Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 174

Chapter 174 – The Harem that Grows



At this day, I took my women again and gathered information in the capital of Rethim.


It’s Althea and Nana that I took with me.

A peerless beauty, the Great Sage Althea, and the world’s strongest woman, Nana.


The two of them are on top of a bed in an inn.

Both of them are sleeping.


I noticed it when I brought Helene and Rica here.

Although I mentioned gathering information, there’s no need to walk around.


My hearing which was multiplied 777x enables me to hear conversations in a radius of kilometers if I concentrated to the limits.

Meaning, I can gather information while taking care of my harem inside an inn.


I noticed that during the time with Helene and Rica, so I did that with Althea and Nana today.


I accompanied them while gathering information, then concentrated in gathering information after they were knocked down.


And while I was doing that, Althea’s breathing changed.

She continued snuggling up to me, but her breathing changed, and I knew that she woke up.


「You want another round?」

「I’m fine. Let me stay like this」


Althea said and hugged me tighter.

Her silk-like skin was glued to me.


She rubbed her cheeks against me, took my hand and made me stroke her head.

Althea, the Great Sage Althea.

“She’s completely changed compared to when I first met her”, I thought.


「Althea, were you this spoiled?」

「Whose fault do you think this is?」



「Who’s the one who told me to teach that girl?」

「It’s me, but……you’re the Great Sage Althea who knows every kind of knowledge. You’re just right for the role right?」

「I’m Althea, just, Althea」


Oh! What a nostalgic line.

Althea who said that looked up at me with a glare.


「I’m already tired of being the Great Sage. I’m fine with just Althea」


She said and snuggled up to me even more.

She looked like she’s sulking, but I think that she’s just spoiling herself.


「You hate it that much?」

「I hate it」


It was an instant answer.


「Sorry about that then」

「……it’s fine. In exchange, just let me be just Althea right now」

「Yeah, you’re just a woman」


When I said that, Althea obviously improved her mood.


Is she saying that she really wants to become just a simple woman?


When I was making Althea fall asleep, this time, I felt Nana’s breathing changed.

“She regained consciousness huh”ーーthe instant I saw that, my spirit “met” with hers.


Our spirit met with each other.

It’s a similar feeling having an eye contact.

There’s no change in our body, but we can understand that both of us has noticed each other.

I expressed that as “my spirit met with hers”.


Within my harem, it’s a feeling that I only have with Nana.

While stroking Althea’s hair while she embraced me while sleeping, I asked Nana.


「Sorry for the trouble. Was is difficult educating Selene who’s a complete beginner?」

「It is Aruji’s command, there’s no problem」


Nana answered without any hesitation.

As she said, it feels like she doesn’t think that my order is troublesome at all.


「I see. I want to know your impression then. Honestly, how’s Selene?」

「She has talent」



That was unexpected.


Nana doesn’t lie to me, nor express something with rhetorical phrases.

If I asked her, she would honestly speak what’s on her mind.


That’s why I was surprised.

Since Nana says so, there’s no doubt that Selene has the talent.


「If it’s only with her potential, I think that she exceeds Nikki」

「That’s amazing. If it’s above Nikki’s……how is she compared to Io?」

「There’s the possibility that she could exceed her with individual fights, although it is due to the difference between a swordsman and a magician. However, she would be incomparable to her as an adventurer. She lacks the ability to grasp the situation and cope with it instantaneously but she would be excellent as a single soldier」

「That’s no good as a princess though」


The person in question thinks of becoming Prime Minister Princess and make the kingdom more prosperous though.




Nana closed her mouth.

She would answer to anything if she were asked, but it’s Nana who won’t say anything if she wasn’t.


It’s because she thinks that my order is everything.

She would do anything if she were ordered, but nothing if she wasn’t.


Well, whatever. That’s something that I should think of.


I thought so, and gestured Nana to come.

She approached, crawling on top of the bed.


Although she’s above a soft bed in a decently good room, that bed did not sink nor shake.

As if she floated or slid, she came to my side.


「What was that right now?」

「I learned it so not to wake up those who received Aruji’s love. It is not good to throw cold water to the happiness they received from Aruji」

「That’s why you learned it?」


“That’s amazing”, I thought.

And at the same time, I thought “what a good woman”.


Nana who learned an amazing skill like this only to not get in the way of the woman that I embraced was really a good woman.


「I’ll reward you. Take it」



Until I kissed and wrestled her, Nana completely moved without making the bed shake.


There are many kinds of women around me.

There are many kinds, each of them different, and each of them good in their own way.


They changed from the time we met and most of them continues to grow.


I wonder what kind of woman Selene would become.

I got curious about thatーーand looked forward to it.






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