Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 156

Chapter 156 – If I Get Done, I’ll Get them Back



「Demon Sword Wielder……」


The man in front of me murmured so resentfully that he looked like he’d spit out blood.

Even so, what an interesting look.

Black clothes that covered his whole body.

That includes hiding his face, but those eyes that show a strange light could be seen.

He really looks like a shinobi, no he looks like an assassin.

The blue thing that I could is rolling around his feet without a head and from a distance……a mummy?


『It should be the crown prince』


Come to think of it, its clothes are the same.


『If you were taking your time, they would’ve been erased without a trace』

「It’s the opposite」


「I let him swim around. I would’ve just asked these guys if nothing happened, but since they were killed like these means that they’re just small fries. There should be someone in a higher position」


「And so, that guy there should be it」


I pointed the man with black clothes.

His presence shook. I clearly heard him caught his breath.

Oi, oi, your restlessness is too easy to tell.

On the other hand, enjoyed emotions came flowing from Eleanor. It’s like she’s having fun.


『What a bad man. It means that you were waiting for the men you captured to be erased』

「It’s been a while」



The presence of the man in black clothes shook again.

It should be the second time I met this guy.

The first time should be……when he came to clean up that Barbarian King in Siracuza.


「You came for cleaning again. Don’t you have other skills?」

「What are you talking about?」

「I let you escape at that time, but it wouldn’t be the same this time. I’ll let you tell me what’s going on」


「Well then, it’s time to harvest potatoes」


“Ku!”, the man in black clothes groaned.


「That bastard Damos, I told him clearly not to get involved with the Demon Sword Wielder」

「He〜? What does that mean?」

「……did you think I’d tell you?」

「You’d probably not tell me honestly」

「I’m already prepared to die. I won’t tell you anything」

「Die, huh. At that time, I’d only ask these guys」


I said and pointed the two corpses.


「What? What are you planning to do」

「You don’t know that although you call me Demon Sword Wielder?」


I raised Eleanor to show him then said.


「This is Demon Sword Eleanor. It’s a sword that messed up the world with its undead army」



He caught his breath again. It looks like he remembered something.


「It’s very easy to control corpses. If you die, then so be it. Dead men tell tales too」


「I’ll make Eleanor control them and speak. While I’m at it, you too」

「Ku……! You could control the Demon Sword that much. How careless」

『What a rude man. I am not controlled by anyone. I am doing things that I wish to do with my own will』

With your own will? You won’t then?

『I-I’m not saying that I won’t. I’m just saying I’m not controlled. I-I’m just saying that I’m helping you with my own will』

Okay, okay, tsundere alright.


「And, so……」


Eleanor and Hikari. I raised the two Demon Swords.

I glared at the man with black clothes and confronted him with words.


「The only thing you can do is to speak honestly, speak after getting defeated and tortured, or speak after you’re dead with Eleanor’s command」


「You can choose what you want」



The man with black clothes bent his knees and took a stance.

The air around him changed. He’s probably planning to resist.

He made his arms cross in front of his chest and sharp blades jumped out of his knuckles.


「He won’t speak honestly huh」

『Of course』

「Let’s go. Eleanor, Hikari」



The man with black clothes charged while shouting. He swung around the blade that came out of his knuckles and slashed towards me.


I blocked using Eleanor and slashed towards him with Hikari.

He blocked by using two blades crossed and was blown away.


「Ku! How heavy!」


The man with black clothes groaned and jumped back. I threw towards himーー


I threw the legendary Demon Sword. Eleanor flew straight towards him.

The man in black clothes dodged in a hurry but the tip of the blade grazed his cheek.


『Eiii! I told you many times not to throw me!』


Ignoring Eleanor’s protests, I warped using the Warp Feather.

I warped to the side of the man with black clothes.




I caught up to Eleanor by warping and cleaved horizontally.

Metallic sounds echoed and the whole structure shook.

Furthermore, the man with black clothes were blown away once againーーand I threw Eleanor again.

『Don’t throw me!!』



The man with black clothes fixed his position mid-air and blocked Eleanor after a forceful landing.

Then he continued to make a stance. He stared at Eleanor carefully and waited for the next attack.

I warped again. I warped behind the man with black clothes.


「The Demon Sword as a decoyーー?!!」

「This one’s a Demon Sword too though」


I swung down Hikari.


The diagonal slash cuts the man’s back.

I felt a certain resistanceーーit was a strange feeling.

It’s a sensation I felt for the first time.

I’m sure that I hit him, but the feeling I got was different from cutting humans or monsters.

Rolling away, the assassin took distance.

*Shuuuuu!*, dark air leaked from his back that was injured.

Miasma. That word came to my mind for no reason.

