Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 158

Chapter 158 – The Working Up Princess



In the Aegina Kingdom, in its capital, Rethim, exists a royal palace full of water and greenery called “Summer Palace”.

It was originally a residence made by the King five generations ago for his beloved Queen, but as the result of the extensions and reconstructions he ordered to make his beloved Queen happy, its scale and grandness exceeded that of the original royal palace.

Adding to that comfortableness living there, this place is currently called as Summer Palace, and the original one called as Winter Palace, with the King taking charge of the state affairs while changing his residence with every season.

In a room inside that Summer Palace, Selene Mi Aegina is there.

She is currently 16. The only princess born from the current King Aegina, a girl who was brought up with flowers and butterflies.

Because she grew up without getting scolded and was spoiled without limits, she does not think of other people as “humans” with the exception of those of the royal family. Not only that, even if it is a member of the royal family, for example, her first brother the Crown Prince Kimon, she would say all she wants and get spoiled furthermore.

That Selene called her close aide, a man called Abraham.

Selene sitting on a chair grander than that of the King’s throne and Abraham who waits upon her.

Selene’s lovely face when she’silent turned into a face with a strong expression unique to those spoiled noble and royal daughters.


「Have you not found Elder Brother yet?」

「Ha! The 2000 soldiers that the Crown Prince His Highness led was found annihilated at Malonei’s vicinity」

「Fu〜n, was Elder Brother there?」

「Currently, we are hastily confirming it, but he has not been found yet」

「But, you know right? The soldiers were massacred, right? Then there’s no way only Elder Brother survived」

「That is……uhm……I cannot」

「What, what can’t you?」


「Speak more clearly!」


Selene stood up, raised her feet, and kicked Abraham.

The tip of her foot cleanly hits the man’s jaw and could not help but bend backward.





Guards are standing in the entrance of the room, but their expression did not change because it was a usual scene, and just continued their work.

Selene sat back on her seat and Abraham kneeled once again, not minding the blood flowing out of him, and continued to report.


「T-Thinking in common sense, he might have already passed away, or became a captive」

「Fu〜n. What will happen if he becomes a captive?」

「In that case, we believe that the offender would demand something, but because there is nothing at the moment, that possibility is very loーー」

「Then don’t say it!」


She kicked Abraham’s jaw once again.

Fresh blood was splattered. The expensive carpet was smeared.


「Elder Brother has died. It’s fine if I think like that right?」


「Fu〜n. Elder Brother has died, that means, someone needs to take care of the kingdom instead right? Father is resting with sickness, so he left everything on Elder Brother, so, someone needs to take his place」

「……it is exactly as Her Highness says」

「Yosh, I’ll do it then」

「H-Her Highness Selene will?」

「What? You have any problem with that?」

「No, please do not mind this lowly one」


Abraham waved his hands in a hurry. It’s because he felt the third front kick was about to come.

Even so, he cannot just let this Selene intervene with the state affairs. Abraham is a man who swore loyalty to Aegina, and although he is treated unreasonably to “take care of a child”, his loyalty was not damaged at all.

He desperately thought, searching for a reason, a way that is able to stop Selene.


「……however, I believe that it would be impossible right away. As you know, His Highness Kimon named himself as “Prime Minister Prince,” and made his subjects obey him with that title」

「Then, I only need to become a Prime Minister Princess then」

「No, The Prime Minister Prince’s “Prime Minister” is the regent, within the seventeen ranks of officials taken from the state treasure Xiphos, it is ranked in the highest position. At the moment, Her Highness the Princess does not have a title, which means she is nominally at the eighteenth rank. Promotion of ranks higher than the third rank is only possible with His Majesty the King’s command」


Abraham is a man who is classified as capable. He has a sharp head and is familiar with all the laws and institutions of the kingdom.

That is why, he was able to think of reasons to deny Selene’s whim both rationally and legally within an instant.

That was excellent, if it was normal.


「Father’s command? Father can’t do that since he’s stuck in his bed because of his sickness」

「If so, His Highness Kimon who is the regent’s command」

「Elder Brother is dead you know!」


Abraham was kicked once again. He took that without resistance.

“A clean hit to the jaw……a few hits is cheap if it is to protect the Kingdom.” He thought.


