Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 188

Chapter 188 – Super Fast Ball and Magical Ball



Calamba Kingdom’s Royal Capital, Meteora.

Queen Rica is sitting on her throne in the audience hall of the palace.


In front of her was one middle-aged man. It is a man wearing excellent clothes while possessing a noble bearing.

After reading a letter containing the watermark of a certain family crest, Rica talked to the man.


「In short, Duke Annis wishes to borrow soldiers」

「To put it briefly, yes」

「I see. By the way, I would like to ask one thing」


Rica stated haughtily from her throne.

Graceful and beautiful while emanating intelligence, with wisdom showing in her eyes.

She possessed them even before, but recently, it is being told that she now possesses the dignity of a ruler as well.


The man who came as a emissary of Annis, a Duke of Aegina Kingdom, was slightly overwhelmed by her presence.

His name is Morris. A veteran who had experienced many negotiations as a subordinate of Annis. However, he was still slightly overwhelmed by Rica.


「I have heard that the one who leads your enemy army is the King himself?」

「We believe that that person is an impostor. The King, His Majesty, is bedridden with an incurable disease. Although His Majesty has managed to survive thanks to Solomon’s Miracle, the Archbishop says that there is no hope for His Majesty to recover even his consciousness. We do not know who that person is, but he is a complete impostor」

「I see. Do the people believe that?」



Morris got stuck between his words.

Although Rica’s words were short, it was a critical attack.


「You never told the people about the King’s disease up until now」

「It is all for the sake of the stability of the Kingdom……」

「You announced that ‘it is like this’ only after the King appeared. Do you really believe that the people would trust that?」

「That is……」



Rica continued with a serious face.

Her dignityーーthe pressure coming from her strengthened.


「I heard that it is Princess Selene who is leading that army through battlefields. In the Princess’s hands is Aegina Kingdom’s nation pacifying treasure, as well as the origin of the noble titles, Holy Sword Xiphos. Are these two fake as well?」

「That is……」

「There are many people who know Aegina’s Holy Sword. Xiphos itself has a presence that one would be convinced that it is genuine if that one witnessed it himself. The real Princess wielding the real Holy Sword, if so, then the King that she is protecting is real as well」


Rica did not add “for the people” intentionally.

There is a culture of thinking that it is inelegant to say the subject in cases like this when “both” sides knows about the truth.


Also, there are cases when the words of the one who omitted it would feel stronger.

Rica knows that very well, that’s why she did it.


Morris was unable to come up with anything to say back.


It is Rica who held the initiative.


「Although it is the Three Lords Regency, I heard that everything started with Duke Therios. There are also rumors about the other two being deceived」



Morris was so surprised that his eyes almost popped out.

That’s not true. He’s a loyal subordinate of Annis. The Three Lords Regency was co-ordinated by the three, Therios, Annis, and Gate. It is definitely not started just by Therios alone.


「And, right now, I also heard that it is only Duke Therios who is at war with the Kingdom’s army」

「That is……yes」

「The people would be on the Kingdom Army’s side as long as the King is “real”. If you were “deceived”, isn’t it not late to turn back right now?」

「……that is not something I can decide myself」

「Of course it is not. You should mention this to Duke Annis. I would even lend a hand if it is needed」

「Her Majesty will?」

「I have a personal relationship with Princess Selene. Yes, a “personal” one」


Rica said and Morris’s expression became grave.


Rica is indirectly saying this, “I know everything because I have connections with Selene”.

And also, “I’ll help you if you want to back away now”.


「……I would like to ask for a while. I shall convey this to my Master」

「You should hurry up. If it’s completely at a disadvantage, one would only be a defeated army’s general. You should surrender while you’re at an advantage, or at worst, equal」

「I understand, butーー」

「By the way」


Rica interrupted Morris’s excuse.


「If it’s right now, I heard that Duke Annis’s title of Duke would be guaranteed, and his second son would be given the title of a Baron」

「We are not askingーーah no, please excuse me」


A scream-like voice came out of Morris’s mouth.


