Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 184

Chapter 184 – Believe in Me



In Aegina Kingdom’s army, Selene troops.

What originally was 200 men became 500 after taking in the soldiers that could move in Hanya.


Selene had sortied with those 500.

Her opponent is a 2000-men army under the banners of one of the three dukes, Duke Therios.


With such number difference, it is enough to capture a fortress with an open hole.

Most of all, Selene intercepted them head-on.


With Neora who I placed beside her controlling the waves of enemy soldiers towards Selene who leads her army at the forefront, it was natural that a mountain of corpses has piled up in front of her.

And I’m watching that from the palanquin.


『It’s about to change』



Soon after Eleanor said that, Selene’s actions changed.

From the forms that she learned from numerous repetitions, to the movements that are most ideal for herself.

And it looked very similar to how I move.


Looking from here, I almost felt that there’s another me who is moving over there.

And after a moment since Selene’s movements changed.


『The morale is raised』



Because of the commander’s movements changing, the morale of the soldiers was soaring.

The other soldiers started to overwhelm the enemy, not only those in the middle with Selene.


Eleanor and I were completely in a watching mood.


『By the way』


『Do you know what some of those captured soldiers are calling her?』

「Selene? What is it?」

『They call her the Demon King’s Servant』


Eleanor’s enjoying laughter echoed inside my head.


「Demon King’s Servant? What the heck is that?」

『It would seem that it was started by someone who encountered you on the battlefield』

「Demon King’s Servant because she moves almost identical to me huh. ……and I’m the Demon King?」

『Kuku, you don’t like it?』


「Really? Demon King? When did I start to evolve to something like that」

『It’s an infamous name just suiting a human who exterminated a 3000 army without leaving anyone alive. The more it is, since you wield a Demon Sword』


『Well, the Demon Sword Wielder is more famous so it might not change, butーーkukuku, poor girl. There is probably no doubt that her infamous name would be the Demon King’s Servant』

「I should tell her myself later. She might like it」


『However……one would really change if one does, huh』


『That lass, she was just an arrogant, selfish girl just a while ago, but she’s a decent swordsman now』

「She had the talents for it」

『And lucky as well』

「Her will is quite strong too. That’s the most important thing」

『The only thing left is to raise her confidence』


I agreed with Eleanor.


While looking at Therios’ Army who started to retreat with a devastating number of casualties.



Inside the Magic Cottage. Me, Helene, and Selene.

Helene is making a graceful yet calm look.

Compared to that, Selene had a timid and nervous expression.


It’s good that she’s not as arrogant and selfish as before, but it’s also troubling that she’s this timid.

I listened to Helene while thinking of a way to take care of that.


「The King of Aegina stood up to defeat the rebels and the one who is leading his army is Princess Selene. These two rumors have spread widely throughout the Aegina Kingdom and with the legitimate royal family their opponent, the Three Lords Regency has lost their just cause, and their soldiers are very apprehensive」

「That means this war is about to end」

「No, it would seem that the three dukes are claiming that the King and the Princess are impostors」


「They plan on resisting until the end huh」

「They’re sure that Father’s an impostor after all」



Although King Aegina is alive, there is no difference in him being dead.

Not only there is no way to heal him, there is also no signs of him waking up.

According to Althea, such a disease cannot be cured by anyone.


The three dukes know that, that’s why they also knew that the king that appeared on the battlefield is an impostor.


「No matter what they claim, when the Kingーー」


Helene glanced at me.


「ーーreturns to the Royal Capital, and shows himself to the people, it will all end」

「I agree……hm, Royal Capital?」

「What is it, Kakeru-sama?」



There’s something, something that’s just stuck at the tip of my tongue.

Hearing the word “royal capital”, I feel like I could recall something.


I deeply thought about it, that thing that’s just at the tip of my tongue.


『Do you need my help?』

「How would a Demon Sword help me remember someーーDemon Sword!」


「Helene, do you remember the case with Iris?」


「Demon Sword Xiphos」

「Yes, that Demon Swords where legends say that it was originally a single sword. It’s about the case of Mercouri and Aegina having one each, right?」

「Where is it?」

「If I am correct, it is within the King’s harem」

「Where’s the King’s harem?」


I asked Selene this time.


「I know that! Father’s harem right? It was in the Summer Palace」

「That place huh……」


I’ve been there before.

Yosh, I should go.

I should go get Xiphos in the Summer Palace.


「What are you planning to do with Xiphos?」

「I’ll go get it and give it to Selene. It would be the best for her right now」


A flash shone on Helene’s eyes. She reacted like she knows the infamous name, Demon King’s Servant.

And then, she said with a serious face.


「I completely agree. Although it is a Demon Sword, Xiphos is Aegina’s National Treasure. With a Princess who leads an army carries it to the battlefield, it would be a greater symbol」

「I see. I didn’t think that far」


All that I’m thinking of is raising Selene’s confidence, that’s why I asked myself what would be the best way to make the infamous name Demon Sword’s Servant suit her.

Now that it’s mentioned, it’s also good as a symbol. Because of that, the more reason it is for me to go and take it.




「Even a stupid person like me knows. Xiphos is dangerous right? I heard that it would possess people’s hearts. Would someone like meーー」

「You can. If it’s the you right now」




I called her name and stared straight into her eyes.

Selene gasped and made her body look smaller.


I told her while looking at her.

With a strong, clear voice.


「Believe me who believes in you」


Selene’s eyes widened, and slowly, she nodded her head.








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  1. Believe in the me who believes in you, and believe in the you who believes in me…. that sounds awfully familiar… :3


  2. When he said Believe in the me who believes in you all I could think of was the song Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins….I feel old


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