「Please forgive my rudeness」

「Can’t anything be done?」

「Without His Majesty the King’s command……」

「Muu……! That’s annoying」



Abraham fell silent. He prayed that she would pull back with that.


(There’s no problem. It is decided by the law. And, His Majesty shall not order such thing. For many reasons」


He thought so.

Usually, his judgment would be completely right.

However, Abraham is a man who thinks with common sense.

And, Selene is a spoiled princess who is ignorant of the world.


「Hey, for example, can I make a second-ranked official to first ranked? It’s just one rank up, right?」

「Haa……that is……well, if it is Her Highness the Princess」


Abraham had an ominous feeling. However, he thought that it was still alright.

The faces of the second-ranked officials appeared in his head instantly. However, it would be billions of times better if they became the Prime Minister instead of Selene.


「What about the third rank to the second rank? I can do it of course, right?」

「It is precisely as Her Highness says」



Abraham had a bad feeling. He had a terrible feeling.


「Hey, that lowest rank official. What kind of post is there in the seventeenth one? Give me an example」

「The stable manager. It is the person who takes care of Her Highnesses’ horses」

「Yosh, then I’ll give the human resources an official announcement. In the Name of Selene Mi Aegina, Selene Mi Aegina is appointed as the stable manager」



Abraham did not understand what he was told. It far exceeded his common sense.


「I’m saying〜, I’m appointing myself to that stable manager」

「W-Why so?」

「It’s to get promoted of course. I only need to get promoted from the bottom one at a time right? I’ll work as that stable manager, and since the princess(I) liked me, I can promote myself right?」



Stunned. Abraham was petrified.

Such a thing, is it really possible?

No, rationally, it’s possible. There is also no problem legally.

The problem is, the Aegina Kingdom’s First Princess, Selene Mi Aegina, becoming a stable manager was an impossible situation.

Abraham was unable to follow her, he was unable to stop her.

Just like that, the Aegina Kingdom’s First Princess, as well as the stable manager, Selene Mi Aegina accumulated “merits” and got promoted continuously. 

After one month, the Aegina Kingdom’s First Princess, the “Working Up Princess”, as well as the Prime Minister Princess, was born.








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41 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 158

    • Not really. There is a flow in the logic:
      To appoint anyone to rank 3 or higher the king’s command/authority is needed.

      With that rule existing that meansthe following, too:

      This fact also counts for direct promotion of one rank.
      So basically the princess would have only been able to promote herself to 4th-ranked position.

      Any higher position can only be appointed by the king or the prime minister representing the king unless the king objects.

      The author simply ignored these consequences of the original rule for rank 3 and higher because he could not make the princess look smart and take those positions if he followed the rules.

      Also the fact that the old man is “knowledgeable” about the laws but still “does not find a way to oppose” the princess is only to hide this error so that everyone accepts the part about the princess promoting herself unlimited.

      Here’s another example as to why promoting anyone unlimited is not allowed:

      logic the prime minister is the regent speaking for the king who is currently unable to.
      Therefore if promotion by 1 rank is possible unlimited then the prime minister could simply promote himself to king as he speaks for the king and the king “does not object to that promotion” because he in unavailable due to illness.

      As anyone shouldobviously understand promoting oneself in the same of the king to be the new king just because the current king does not object due to absence from illness is naturally not possible and even treason.

      So in consequence promoting oneself to rank 3 or higher that needs the king’s order or the regent’s order as stand-in for the king is illegal by default, too.


    • Whether she is bad or not isn’t a complete deal breaker yet. One, she is a pretty woman. Two, she is interesting in one way or another. Three, she is a princess of the only country that he doesn’t have any princess for. Fourth, she just needs some love and discipline to curb her spoiled and naive view of the world. Finally, she is acting more like a spoiled kid than a tyrant who will be raping, pillaging, or otherwise causing excessive misery to all with her antics; she would probably only be on the level of a “prankster” than something irredeemable in my opinion.


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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    “Promotion of ranks higher than the third rank is only possible with His Majesty the King’s command” <- may you mean "higher than three ranks"? Because as I've seen from the way she handled it, she can proote people higher that the third rank, but cannot promote three ranks at a time.


  3. People say she is spoiled but her character so far is quite interesting and funny. I’d rate her just below Eleanor and Delfina, and potentially at the same rank as Nana.


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