Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 157

Chapter 157 – The Devil and the Saintess



「You can speak now. Who the hell are you?」


I asked the man with black clothes while grabbing him with an aura arm in the air.

The Demon Sword’s power had completely controlled him. He answered with an emotionless voice.


「We are the tuners」


「The one that controls the world order and chaos, keeping them in the right balance」

「Controlling world order and chaos? That’s quite an exaggerating thing. What’s your group’s name?」



The lower lip of the man with black clothes moved, but he stopped.

He won’t answer the question. I asked again.


「Answer me」


「Oi, this guy, he isn’t answering. Are you going easy on him」

『He probably just doesn’t know. In the first place, there might be the possibility that it doesn’t have a name』

「It doesn’t have a name? Is that possible?」

『When your woman was caught, what do you think they would answer if she were asked what’s the name of your group? Would she answer Demon Sword Wielder and his merry friends?』

「……it was possible, huh. What about the possibility that he knows but wouldn’t tell?」



Eleanor sneered.


『There is only one person that I cannot control in this world』


Me, huh.


『How about asking him why he came to clean them up?』

「I guess so. Why did you come to erase them, you were comrades right?」

「Because he got involved with the Demon Sword Wielder」

「With me?」

「The eunuchs of Calamba, the Queen of Comotoria, the Usurper King Thioza. Just like how we had done it up until now, we needed to kill them before they had a direct contact with the Demon Sword Wielder.」

「Kill them before they get direct contact with meーーno, wait」



This guy, what did he just say?



「What do you mean by the eunuchs of Calamba? Was it your doing that they died inside the prison cell」

「I received orders, and took care of them personally」

「Oi, oi」

『What a surprising new information』

「To think that they’re also involved with that」


Calamba’s three eunuchs. The bastards that controlled Calamba Kingdom using Rica as a puppet.

I cooperated with Rica and threw them into the prison, but the incident became fuzzy because they suddenly died.

That too……no, since at that time, these guys have been involved, huh.

I thought it was only in Comotoria and Siracuza, but it looks like I’m mistaken.

They were already there when I came to Calamba.

And, Aegina as well, huh.

They’ve entered almost all the kingdoms of this world.


「But why would you erase them because they had some contact with me?」

「It was judged, “the Demon Sword Wielder is too dangerous”」

「Too dangerous?」

「The only man within the eternal history who made the Demon Sword Eleanor succumb, and completely put it under his control. The man who made the balance tilt on one side. The man who makes chaos accelerate」

『I have not succumbed!』


Eleanor protested.

Usually, I would’ve teased her, but I ignored her right now.


「That’s why you tried to evade me」

「The existence that made the Demon Sword completely succumb is too dangerous. Facing him directly, even our kind cannot get away unscathed. However」


「Although he is a Demon Sword Wielder, he is nothing but a human. We only need to wait for the time of his death. A human’s lifetime is inconsequential and is only a fraction of ours.  That’s why, after the Usurper King was defeated, we decided not to get involved with him」

『I see. That’s a good move. If they can’t win, then just wait until your lifespan ends. Kuku, what a good move』

「What are you getting impressed for」

『Even if it’s you, you must have a lifespan, right?』

「……I wonder」


I have also thought of it sometimes, but there is something that I could only postpone my conclusion.

It’s about my lifespan.

I don’t know what will happen to my lifespan. It might be affected by the 777x multiplier, or it might not be.

If it’s endurance, HP-like things, I could confirm it, but there’s no way to verify my lifespan.

There’s none, but I understand the reason why they would think like that.

I’m a human. Normally, my life will end after several decades.

I don’t know about this guy, but that blue thing, looking at that demonic looking guy, I can tell that they would probably live far longer than a normal human.

I think that the strategy of waiting until I die is feasible.


「If you didn’t want to get involved with me, then why did this guy appear? That Usurper King is that guy from Siracuza right? If you decided at that time, then why?」

「It’s because he’s a fool that was tricked by Kimon’s cajolery」

『Kuku, it looks like even they can’t control the underlings of their organization. You should learn from their example』

「What do you mean by that?」

『You’ll know someday』


What would I know?

Well, whatever. I should just think of it when that time comes.


『With this, we approximately know what’s going on』

「I guess so. Lastly, tell me one more thing. Who’s your boss?」


「Solon, huh. That’s your boss’s name」

『Did he say Solon?!』

「Do you know him? Eleanor」


Does Demon Swords and Demons(probably) have something to do with each other?


『What are you saying? You should know that name as well』

「I know him? Solon? I don’t know someone named like that」

『This man……』

「I don’t remember it if it’s a man’s name」

『I do not mean it by that』


“Haa”, Eleanor let out a sigh. I feel like she’s rolling her eyes too.



「Melissa? She isn’t named Solon……Solon Church?」


I suddenly realized. It was like that, huh.

I didn’t notice since it’s not a person’s name, but I remembered having Melissa’s name mentioned.

The Immortal Saintess, Melissa.

The reason why she is called a Saintess is because she belongs to the religion of Solon Church.

Solon and Solon Church.


「A coincidence」

『Might be too good to be true』


Hearing Eleanor’s words, I could only nod silently.








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    • Not suprising. I have read 2 novels where the Gods of a church that is worshiped as enemies of demons are actually Demon Lords.
      1 is Slime tensei
      The other is demon lord is building a city


    • What’s there to surprise? They clearly said they’re a group who control the tides of chaos in the world, so it’s appropriate that a Church or even a God would be involved into Good side, while Demon King(tho it’s propably Kakeru by now so count that out lol) or Demon Lords in the Bad, or maybe there’s completely no sides, and they’re like 3rd party who either wants to control the world as demons or they’re just controling the chaos and “peace” balance to feed their race(they said they need humans, maybe not the “meat” but the emotions,anger and all that typical stuff) to survive. There’s many options to decide to, so w.e. Though Kakeru is clearly above them, he’s both creating unimanigable chaos while also placing an order within the world(don’t fuck with me boi) so they’re confronted in difficult manner, but i guess we’ll see what THE Harem King will do when “he does what he wants”.


  2. The Solon Group is very strange, it wished to balance the Order and Chaos of the world. However they are making it more chaotic with greed and ambition. It is not very good for the Order in the long run. Promoting Yuuki to become king of the world is the fastest way to balance Order and Chaos, He, himself wish for Order but is also the one creating chaos


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