Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 191

Chapter 191 – Because I’m an idiot



After the incident in Ebal, the Therios Army accelerated in retreating.

The act of violence of completely burning down a town and forcefully drafting the residents quickly spread throughout Aegina’s territory, making the already detaching hearts of the Aegineans completely detach.


The King’s Army was welcomed to in all their destinations, enabling them to avoid useless battles.

And that was not all.


“I want to fight for the King and the Princess.” “I want to fight with the Holy Sword Xiphos.” “I want to defeat the heinous villain Therios.”

People who had various thoughts gathered and the size of the King’s Army snowballed.


When they arrived at the Royal Capital Rethim, the King’s Army was already fifty thousand-men strong, and on the other side, the Therios Army was a mere three thousand-men.


The outcome of the battle is already clear for anyone to see.


And, with only a single total army attack.

With the return of the legitimate ruler of the Aegina Kingdom, there were many who changed sides from the army of three thousand. Rethim’s gates that should have enabled them to keep the castle for more than a year was opened easily and the King’s Army swiftly rushed into Rethim.




「You came, you brat」


In the throne hall of the Summer Palace.  

Therios who is sitting on the throne had a different appearance from when Selene last met him.


He is wearing a crown and a cape.

He suited himself with the appearance that is only allowed for the king, sitting on the king’s throne.


「Get away from that place! That place is not something you can sit on!」

「Who deserves to sit here then? Don’t tell me it’s that impostor?」



Selene groaned.

It’s true that if one were to ask if that fake kingーーKakeru deserves that throne, she could only answer no.


Selene admires Kakeru. No, you could even say that she worships him.

On the other side, she was unable to deny the words thrown to her, as she was someone who loves Aegina and wishes to make Aegina greater.


But still, she did not need to hesitate.


「Even so, it is still not you」


Selene silently said.

That’s right. It was not him. It was impossible for it to be Melina.


「You don’t deserve it even more, as someone who burns a town just for your own safety and desires」

「If so, then who deserves to be the King then? Don’t tell me it’s you? You selfish bile princess」

「Un. I’ll be it」


「I will be itーーthe Prime Minister Princess」

「That’s impossible for you」


「If so, then I’ll ask everyone to help me」


「I’ll do my best to study the things I don’t understand. If I still can’t understand it, I’ll ask someone else who does to help me. I am, justーー」


Selene stared straight at Melina and declared with a resolute tone.



「ーーonly need to be unhesitant」


During the night where there was no moon, cloud, or wind.

Inside the magic cottage in the day before attacking Rethim.


I said that to Selene who looks worried.



「I told you this before. If you lack the abilities, then you only need to ask the people around you to help you」


「In other words, there would be a lot of people working for you. You hear me? It’s going to be lots of people. With that many people working for you, what do you think would happen if the person in their top is hesitating and always look lost?



「Think of it as a person. His left feet is moving forward, but his right feet is going backwards」

「T-Then, he’s going to trip」

「Exactly. You only need to be unhesitant and always show the direction you are moving to. That’s all you need」


「Is it enough with just that?」

「That’s good enough」



Selene looked down.

She’s making a worried face.

“I understand, but, still……”, was written on her face.


「I’m an idiot after all」

「Hmm. I’ll give you a good luck charm then」

「Good luck charm?」


「Do you know Helene and Iris?」


「What about Rica and Aura?」

「I know them」

「What about Althea and Delfina?」

「They’re amazing people」


The names I raised were the tutors I gave Selene.

The color of admiration deepens in Selene’s eyes with each name mentioned.


「All of them has a common thing」

「Eh? What’s that?」


Selene leaned forward full of curiosity. I put my arm around her and sealed her lips.


I kissed her lips strongly.

She was surprised and her body turned stiff.


「All of them are my women」

「U-Un. I know thatーー」

「Starting now, you’re also my woman」

「Ehhhhh?! But, I’mーー」

「Are they excellent women because they’re mine? Or are they mine because they’re excellent women? Which one do you think it is?」

「That’s……it’s because they’re excellent women?」

「It’s both」


「It’s both. In short, you are already an excellent woman. I’m saying that you are going to grow even more as long as you’re mine and become an excellent woman」


「Do you still think you’re useless despite that? Can’t you believe in me?」


Selene quickly shook her head.


「I believe you! I believe in Shou. I’ll believe in Shou and become an unhesitant, excellent woman!」

「Good girl」


I pulled her to me and gave her another kiss.

This time, it was as if she lost her strength, leaning her whole body to me.


「Let’s start tomorrow. I’ll be watching you so do your best」




A strong kiss and words which were even stronger.

Thinking about what she gained from Kakeru’s lips, Selene glared straight at Therios.