Losing her speed after she was blocked, I grabbed Eleanor who was about to fall and threw her again.

The man with black clothes took a stance.

This time, I warped before he blocked, grabbing her and swinging down.

*Bakiiiーーn!!*, the two blades of the man with black clothes were broken.

I threw again and warped again.

I swung down Hikari from above where he’s vulnerable.

I picked up, threw, and warped.

With a turning slash using the two Demon Swords, I cut off one of his arms.

I repeatedly threw and warped and attacked the man with black clothes from all directions.

Unable to block all of those attacks, he was pushed into the middle of the room, and was stuck there.

I stopped my attacks for once and returned where I was standing in the beginning.

I pointed Eleanor towards him and asked.


「How is it? Feel like speaking now?」


「It looks like you don’t yet」

『Is it that he thinks he can win? Look, the places where you cut him started to regenerate』


Just like Eleanor had said, it looks like the man with black clothes is regenerating.

The miasma leaking from the place he was cut gradually decreased and the arm and blades that I cut off completely returned to normal.

It was as if nothing had changed before I started to attack. If I were to mention one, the strange light that his eyes released became so sinister, and began to shine with red.


「Don’t get over yourself! You’re nothing but a puny human!!」


The man with black clothes counterattacked.

Up until then, he was being attacked one-sidedly, but now he started to attack from his side.

He swung his arm and blades that regenerated.

I blocked using Eleanor. It was a decently heavy blow.


「Just this much, huh」

「You fell for it」



A strange, sharp smell came deep to my nose.

Soon after, the blade of the man with black clothes started to corrupt Eleanor.

Something that is similar to flesh twitched its blue veins and ate away at her.


「With this!」

『I have been looked down on huh』


Her voice sounded like it was laughing. However, it did not seem like she was amused at all.

I’m not doing anything, but the corruption stopped.

That flesh like thing that tried to envelop Eleanor’s blade snapped away.


「What! It doesn’t……work?」

『To think that you would try to do such a thing against me』


Eleanor sneered.

Probably, he tried to corrupt Eleanor and tried to control her.

Although it’s completely just my guess.


『Oi, you there. Punish him a little』


It looks like Eleanor’s quite pissed off. It’s quite rare for her to ask something without wailing or making jokes.

I swung Eleanor.




The man with black clothes rolled on the ground. He landed near that blue thing and the crown prince’s corpse.

He did what he tried with Eleanor with those two corpses.

The corpses were instantly corrupt and started to move.

A headless corpse and a mummy. Those two that makes me reminisce the undead army moved towards me.


「It looks exactly like you」

『Don’t compare me with that!』


Eleanor wailed. She somewhat returned to normal.

The headless and mummy attacked. I blocked their attacks with the two Demon Swords.

Soon afterーーthe two corpses were slashed open.

Between the gaps, a silver lightーーthe man with black clothes attacked with his blade.


「With thisss!」


The corpses were sacrificial pawns, no, they were camouflage.

He wanted to attack me along with the corpses while I blocked huh.


「It’s useless」

「I wonder about that」


I saw the man with black clothes grin.

I can’t move my arms. Looking closely, Eleanor and Hikari, both of their blades were getting corrupted again.


「As long as I can stop you in an instant!」



I couldn’t move the Demon Swords. There is a fraction of a second before the corruption snaps away.

That’s what’s his aim is. The two blades of the man with black clothes went straight towards me.

Both controlling the corpses and the corruption after that.

It’s his main attack after using two decoys.

I couldn’t help but get surprised. I felt like I was outsmarted twice.


「Well, it’s not like there’s anything if I was」



The man with black clothes was stunned.

I blocked his blades after letting Eleanor and Hikari go.

Stopping a sword stroke between one’s bare hands(Shinken shihara-tori). I did that using my 777x dynamic vision.


「Ridiculous……to let go of the Demon Swords……」

「You’re calling me Demon Sword Wielder Demon Sword Wielder, but you’ve misunderstood it in the basics」


「I’m not being used by the Demon Sword. I am. Using the Demon Sword」


*Bakin!*, I snapped his blade while I’m at it.

I threw it away and grabbed his head, then raised his body so that his feet do not reach the floor.

He fluttered his feet, desperately struggling.


「I’ll teach you one thing. It’s about corrupting」



I touched Eleanor who was stabbed horizontally to the ground, and said that.

I can’t do it. I can’t corrupt.

But, Eleanor can. She can do as naturally as breathing.

And, I’m sure.

She wants to do it right now.




I felt like Eleanor was blushing her face, a dark aura came out of my hand, and enveloped the man with black clothes.

His resistance, it did not last a second.








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    「You’re calling me Demon Sword Wielder Demon Sword Wielder, but you’ve misunderstood it in the basics」


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