Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 168

Chapter 168 – Rebel Designation





Selene narrowed her eyebrows seeing that gramps appear.

She had odious eyes and tone, no matter how you look at it, they don’t look friendly.

This gramps……who is he?

「Melina Ve Therios」


Helene who’s I’m hugging answered.


「Aegina Kingdom Duke. Going back on time, they’re are a family that has rendered distinguished service during the founding of the kingdom. For once, they were not blessed with a successor and that house almost ceased to exist, but it is a house was continued by welcoming an adopted child from the royal family」


I see, it looks like he’s quite an important guy. I mean, this guy, doesn’t that mean he’s also part of the royal family?

I think that there’s a similar story with the daimyos in Edo period. I wonder which clan was that again……I can’t remember quite well.

When I was thinking of that, the gramps came in front of Selene.

Because of their difference between height, he naturally looked down at Selene, and she was angered by that.


「How contemptuous, Therios」

「Please forgive my rudeness. However, Your Highness, our House of Therios have received words from His Majesty the King six generations ago that we do not need to bow our heads no matter who it is in the Aegina Kingdom. Let me see, it is what they call chartered offender」

「What’s the heck is that」


Selene cried with a shrill voice.

Melina’s eyebrows twitched, but he immediately added with an exaggerated smile.


「What, Her Highness does not know about it? Oh, please excuse me, Princess Selene」


After getting surprised, he bowed his head in a strained manner. It’s a histrionic gesture.

The instant he raised his head, it changed to a gaze of disdain that completely looks down on her.

I glanced at Helene.


「They received the reward of being allowed not to bow their heads up to their descendants to honor their achievements. Not to mention members of the royal family, it is also true to the King」


He〜, that’s amazing.

In short, it’s that huh, the King from six generations said, “you did a great job, you and your descendants don’t need to bow your heads to my descendants”.

It’s an amazing story. It’s fine with the people concerned, but it’s simply unbearable for the descendants.


「Therios, you, what in the world did you come for?」

「I wish to ask this honestly, Princess Selene. Where is His Highness the Crown Prince?」

「H-He’s sick, resting somewhere」

「Where is he?」


Is it because the opponent is Melina, Selene’s tone was somewhat that of a noble lady or a princess.

Melina strengthened his tone and pressed onto her.


「It’s somewhere! There’s no way that I would know the specifics」

「Well then, who knows it?」

「I’m telling you I don’t know!」

「Fumu. Well then, you are to say that you do not know His Highness the Crown Prince’s condition right now」

「That’s what I’m telling you」


Selene gradually returned her tone.


「This is troubling, well, well, this is very disturbing. There are strange rumors circulating around, so I came to confirm that」


He said while making exaggerated gestures and glanced at Selene.

Under his white beard that’s similar to that of sages and magicians, I saw his mouth grin.

Ah〜, this is probably that. His face is saying that he’s completely sure Kimon’s already dead.


「What rumors」

「By the way, Your Highness Selene. What do you think of the current situation where not only the King, but Prime Minister Prince is absent?」

「What what? I’m thinking of becoming Prime Minister Princess though?」

「I see, that is also a good method. However, there is a better way than that」

「What’s that」

「Three Lords Regency」


「The Three Lords Regency that has been passed down from time immemorial in our Aegina Kingdom. It is the system that allows us, the three oldest House of Dukes to make a conference, and temporarily support the kingdom the place of the Royal House, that for some reason, became impossible to administer political affairs」


I see, that’s an important system. Even in the world I was before, there’s the President and Vice President, and Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister as a backup.

By the way, the President and the Vice President do not ride the same car. After all, would be the end all at once when their car crashed or something.


