Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 165

Chapter 165 – The Happiness Unlooked-for



Midnight, at a distance from the fortress that the “Red Beak Gang” has occupied.

I am looking at that fortress with Helene and Nana.


「We should just capture that? Helene」

「Yes. If possible, tonight. It would be the best if what’s inside was exchanged as if nothing has happened tomorrow morning」

「You heard her. Nana?」

「Please leave it to us. What should we do after occupying it?」


With her usual military tone, Nana stared at me and asked.

She means that it’s easy to take it down, but what next?


「Please barricade yourselves there for a while and act like a bandit group. Within a few days, the Aegina army should come for the subjugation. At that time, I will give instructions once again, but expect that there would be a battle」



Nana nodded and led the slave soldiers that have stationed at some distance from us and departed.

Helene and I saw them off.

Nana and the slave troops disappeared into the darkness of the night with their formation in perfect order.

After a while, Helene was impressed.


「Amazing……there is almost no sounds of footsteps. If I did not see them leave with my eyes, I would not have believed that they are there」

「It looks like they’re having that kind of training」


I had Nana report that to me from time to time.

Marching without making sounds as much as possible. She trained the slave soldiers to be able to do that.

If they seriously moved like that, it would become so quiet that even I can’t detect them unless I concentrated in my hearing.

Helene and I stayed there for a while to watch.

The slave soldiers that seemed like a ninja army annihilated the 100-men gang within an hour, and occupied the fortress.



Helene and I are watching the Aegina army attack the fortress from the same place when the slave troops attacked.

Unlike that time, it was not a surprise night attack, but an all-out attack while the sun is out.


「It’s a miscalculation……」


Helene whispered. Her graceful beauty was unusually distorted and she was biting her lower lip.


「What is?」

「To think that they would bring such a huge army……I had thought that it would only be around 1000」

「Don’t mind it. It’s just right to expect that. There’s……roughly 5000 of them. No one could expect that they would dispatch that much force for just 100 bandits」



My consolation did not reach Helene that much.

Nonetheless, that is the truth.

Just like the words I used to console her. Who’d expect that a 5000-men army would come to subjugate 100 bandits?

Even her prediction of 1000 could be said that it’s too much already. A thousand regular soldiers and a hundred bandits. It’s already overkilling with that.

Even so, Helene still felt crestfallen.

“There’s no use feeling down about it too much……”, I thought, and forcefully continued the conversation.


「Rather than that, what are we going to do next?」

「……originally, the plan was, Nana-san and the rest would resist, and at the right time, Kakeru-sama would infiltrate the Aegina army. Kakeru-sama would name himself while they are having difficulties in their offensive, subjugate the band of thieves instead, and get into their side」

「A charade, no, a little different huh」


Helene nodded.


「It is essentially the same. However, if there are 5000 as an opponent……if it were only 1000, Nana-san and the other 200 would be able to trouble them moderately……」

「Essentially huh, then, let’s do that essence to its limit」




I touched Eleanor and called out the maid ghost that possesses her.

The transparent ghost that flew up from the Demon Sword, Tanya Chichiakis.

Being called, she looked at me with a cute expression.


「Send this message to Nana. Tell her to wait until I come」

『Un, I’ll go〜』

After saying that, she flew towards the fortress.



「The most important thing is that I hide my identity and take care of the opponent that troubles the Aegina army with a few people right?」


「If so, the more the opponents are, the more effective it is」

「That is true, but……」

「Nana should be able to do it」

「Is she?」

「It would be difficult for her to wipe all of them out though. Aegina would also want to quickly do something about it right?」

「That is right」

「If so, we should also start infiltrating」

「Yes, please be careful」


She said with a graceful gesture.

She acted like she was an obedient wife seeing out her husband, or a maid seeing out her master.

She acted like that, but I could feel a unique elegance if she’s the one doing it.

Even within my women, Helene is the noblest, and it looks very picturesque when she’s acting like this.

Although we’re on the side of a battlefield, I couldn’t help but want to continue looking at her.

No, rather than that.


「Not please be careful, but you’re coming too」

「Eh? But, it wouldn’t be an infiltration if I’m with you」



That’s true.

