things in the span of hundred years」


「Well then, did you come today to draw the lottery? We have a special lottery today」

「There was really one huh」

「Yes. A certain someone conquered many Queens and Princesses after all」

「That’s the reason?」


I took out the golden lottery ticket and stared at it.

I thought it was because Aegina’s incident was solved, but I was a little bit wrong huh.


「Yes. Would you like to draw?」


The staff finished preparing the lottery machine while I stared at the lottery ticket.

It’s a lottery machine that looks gorgeous than usual.


「Eleanor, Hikari. Let’s draw lots」

「Umu, I got it」

「Yay〜. Okaa-san let’s go」


Hikari pulled Eleanor by the hand and came while swinging it.

Although the staff is saying don’t bring the bonding here, she prepared the stepping ladder as usual.


This woman, she might be somewhat tsundere.


Eleanor and Hikari climbed up that ladder and placed their hands on the lottery machine.


「Otou-san, how many times is it today?」

「Just once」

「What’s the prize?」


Eleanor asked the staff.

Unlike her soft and silly mother’s face she shows to Hikari, her attitude now makes one feel the wisdom that she possesses through all these years.


「Everything’s a jackpot. All of them are unbelievable ones that don’t appear usually」

「Fumu. The prize is……secret as usual huh」

「Yes. I’m sorry」

「Well, we’ll find out if we draw」


Eleanor spins the lottery machine with Hikari.




What came out was a golden ball. *KaranKaranKaran*, the staff rang her hand bell.


「Congratulations, it’s a jackpot」

「What’s the prize?」

「It’s a pair ticket for a wonderful adventure」

「Wonderful adventure? How ambiguous」

「It being a pair ticket really feels like it’s a prize from a lottery」


I received the ticket-like thing that the staff brought.


「A wonderful adventure huh……」


I thought what should I do while I looked at the ticket.



We returned to the mansion from the lottery place and came to the adventurer’s guild in the town.

I opened the door and entered. There are several adventurers and they looked towards me at once.


Some looked with awe and respect, there are also those who show a rivalry attitude.


I ignored all of those and searched for the person I came for.




She called out to me before I found her.

A woman who is holding a staff and wearing a witch’s hat.


Io Akos.

She’s a famous person who was an apprentice when we first met, but now, she is an S-Rank Adventurer who would gather attention everywhere.


「It’s been a while, Kakeru-san」


「I heard about what happened」


Io whispered silently.

I am not showing that I was actively involved in the matter in Aegina, so she did it like this.


「What did you come for today?」

「I came to invite you」


「I promised you during my wedding with Fiona right?」



It looks like Io remembered.


At that time, I asked Io if she’d like to have a wedding ceremony with me.

Io did not care that much about the wedding ceremony, but she told me that she wants to go on an adventure with me.

I promised her that I’ll go on an adventure with her somewhere.


「You remembered」

「It’s a promise after all」



Io’s eyes turned watery.

I decided that I’ll bring her with me with the「pair ticket for a wonderful adventure」that I got from the lottery.



I returned to the mansion with Io.

I called out to Hikari who was standing in the garden.


「Hikari, turn to a Demon Sword」



Hikari obediently turned to her Demon Sword form.

Eleanor and Hikari, the two Demon Swords.


「Are you going to bring Hikari-chan too?」


Io asked.

I answered while showing her the pair ticket.


「The pair ticket is for two people, but I thought maybe it’s alright too with Eleanor and Hikari」

「Is that so」

「Well then, let’s go」


I used the pair ticket.

Suddenly, the ticket released a bright light.


Light that almost overflowed throughout the garden was released from the pair ticket.

At the same time, I heard a voice inside my head.


A different type of voice from Eleanor.

The voice told me to tell it the name of the person that will use the ticket.


「It’s Yuuki Kakeru and Io Akos」


After I answered, the light enveloped Io and me.

Its light increased in its density and I couldn’t see the surrounding anymore.



When I regained my consciousness, I was in a place I have never been before.

I looked around. I can see the sea below me.

I’m on top of a cliff near a raging sea that you would usually sea in a climax of a suspense drama.




Io is beside me.


「It looks like we were not separated」

「Yes! It looks like Eleanor-san and Hikari-chan is here too」

「You also have your magic staff」


It was as expected up to here.

I thought that「weapons」won’t be counted in the pair, so I asked Hikari to turn to her Demon Sword her and brought her too.

The result was it was exactly as I thought. I was able to bring Hikari as well.


I was, but.


「Where are we?」

「Who knows?」

「It said that it’s a wonderful adventure, but I can’t see anything wonderful yet」

「Let’s walk over there, we might be able to find something」

「I agreeーー」



Hikari’s warning echoed in my head. And I could feel a killing intent approach.

I instinctively drew out Eleanor to intercept



The metallic sound reverberated and a shockwave spread out.

“Kyaa!” Io screamed and fall on her butt.


“What is it so suddenlyーー”, I thought but doubted my eyes seeing the one who attacked.

No, more accurately, I doubted my eyes seeing the weapon of the person who attacked.




The dark longsword that the young man is holding. It’s completely the same with the one I’m holding.

It doesn’t only look the same. The presence that it releases is Eleanor itself.


There’s no doubt. That was Eleanor as well.

……what is going on?




It was Eleanor who answered my question.



That’s the name of the overlord that once wielded Eleanor, a name that I heard many times from her.


And what that overlord is holding is Eleanor without a doubt.

Looking at the situation, there is only one possibility.


「The past, huh」


Just like how it advertised, I could feel that it would be quite a wonderful adventure.








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  1. Ooh he’s going to fight the ex-slave of his lovely sword. I hope we get to see a prize that lets Elenor turn human like her daughter so that they can be together and turn into swords together


  2. Was expecting something, but it’s quite an interesting rather than wonderful adventure. Maybe the “wonderful” part refer to the “prize” after rather than the “adventure” itself?
    Thanks for the chapter.


    • Now that would enter the realm of philosophy. What is “wonderful”? The “prize” or the “adventure”. Both can be wonderful, and it can also be only one is wonderful. Inasmuch as that can be contemplated upon, how is “wonderful” defined in this context? Is it “wonderful” in the context “tailored to the person” or is it “wonderful” in the context that “majority would find it wonderful”?


  3. No tentacle man in the lottery drawing room? I’m sad but Eleanor x Hikari make me happy instead =)

    Thanks for the chapters!


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