Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 192

Chapter 192 – …………only me



In the Summer Palace of the royal capital Rethim.

I am resting there.


The night garden that could be seen from my room looked magical. I have visited many palaces since I came to this world, but this place is the most beautiful.


「It’s as if a sky garden」

『The King at that time used wealth as if it grows on trees』

「Grows on trees? How much exactly?」

『About half a year’s worth of national budget』

「That’s amazing. To think that someone would go that far. It was made for the queen at that time, if I’m correct?」

『Umu. She was a beautiful woman, but she always wore an expressionless face. That King did many things for her just to see her smile. So, he made this place. And for the first time since that queen was married to him, she smiled after seeing this view』

「The queen’s smile is worth half a year’s national budget huh. Quite amazing」

『That is what men of power are』

「I see」


Recently, I feel like the contents of the stories in the past I hear from Eleanor had changed.

When we had just met, she usually talks about the heroes or overlords, the men that she ‘used to death’, and speak ill of them.

That’s that not case recently. She started to talk about interesting things about the actual things that happened, things which were not written in history.

And her tone when she speaks about them started to be like ‘what a helpless bunch’.




Eleanor fell silent. Is she remembering about the past?

I want to learn about that past a little, I thought.


But, now is not the time for that.

I have a previous engagement.




I heard a voice from behind.

It’s Selene’s voice.


I was waiting for here.

She returned to Rethim and took back the Aegina Kingdom.

The war has ended. Of course, there are things waiting to be done after that, but the matter is settled for the time being.


And there, I came to take her.

I decided to make her my woman.

When I told her that, she told me to wait in this Summer Palace, so I was waiting for her.


I looked back to Selene who had come.

She is wearing a dress.

A dress suitable for a princess, one that is both elegant and sexy.

A dress that shows just enough skin, showing the places that she wants to show, but hiding the places that must not be seen.


A dress that makes a man impossible not to react with.

Of course, Selene is very beautiful too, raising the destructive powers of the dress.


……that is fine, but.


「Why is Helene with you?」


Helene is beside Selene.

She looks just as usual but with a wry smile while holding the fan I gave her.


「U-Uhm, you know. I-I’m going to be having……s-sex with Shou right now, but!」


Selene stuttered due to the embarrassment and unconsciously raised her voice.

I understand that. The problem is, why is Helene here?


「I want to, I want to make Shou happy. But, I don’t know how to make Shou happy. I’m an idiot, so I probably won’t remember it quickly even I was told how to. That’s whyーー」


Selene took Helene’s hand and pulled her.


「I thought I should ask Helene for help!」



Helene deepens her wry smile.


「ーーtold her that it’s her only first time, so it’s better with just the two of you, but」

「Rather than that, I want to make Shou happy!」

「That’s what she said」


I couldn’t close my mouth that opened from surprise.

It’s me who made Selene like that. I’m the one who told her to ask other people if there’s something that she can’t do. But I didn’t expect she would do that now.


Helene also told her that it’s better to spend her precious first time with just the two of us alone.

That’s how it is normally. But, more than that, Selene wanted someone’s support just for my sake.


I feel happy about that. I couldn’t help but adore Selene who thought negatively but insisted firmly.

That’s whyーー




「Can you please leave?」



The same reply. However, Helene sounded very happy in her second ‘yes’.

She told Selene who wanted her to stay “do your best” and left the room.


I approached Selene and pulled her to me.




I kissed her first.

I kissed her strongly and strongly sucked her lips that felt a little sweet.


「Shou……uhm, if it’s justーー」



Following that, I stared straight at her. I pulled her closer and stared at her at a distance where our lips almost touched.


「Don’t think of anything else. There’s only one thing you need to think of」

「W-What is it?」

「It’s me」

「Shou? ーーnn!」


I kissed her again.

This time, I slipped my tongue through her lips.

At the same time, I undressed her and caressed her body.

A captivating moan echoed within the Summer Palace.


「Wait, nn……! I’m……for Shou……ahn……!」


Selene was unexpectedly stubborn. She still claims that she wants me to be happy instead of thinking of herself. But,

I completely ignored her and just took her.

I took her to bed for the whole night, teaching her the pleasure.


「Shou! Shou! Shou!!!」





I made it so all that she could think of is me.



Just like that, Selene, the Aegina Kingdom’s Princess, became my woman.

And I gained a new golden lottery ticket.








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    • How is it rape?

      I would understand it , if she said she wanted to stop having sex and he continued.
      In this chapter, however, the exact opposite happens: the reason she would like him to stop is to pleasure him instead of herself.

      Isn’t this the exact opposite of rape?


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