She unsheathed Xiphos and pointed its blade that pulsed with a red light towards him.


「Unhesitant? Ha! Ridiculous words」

「If so, then I won’t say anything anymore. I’ll defeat you here. Then it’s the end」

「You fool. As you wish, I’ll show you the sword technique of someone who defeated the royal family’s swordsmanship instructor」


Melina unsheathed the sword under his cape.

Both of them faced each other.


The first one who moved was Selene.

……the only one who could move was Selene.





The movement method and slash that was thought directly by Nana Kanou far exceeded that of Melina’s and after a quick exchange, he was split into two horizontally.





Melina was stunned. And even Selene who defeated him was stunned as well.


「S-So weak……」


Selene muttered.

She has yet to realize it.


As someone who was recognized by Nana Kanou, she had already stepped into the realm of a master swordsman.

Nana only moves under Kakeru’s orders. She does not use both bootlicking words and flattery.

She only speaks out what she thinks.


On the other hand, Melina is a Duke. Although it could be said that he was recognized by the royal family’s swordsmanship instructor, that person probably held back against him.

Melina was a person who was only being flattered.


A master and a normal person. The outcome of the battle was only natural.


Melina who was split into two crawled on the ground, then died while cursing.


「With this, it’s all finished. I think」


Letting out a breath, Selene sheathed Xiphos.

Melina has died and the other soldiers started to surrender one next to the other.

With her return to the Summer Palace, Selene felt that this war has ended.


「The only thing left is……Shou……」


She thought about last night and the names Kakeru mentioned in her presence.

She thought, if only……just like them……

Her heart was beating quickly, faster than ever before.

“That’s right, I should go meet Kakeru!”

She thought so.


ーーa magic was suddenly shot towards her!!


She hurriedly unsheathed Xiphos and swept with a slash to block that magic used for capturing.


Soldiers rushed into the throne room and Selene was quickly surrounded.


「W-What? What’s happening?」


Selene panicked. She could not cope with the sudden change in events.


And at the entrance where the soldiers came fromーーone man appeared.

He is wearing tattered clothes and his cheeks were sinking.


The red marks that could be seen from his wrist show that he was chained just a while ago.

That manーー


「It’s been a while, Your Highness」

「Abraham! Where were you?」

「That, does not matter. I am here becauseーーuu!」


Abraham staggered. The soldier beside him quickly supported him.

The other soldiers were also looking at him with a worried expression.

It looks like they are soldiers who admires him as individuals.


Abraham raised his hand and made the soldier move back. He stood on his own feet, although he staggered, he looked at Selene with a strong gaze.


「I am here because I want to ask Her Highness one thing. What does Her Highness plansーー」

「I’m sorry!」

「ーーfor this Kingdom……eh?」


Selene bowed her head. She bowed her head deeply.

Abraham lets out a ridiculous sound because of her sudden action.

The surrounding soldiers also had faces that looked like they saw something unbelievable.


「Y-Your Highness?」

「I’m really sorry! I’m sorry for treating you badly in the past. I’m sorry for saying selfish things. At that time, I was just an idiot who knows nothing. No, I am still an idiot who knows nothing right now, butーーah, no, it’s just, I’m really sorry for that!」



Abraham was at a loss for words. He didn’t know what do.


Matching the timing of the King’s Army charging into the castle, his subordinates saved him from where Melina imprisoned him.

After being saved, he found out that Selene has returned.

He quickly thought. If Selene was still the Selene back then, if she was still that selfish princess.


Even if he were to use his life in exchangeーーhe must kill her at all cost.

And looking for a chance, he was able to surround Selene. Everything was going as planned up until that time.

However, her reaction was completely unexpected.

Abraham even thought that she might be another person in disguise for a second.


「I’m really sorry!」

「……Your Highness. Please let me ask one thing」


Abraham who somewhat regained himself asked.


「What does Her Highness plan to do from now on?」

「I’ll become the Prime Minister Princess!」


Those were the words that Abraham told her when she asked for advice back then.

And, she also told Abraham the words that she did not use back then.


「I’ll become the Prime Minister Princess and make this Kingdom that Father improved to become even greater!」

「Is that so……」


Abraham smiled.

He took a step back then kneeled to Selene.


「Please forgive this Abraham for his countless impoliteness up until now. I wish to accept any kind of punishment」

「If so, then you should forgive me. And if it’s okay, cooperate with me. I’m an idiot, so I don’t know what to do even though there are things I want to do」

「I understood. I shall serve Her Highness with everything I have」


Abraham bowed his head. And at the same time, the soldiers who admire him lowered their weapons as well.


This time, for sure, the war has ended.








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