「I’m saying that that isn’t needed, as long as I become the Prime Minister Princessーー」

「I shall speak honestly, Her Highness Selene is insufficient for that task」


「If you really think of the kingdom from the bottom of your heart, you should have hidden the Crown Prince’s disappearance more carefully before playing your promotion game. However, Her Highness Selene did not do so. With that point, we can assert that Her Highness does not have the talents for governance」

「That is……that is not true at all! Rather, who’d admit such a thing!」

「Too bad but, Your Highness, this is already decided」


「We have received words from His Majesty, he wishes for the Three Lords Regency」

「Don’t lie to me! There’s no way Father could talk. Father’s in a situation where he cannot talk because of his sickness」

「I wonder about that」


Melina shrugged his shoulders while grinning.


「No, that is something that does not matter. I have come here to tell Her Highness the first decision of the Three Lords Regency」

「Ha? First? What are you talking about?」

「We would like Her Highness to rest for a while」

「What are you talking about since earlier? Explain it to me」


Selene ranted.

Towards that, Melina only smiled and did not answer.

They’re probably planning on confining Selene, forever.


「Well then, please excuse me」

「Wait! Hey, Abraham! Why are you not saying anything! Say something to him」

「Please forgive me, Your Highness. Lord Duke Melina’s words are absolutely legal」


「Abraham, was it」


Melina talked to Abraham.


「Bring Her Highness to the summer resort courteously. Got that? Courteously」



Abraham bowed his head respectfully.

Selene was angered and tried to grab onto Melina, but Abraham stopped her. Unable to do anything, she could only watch Melina leave.



「What’s happening, what the heck is happening! What was that!」


Selene went rampant inside the room.


「Why are you following him, Abraham」

「Please forgive me, but Duke Melina’s words are completely right」


「In the current situation, in the absence of His Majesty and His Highness the Crown Prince, it is absolutely right for the Three Lords Regency to be activated. To overturn this, His Majesty must come out himself, orーー」

「I’m saying that that’s impossible」

「ーーthe Prime Minister Prince would administer the government」

「That’s why I’mーー」

「As a matter of fact, Her Highness’ movements shall be limited starting today. More “promotions” have become impossible」



Selene lost her words.


「Please forgive me」

「Hey, you!」



Abraham clapped his hands. Two soldiers immediately entered.


「Take Her Highness away, courteously」



The two soldiers stood beside Selene and grabbed her shoulder.


「What are you doing!? Let go!」

「Princess, please persevere」

「There’s no way I’d persevere. What are you doing? Where are you taking me to?」

「The “Autumn Palace」


Abraham quietly answered.


「Isn’t that the prison?! There’s no way that I’d go there! I’m Selene Mi Aegina! I’m the First Princess! Do you understand」

「……take her away」


Abraham glanced at me and said quietly.


「He checked what Kakeru-sama would do」


That seems to be the case.


「What will you do?」


That’s already decided.

I drew out Eleanor and cut the soldiers.



「……what is the meaning of this?」


Abraham glared at me.


「I came to make Princess Selene become Prime Minister Princess」

「That’s impossible. The Three Lords Regency was activated. Princess’s orders shall not reach anywhere and it does not have legality as well」



I ignored Abraham and talked to Selene.



「If my eyes haven’t rotten, right now, I think I saw people who have ill intents towards the princess of this kingdom. What do you think?」

「That’s right! It’s exactly how you saw it」

「You know, people who bring harm to the royal family for the sake of their status」


After leaving a breath, I looked at Abraham.

『Kukuku, what a bad face』

「I think that they’re called rebels」









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  2. The Princess is Stupid, but she isn’t that unbearable. So I’m fine with Kakeru making her the Queen after at least “educated” her, if you know what I mean(lol). And we all know the Demon or whatever is currently taking control of this Kingdom anyway.
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    • She’s just naive due to not having much experience. It was shown that she has potential with how she figured out a loop hole with rank system.
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  3. Thanks for the chapter.
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    She’s also not stupid just naive about the real world clearly due to the quality of her “tutor”, she was shown to be quite smart coming up with the promotion plan as a way around her limited power. And now that’s to Kakeru, she’ll have the best tutor and role model with the rest of him harem.


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  6. “Ah, Duke Thelios, I take it the rebels are dead then? I must say you’re here sooner than expected.”
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