「I understood. I shall immediately convey this to my Master」




Morris had a face of “there’s still more?!”.

Rica slightly softened her tone.


「About this, I have Princess Selene’s approval with it. I heard that Duke Annis’s third daughter named Alice is a very intelligent girl」


「That girl, I would like to have her here. It’s not a hostage. The Garden of Roses. You have heard it before?」



Morris lost his words.

Giving and taking daughters between royals and nobles would only be either a hostage, or an alliance that would strengthen their families.

If it is true that it’s not a case of giving a hostage, then the House of Duke Annis would possess a thick pipe to the Calamba Kingdom.

It would originally be a huge problem for Annis, an Aegina noble, to be directly connected to Calamba, but that problem does not exist if the top echelons, the Queen and the Princess, have agreed on it.


And, Rica’s “Garden of Roses”, the Queen’s Harem is very famous among the nobles.

It is a well-known rumor that Rica is gathering intelligent women.


Guaranteeing the noble title, additional noble title, and a connection with the Queen.

For Annis, rather than a war which is uncertain who would win, it is clear that anyone would choose this one.


Using the carrot and the stick, making it so that there is virtually only one choice.

It is Calamba’s Queen, Rica Calamba who did such a feat.



Siracuza Kingdom’s Royal Capital, Adoria.

In the guest house in the courtyard of the royal palace, the Purosu Diner.


The building that does not fit into the gorgeous palace.

Inside that store that was full of empty seats, Duke Gate’s emissary, Carisal is occupying one seat.


And in there, wearing an apron and a kerchief, in her poster-girl attire, Fiona brought him his food.


「Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s your mountain cow fried rice. This is this store’s most recommended」

「……what kind of joke is this?」

「A-re? Do you hate mountain cows? Do you like vegetables more?」

「No, I’m not talking about that. I’m asking why in the world am I taken to this place. I was told that I’ll be having a meal with the Queen Her Highness after resting for a while in the guest house」

「That’s right. This place is that guest house. It’s called Purosu Diner」

「What kind of joke is this? This is why commoners are……」



Fiona smiled innocently.


「Dear Customer, what did you came for?」

「It’s not something that I can tell a brat like you」

「Isn’t it alright? Ah! Dear Customer, do you like alcohol? I’ll serve you good ones if you tell me?」

「Good alcohol?」


「Yes. Although it looks like this, this is a proper guest house. It is the food that Her Majesty the Queen would eat, so good ingredients are used. Of course, the drinks too. For example, that one……what was it again? Alcohol that was fermented and distilled four times?」

「Four times?!」

「They say that it tastes amazing you know? Also, that it’s only served to state guests. Are you interested?」

「……well, just a bit should be alright」

「Okay〜! Marie, take ‘that’ out」


Marie appeared from the back of the store.

Holding an expensive looking bottle, she put down a shot glass, and poured the bottle’s contents in.


The alcohol’s rich fragrance filled the inside of the store instantly.

It’s a rich fragrance that would make any alcohol-lover almost tipsy even at this point.


「Dear Customer, here’s your drink」



Carisal lightly cleared his throat, then drank the alcohol with an “it can’t be helped” face.


「How was it?」

「Q-Quite decent it is」


Although Carisal said that, his face was honest.

His mind and body were drunk from the delicious alcohol, and the corner of his eyes was already drooping.


「Well then, please tell us. Just a little bit is fine, okay?」

「Well, let me see……hm, just this much should be alright. My Master, Duke Gate wishes to make contact with His Majesty the King」

「Eh? Why?」

「It’s to end the war smoothly. Since His Majesty the King is on the other side, the people would not support us. It’s impossible to win」

「I see. But why would he want to tell that to Siracuza’s Queen?」

「I can’t teーー」

「I know! Since we’re at it, drink a bit more」


Fiona poured more alcohol into his glass.

The service of a poster girl and a delicious alcohol especially for state guests.


Those were enough to make Carisal open his mouth.

