Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 162

Chapter 162 – The Strongest Ally



After that guy from Aegina left, I entered the room where Delfina is.

The instant I entered the room, I felt something is wrong and stopped.


「Is there something wrong?」

「Isn’t this room a little strange? I feel something’s wrong」

「That is」


Delfina smiled elegantly.


「It is because it is a room made so that I would be looked down on」

「Looked down?」

「The layout, furnishings, decoration, and arrangement. This is a room that is architecturally and magically built so that I would be looked down upon. It is a room needed to entertain guests that need that」

「Something like that exists?」

「Making the customer thoroughly flattered, that makes the business deals go well right?」

「He〜. You’re doing a lot of things huh. 「But……」


I gave Delfina a deep look.

I felt something strange about the room, but if someone would ask me if I could see Delfina differently, that’s not true at all.

She looks just as usual.


「It does not have an effect with Kakeru-sama」

「Is that so?」

「Rather, I am making myself seem bigger in Kakeru-sama’s company」

「It’s built quite intricately」

「With just this room, it costs ten times that of Kakeru-sama’s mansion」

「So expensive!」


As expected of a wealthy merchant who has assets equal to that of a kingdom. The things she does isn’t ordinary. Like paying ten times the price of a mansion just for one room.

I sat in front of that Delfina.


「How’s Malonei doing?」

「Since then, the riots have disappeared, and it almost returned to normal. From how the situation seems, it looks like His Highness Kimon was the culprit after all」

「I see, good then」

「Though, right now, I don’t really care about this town anymore」



What does she mean by that?


「Rather than that, there are several interesting movements. Within the Aegina Kingdom that is」

「For example?」

「First, it was announced that His Highness Kimon fell ill. At the same time, the renouncement of the Prime Minister Prince」

「Fell ill? He’s already dead though」

「It was announced ostensibly. They are probably planning to announce that he passed away at a right time later」


「Within that, the one who’s making interesting actions is the lord of that person from earlier. The First Princess, Selene Mi Aegina」

「I wanted to hear about that. That person, didn’t she have a weird post title? On top of that, she got promoted(?) too」

「What did the envoy that visited His Excellency the Viscount said?」


Delfina also guessed that I also came here because of my new noble title huh.


「It was Stable Leader」

「Just a while ago, it was Stable Manager. And today, it’s Martial Warrant Officer」

「Stable Manager……below the Stable Leader huh」

「Yes, one rank below」

「Is she really……getting promoted?」

「About that. It is conceivable that her goal is to become Prime Minister Prince(ss). However, although she’s a princess, only the king can appoint someone from no rank to the highest rank. On the other hand, it is possible even for a princess if she promotes herself one step at a time. Meaningーー」

「Ahh, you mean it’s a loophole in the system huh」

「As expected of Kakeru-sama, that is exactly right」


It was like that huh.


「However, that might be difficult as well」


「I do not know if it is her own shallow thinkingーー」


Delfina, she clearly said it’s shallow thinking.


「ーーor the person who suggested it was really a fool, after a certain line, military exploits are needed to get promoted in the Aegina Kingdom」

「Military exploits……you mean merits from war」

「Yes, that’s why, she would probably get stuck at some point」

「It’s like that huh」


I thought that something very interesting is happening, but with that talk right now, it’s a letdown.

I got a little disappointed.


「That is whyーー」


The door was knocked. A woman entered the room.

It’s a familiar face. It’s the glasses woman that’s a subordinate of Delfina.


「Delfina-sama, we received message from the Aegina Kingdom」


「They said that they would dispatch soldiers to subjugate the band of thieves “Red Beak Gang” whose headquarters lay near Malonei’s outskirts」

「Reply to them saying I understood」

「Yes. Also……there is one point of concern」


「The subjugation army will be lead by the Flying Hawk General, Issigonis……but, uhm, in the campaign……」

「Is someone else coming?」

「……Selene huh」


When I said that, Delfina realized as well, and the glasses woman silently nodded.


「There is information about the First Princess, Her Highness the Martial Lieutenant, Selene Mi Aegina would accompany them」

「She got promoted again. She’s walking straight towards the success road」


It somewhat sounded interesting. Selene sounds interesting, getting “promoted” although she’s a princess.

The glasses woman left after finishing her report, and Delfina and I were left alone again.


「It looks like she knows that she needs military exploits」

「That seems to be the case. However, just subjugation of bandits will not be enough at all」

「A huge war or achievements that are equal to that are needed. For example, fighting against Kakeru-sama and rescuing His Highness Kimon」

「……he〜. That’s good enough huh」

「Kakeru-sama, are you planning something?」

「How did you know?」

「Anyone could guess if they could see that bad face. What are you planning to do?」


I grinned and stood up.


「It sounds interesting, so I’ll help her get promoted」


I said that and warped away.



Let alone in that room, Delfina made a faint wry smile.


「It looks like preparations to get on the side of the “next” Prime Minister Prince(ss) is needed」


She whispered to herself.








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