A woman as beautiful as Helene, she’s a princess no matter how you look at her, and it’s really impossible for her to be mixed with the soldiers.


「Even if you disguised, you’ll be found with your aura after all」

「It might be Kakeru-sama who would be found with his aura. Please be careful so that they cannot tell that Kakeru-sama is the Demon Sword Wielder」

「……I need to go while hiding my aura huh」


I thought with a hand on my jaw.

I didn’t think about it carefully, but it is really better to do something about it.

Recently, I’m releasing my aura almost unconsciously during fights, so I need to hide that.

Physically, I should only have Eleanor and Hikari stand-by in my Different Dimension Warehouse, and take them out when I need to use her.

About my own disguise……


「Aura……hiding my aura. ……hide, my aura」


「……just look from there, Helene」


I said to make Helene wait and took the two Demon Swords in hand.

『Otou-san, what are you going to do?』

「I want to do something. Tell me if you think it’s impossible」


After saying that, I sent to Eleanor and Hikari what I’m thinking inside.

『This image……I see, it’s quite impressive that you can think of something like this』

「Is it possible?」

『It depends on your talent』

「All depends on me huh」

『Otou-san can definitely do it!』

Hikari, just like her line, it feels like she completely believes in me.

I closed my eyes, shaped up the image inside my head, and pulled out the power bypassing the Demon Sword.

A dark aura was released from the Demon Sword and a thin film enveloped my whole body.


「Kakeru-sama, where are you……? Was it teleportation? No, he had not taken out the feather」


Helene got surprised and looked around.

“Success huh”, I thought and placed my hand around her, pulling her to me.


「Kya! Kakeru-sama! You were here」


The instant I pulled her to me, the instant the aura enveloped her, she became able to see me.


「I was here all the time」

「I could not see you. Was it because of the aura?」

「You understood quickly. That’s right」


The aura that enveloped me and Helene, it’s a new type of aura I created.


「What is happening?」

「How should I explain this, it’s like, when it’s too bright so you can’t see instead?」


I did it, and succeeded.

That’s fine and all, but it’s difficult to explain the principle.

It’s also different with optical camouflage. Ultrasonic waves may be the closest.


「As long as we’re inside this, no one can see us. In theory, no one would be able to tell unless they have powers equal to Eleanor and Hikari」

「If so, then it’s perfect」


I nodded.

It’s already perfect with just Eleanor, but Hikari is added to that as well.

I can’t imagine the possibility of someone seeing through it.


「I did it in impromptu, but it unexpectedly went well」


Ever since I created the aura technique with the lottery treasure, I noticed that I could do many other things.

This time was also an improvisation of that.


「As expected of Kakeru-sama, to think that he’s able to do such a thing so easily. It’s different from that time……」


Helene whispered with emotion.

I’ve had a long relationship with herーーshe’s the first woman I met in this world.

I have known her even before obtaining Eleanor and before Hikari was born.

She knows the process, when I obtained the Demon Sword, and when I gradually mastered to use it.

It’s because of that that she’s able to say that.


「You’re also quite different from that time」

「Is that true?」

「You became a good woman」

「If so, then it is all thanks to Kakeru-sama」

「Well, let’s go on a date then. In the middle of Aegina army」


I pulled Helene to me with my hand around her.

Helene narrowed her eyebrows, looking a little troubled because of the difference of my line and what we’re about to do, but after that, she leaned her body to mine, not looking unwilling at all.



In the middle of the Aegina army. Inside the tent where the general is.

With camouflage……enveloped by that aura, Helene and I watched the conversation of the Aegina princess and her subordinate general from start to end.

Thanks to the aura, we were able to see all of that as if we became invisible.


「That is why, we will bring several candidates, so we would like to ask Her Highness to pick someone within them」

「I see, that’s right, I got it」


The princess nodded and the general and his subordinate left the tent.


「This is……how should I describe it……」


Helene narrowed her eyebrows and chose her words.


「An idiot huh」


「It’s true right? She doesn’t have the knowledge nor knows about the world. On top of that, she’s easy to win over」

「From how I felt it, she is also very stubborn that she would not change her mind on things she had decided inside her」

「If a shaman or a priestess was thrown to her, she might move the kingdom just like how they tell her」


With a troubled expression, Helene nodded to my comment.