Carisal drank it with one shot, became high-spirited with the taste of the good alcohol, and said.


「This Kingdom’s Queens are connected to the Demon Sword Wielder right? And, just keep this between us, but it is said that that King’s an impostor that the Demon Sword Wielder is controlling from the dark. He brought the real one with him after all. And the Princess Her Highness is using a swordsmanship that’s identical to the Demon Sword Wielders’」

「Fumu, fumu」

「That’s why you want to get an audience with the Queen Her Majesty and ask to get contact with the Demon Sword Wielder」

「I see, I see. But why to Siracuza? Uhmmーー」


Inside Fiona’s head, she reorganized the human relations in an instant.

The human relations that are clearly showing on the surface.


「Isn’t Mercouri’s His Majesty the King good too? Right, the Demon Sword Wielder-san’s face is being used in Mercouri’s new currency」

「Mercouri’s impossible. That’s a complete sovereign. There are no gaps that can be used」

「There’s none?」

「In that point, Siracuza’s Queens are illegitimate children, born and raised by commoners. There’s no doubt that this one’s easier」

「Is that so?」


Fiona smiled warmly.

On the other side, Marie made a faint wry smile.


「Well, that’s about it. Come on, give me more」

「Okay okay」

「Ahh, you can go now. You girl there. You fill my cup」



「G-Got it」


Marie took the bottle and poured it towards Carisal’s glassーーthat instant, her wrist was grabbed by him.


「Aren’t you quite cute as a diner girl?」

「T-Thank you very much」

「Are you free tonight?」

「Eh, uhm, uh……」

「Fufufu, your hand’s this small and smooth」


Carisal brushed the back of Marie’s hand.

Suddenly, he felt a hard bump.


He touched the ring Marie’s wearing on her thumb.


「What’s this? Why is there a ring on your thumbーーthumb?!」


Astonished, Carisal’s became paler than white.


The ring on the thumb that symbolizes authority and the crest of Siracuza engraved on that ring.

Marie is wearing that and so as Fiona.


Carisal noticed the ring on the twoーーand noticed their identity.

Blood flushed out of his head and fainted with foams appearing from his mouth.



At night, in the Magic Cottage, inside the master’s bedroom.

There are three women on the bed.


Fiona and Marie who placed their rings from their thumb to their ring finger, sleeping together while holding hands.


And, the other one is Rica.

She is still awake, spoiling herself within my arms.


Rica, Fiona, and Marie.

These Queens virtually immobilized two of the three Dukes, so I made love with them as a reward.


「Sorry, Kakeru」

「With what?」

「I placed a girl into your harem without permission」

「It’s your harem, so don’t mind it. In the first place, you wanted her since she’s promising right?」


「Un, the third daughter, Alice Annis. She’s a little strong-willed, so she does not get along well with her father, but I heard that she’s an intelligent girl. I was planning on asking you to save her in case you were to fight with her」

「There’s no need to apologize if it’s a girl you put your eyes on」

「Un. I’ll check carefully if she’s a girl who’s worthy of Kakeru」

「Ahh, do your best」


While answering like that, I thought.

Not only the problem was solved through proper politics and diplomacy, she also obtained what she wanted.

I thought that she’s an intelligent girl since we first met, but recently, I think that she’s becoming more and more intelligent.


Fiona and Marie were also amazing.

The things that they possess, it was used in their uttermost way, gaining an advantage against the emissary.


The three of them are all good women.


And while I was thinking of that, Fiona and Marie suddenly woke up and came to me.



「Were we of use to Kakeru-san?」


I thought “it doesn’t matter whether they are or not”, but I also thought it’s unnecessary to say that out loud.


「Yeah, you helped me a lot」


When I said that, both Fiona and Marie, even Rica turned to a smile.

To a beautiful smile, that as if flowers had just bloomed.


The three of them, there’s a limit to being cute!






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    • The story is mostly just the girl characters being shown to grow and be awesome. Kakeru is more of a guide for all of them, but still sleeps with them all.


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