Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 181

Chapter 181 – The Ideal Movement of the Weakened



About a hundred years from now, there is something that was called Battle of Hanya.

That battle occurred during an invasion war.


The Aegina Kingdom at that time was invaded by other kingdoms, lost battles after battles, and was likely to be defeated.

“The Kingdom will fall if this continues”, the King at that time judged, and started ceasefire negotiations with the condition of handing over half of the kingdom’s territory.

Even so, the enemy’s invasion had yet to stop, but the King continued the ceasefire negotiations by showing the attitude of non-resistance and obedience.


But the First Prince at that time objected that instead.

Claiming that there is no reason to negotiate for a ceasefire in the situation where they have lost continuously, he advocated for further resistance.


The King did not show approval.

The Prince’s opinion were all rejected and finally, he was deprived all military authority.


The Prince obeyedーーat least, on the surface.

He obeyed the King’s orders and made the army retreat, but on the other hand, he went out for a “walk”, taking two hundred of his direct subordinates.

The place he went for a walk was Hanya. It’s the place where one million enemy troops are approaching.


Hanya was an extreme topography interposed between the mountain road and the lake, which was unsuitable for the deployment of a large army.

Using that topography at its best, the Prince annihilated a million enemy troops!


That fight where two hundred men annihilated a million enemy was called the “Battle of Hanya”, and was recorded in the annals of history.

And because of that Battle of Hanya, the enemy kingdom has lost much of its military force, with that reason, it made Aegina come back to life, and eventually won the war.


Ever since, the “Battle of Hanya” became synonymous with the battle that overturned numerical inferiority.

It is Helene’s idea to use the first battle at that place where individual strength strongly affects the battle, and make Selene confident.



Selene Mi Aegina continuously swung her sword.

“Leading” 200 soldiers, she charged while swinging her sword.


She is not commanding them. She is leading them ahead.

She does not have the ability to lead other people. The only thing she could do is to charge using her individual prowess.

That is why, rather than to describe it that she is leading 200 soldiers, it is better to say that she is charging as the spearhead of 201 soldiers.


The enemy force that came to intercept them was 1000. Five times of Selene’s.

Selene did not falter to that disadvantage. She only continued to charge.


Following the legendary “Battle of Hanya”, the same 200 numbersーーwas, of course, not the reason.

Selene is still in the realm of ignorance. There was no way for her to know the “Battle of Hanya”,  the greatest and most honorable battle in this kingdom.


What makes Selene assured is that existence behind her.

Even behind those 200 soldiers, the man riding on a palanquin.


That elderly man whose appearance was emphasized to the limits, with the flag of Aegina Kingdom raised up in the air.

Of course, it was not King Aegina himself.

It is the Demon Sword Wielder that she still continues to call as “Shou”, it is Yuuki Kakeru.


He is there, he is looking.

That fact gave Selene the courage, protecting her to all kinds of fear.


She is still in the realm of ignorance.

She does not know the identity of the feeling that makes her move forward. She does not know, that that feeling is commonly called as “love”.


She does not know, but its effects were strongly displayed.

Selene charged. She charged more daringly and braver than anyone of the 201. She cut off more soldiers than anyone.


Selene repeated the basic stab, slash, and sweep that she learned from Nana to repeatedly defeat the enemy.

At first, she faithfully repeated the movements she learned, but as fatigue accumulated, her movements started to become dull, making her form collapse.


And after exceeding a certain line, her movements changed.

Humans, when they reach a certain line of exhaustion, their body would move in the most natural way and the most ideal way they could.

That movement of hers, were the movements of “that” that continued to linger in her mind.

Those movements that even appeared in her dreams.


Just like that, he movements changed.


Blood clouds have started to dance.



I’m looking at the battlefield from the palanquin.

Selene is fighting hard. Although it’s 200 vs 1000, with five times in their difference, the number that actually makes contact is actually the same.

Helene’s completely right to choose this place.


She’s completely right, but.


「Those movements……it’s somewhat……」

『Kuku, you’re quite loved huh』

「Ahh, she was copying my movements after all」

『Although both of her speed and power lacks, just her movements looks completely the same』


Eleanor guaranteed.

That’s right. Selene moved stiffly at first, but halfway, her movements became that which were completely the same as mine.

The way she fights with her sword completely looks like me.

Though it’s a bit complicated seeing the exact movements that I do.


『It would have been impossible to copy it to that level if she did not have a strong emotion for it』


Thinking of that, it became interesting.







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  1. “About a hundred years from now […]”

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  3. They left the airbrushed abs and gratuitous use of 3d out of their description of the battle of thermo… err i mean hanya.


  4. One million soldiers? WTF? This world must have pretty damn high population for a mediaval fantasy world, and whoever was able to deploy that many soldiers must’ve been a great emperor. And to garrison them all in a place that is geographically unfavourable for large numbers of troops… And then, for 200 men to win, no matter the terrain, they must’ve had ridiculous stamina to be able to fight that long, to slaughter a million enemies.

    All in, all, that story seems fishy as hell.


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