「What shall we do? Honestly, I do not recommend getting involved with Princess Selene more than this」

「What are you saying? The fun is just getting started」

「Is that so. I understand」



I acted as a soldier and appeared in front of Selene.

There are two others, and both of them are young and have bright eyes that really make them look like they were baited by the promotion.

As if it was an interview, Selene asked our names one by one.


「You are?」

「Kake……no, I’m Shou」

「Shou? What a weird name. Rather than that, what is that in your arms? What are you holding?」


Selene pointed that out.

Actually, I’m still embracing Helene.

I limited the Demon Sword aura to only Helene, placing the camouflage on her.

That’s why other people can see me, but can’t see the Helene that I’m currently embracing.

As a result, my arms probably look like I’m holding something in a weird position.


「I’m holding the goddess of victory」

「What’s that?」

「I have never lost in a fight while in this pose」

「What’s that? Are you an idiot?」


Princess Helene scoffed.


「Your Highness, even fools and blunt scissors can be useful in the hands of a clever person」


The general followed up from the side.


「He is Issigonis, the Thousand Knight・Flying Hawk General. He is a famous general from the Aegina army」


Helene told me. She is speaking normally, but only I can hear her because of the aura.

『I can hear her as well』

『Hikari too〜』

I gave Eleanor a flick of a finger for not reading the air.

I thought of putting them in my Different Dimension Warehouse, but I found out that even the Demon Sword can’t be seen when they’re enveloped by the aura, so I just carried them as usual.


「That’s true. Even if he’s a man with just words, losing one soldier isn’t much」

「It is exactly as Her Highness says」

「Then, you guys. I’ll give you an amazing reward if you defeat the enemy general, so go and do your best even if it kills you」

「「Yes Your Highness!」」




I arrived at the frontlines with the two volunteers.

Were they told about it already? The soldiers have retreated, and we were sent forward.

And, just like that.

The two volunteers that rushed in front of me were slashed to death by Nana.

The two of them were split into two from their waists.

Were they really only that much?


「Let’s go」

『They’ll find out who you are if you use two swords』

Eleanor pointed that out.

Ahh, Issigonis also said “a man wielding two swords”.

If so, it should be better if I don’t use two swords right now.


「The two of you, stand-by okay」



I randomly picked up a longsword from a dead soldier around there and lightly swung it.

And then, I stood up in front of Nana.

Nana looked dumbfounded for an instant, but she immediately calmed down.

Nana was like that, but the slave soldiers behind her……the slave soldiers who have just finished a fierce battle made noises.


「Be quiet!」


Nana shouted.


「There is only one opponent, “just an enemy”」


All of them shut up with those words. They staredーーno, they glared at me.

As just an enemy.

It’s not the first or second time that I fought against Nana and the slave soldiers.

We have fought seriously many times, ones that cannot be called as simply training.

This time, is only one of those times.







Nana closed the distance in an instant and released a slash.

I received that with the longswordーーbut.

The instant I swung it, the longsword got destroyed as if it rotted.

Turning to dustーーthose words fitted the best way with how it got destroyed.




Helene shouted, I instinctively jumped back.


「What was that right now?」

『It would seem that ordinary swords cannot bear your strength. Use me or Hikari』

Having Eleanor told me that, I drew her almost the same time as I landed.

I swung back towards Nana who continued to attack without pausing.

Slash and slash. An exchange between those both having 100% additional attack.

The shockwave, it created a massive explosion that gouged the ground.

Nana jumped back. The Aegina soldiers behind me cheered.

They cheered because the opponent was finally pushed back.


「All of you, take the formation against Magical Beasts! That fellow is dangerous」


The slave soldiers moved at once with Nana’s command.

It’s a formation I’ve never seen before. However, there’s one thing I can tell.


「Many against one……it is literally a formation for fighting strong Magical Beasts」


Just like how Helene whispered with an impressed tone, that was a formation for 201 vs 1.

Nana prepared something like that huh. She surprises me as usual.

It should’ve been just a charade for me to infiltrate the Aegina army though.

Even so, it started to get fun fighting.







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