Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 160

Chapter 160 – Two Faces, Two Matters



In the training ground beside the mansion, a chair is placed on the platform, and I’m watching Nana train the slave soldiers from there.

Althea is standing beside me. She is wearing a hood over her head, looking exactly like the first time I met her.


「It is completely different from the beginning」

「Is that so?」

「Can’t you tell? Although you are here, they do not mind you at all. When they had just started training, they tried to show their excellent skills, but now that they can concentrate, they are moving in a completely different way」

「It’s all thanks to Nana. She’s supervising them very well」

「That is only half of it」

「What about the other half?」


Althea did not answer. She just quietly looked at the slave soldiers in training.

Smart women often make this kind of suggestive conversations. And those really smart women not only end with suggestive talk, but it is really meaningful.

And it is quite fun thinking about what it is.

Leaving aside whether my answer would be correct.


「In reality, how much do you think they’ve grown?」

「I believe that the platoon captains have grown enough that they are equal to vice commander class in other kingdoms. Especially Nikki and Neora. There might be even monarchs who would say those two should lead an army」



That’s quite amazing, making Althea praise them that much.


「More than that, it’s her」



When I asked back, Althea reached out her hand.

What came out from under the cloak that covered her whole body was a young and vivacious white finger.

That finger is pointing at Nana who is supervising the slave soldiers.


「Nana Kanou. The War Princess that was once defeated. She is starting to show dignity, no a great presence. Just standing there, she looks clearly different from the others. That is already……an overlord class」

「Of course」


“Without a doubt”, I thought.

Even within my women, Nana is a good woman who is outstanding.

She’s strong, beautiful, and cool as well.

Althea evaluated Nikki and Neora saying that there are monarchs who would make them lead an army, but if it’s Nana, I’ll make her the commander in chief when I would think of conquering the world.

She has the weakness that she’s not that good living her private life, but she is such a good woman that that was not even a minus.

Honestly speaking.


「I would like to be enemies with her once again. In all seriousness」


I wouldn’t be in that kind of a relationship with Nana anymore, but I think that even if that happens, it would be fun for sure.

Ahh, I really feel it would be so fun. It would be absolutely fun. Fighting against Nana as enemies using my full strength.


「The most frightening thing about her is……」


「It is that she makes you say those lines with that kind of expression」

「What kind of expression is it?」


I touched my own face.


「It was that expression of a child when they received a toy for the first time」

「That example is hard to understand」


I don’t know, but it should have a meaning since it’s a woman like Althea who said it.

And while thinking of that, I watched the training.

While watching, I started the topic that made me drag Althea this much.


「Teach me about the Solon Church」

「That is today’s topic huh」


Althea turned towards me. I can’t tell her expressions very well because it’s covered by her hood.


「That’s right」

「Why wouldn’t you ask Melissa?」

「I thought I should ask from the outside first. You seemed to be the most knowledgeable from its exterior」


She’s even called the Great Sage Althea after all.


「That might be true. What would you like to know about the Solon Church?」

「About their boss」

「The human one? Or the God?」

「Does it exist? A god」

「There is an existence like that. Though it would depend on your view if it is really a god」


Summarizing what I heard from Althea, it’s like this.

Solon Church is a religion that worships Solon, the only God in this world.

Solon is not only an existence in imagination, but he is an absolute god as well as the incarnation of mercy that would appear in the “day of coming” once a year, and causes various kinds of miracles.

In fact, there are countless devout followers who were saved by the God’s miracle.

Unlike other religions, the phenomenon of “god descents and creates miracles” is clearly confirmed, so the number of the devout followers is incomparable of that of the other religions, and it is currently the world’s largest religionーーat least that’s what Althea said.


「You said that it depends on my view if it’s a real god or not right?」


「What about you?」

「I think that it might be an immortal wizard, or maybe one from the demon race which is good at method and tricks of a magician」

「I see」

「……it is the latter, huh」


「Ara, I was right huh」


Althea said seemingly a little surprised. She got me.

I didn’t think that she would make a bluff so casually. It looks like my face couldn’t help but show a reaction.

Well, whatever. It’s not like it would be troublesome if Althea finds out.

Rather than that, I remembered since it’s about “face”.


「Hey, Althea. Why are you wearing your hood? You’ve rejuvenated right now right?」


I said and took her hand.

It was exactly the same when she pointed at Nana. A young and beautiful hand.

The hand of a peerless beauty.


「We’re in public you know. This looks more like a Great Sage right?」

「And then? The real reason is?」


Althea’s hand that I was holding trembled.


「……as I’ve thought」

「You were bluffing」

「I just returned the favor」

「What a hateful man」

「And so?」

「I don’t want it to be seen. The Great Sage Althea’s face」



“I finally became ‘just’ Althea too”, she whispered next.

She said quietly but unfortunately, my ears are good so I heard all of it.




I grabbed her hand, pulled her to me, and put her on my lap.

I took off her hood and revealed the face of a peerless beauty.


「We’re done talking」






She became just Althea and with that face, she leaned her body towards mine.

I embraced Althea and watched the slave soldiers training while stroking her cheek and lips.

It was a good, relaxing time.

After a while, Miu ran towards me from the mansion.

Her face was unusually restless and panicking.



「What is it?」

「A-An envoy came」


「It’s Aegina’s……uhm, an envoy from the Prime Minister Prince-sama」


I narrowed my eyebrows.

Prime Minister Prince……? Kimon is dead right?


「Did you hear what they came for?」

「I am a maid, so I was not told the details. They only told me it’s about rewards and orders」


It’s like she’s saying there’s a good news and a bad news.

“I need to go huh”, I stood up and walked towards the mansion.







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  1. I can’t wait to see how they fail even worse than last time. No, I’m serious. How in the hell can they one-up that last failure. It went from bad, to worse, to world ending for them (They don’t know how bad it got with their information leak though, I think.).


      • Considering that she is more like a “spoiled kid” as opposed to a “tyrannical overlord that is evil incarnate” than I don’t think she’ll be any real danger (to others) for the most part. She seems more likely to do selfish whims that can be considered as naive pranks and unreasonable demands than actual truly bad things (raping, excessive taxing, etc). Plus, if she is gonna try anything, it will be stopped before excessive damage is done. All she needs is some discipline and worldly experience to become “good.”


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  3. What was supposed to be a sweet and cute moment became so sinister with that illustration of Kakeru. lmao

    Thanks for the chapter.


  4. I just remember the princess of Aegina . It’s likely 85%she will become kakeru’s woman too I think . By the way i’m French so sorry if my English isn’t perfect .
    Ps : even if i’m French , your translations are relatively easy to read so there isn’t any problem for me to read and understand it


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