Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 154

Chapter 154 – The Caliber of a Harem’s Master



Miu Mi Myuu woke up from the bed.

Slowly and carefully, so that she would not be on the way of her master.

Miu quietly got off the bed and left the room after hiding her presence.

She collected her maid uniform along the way and wore them outside the room after closing the door.


「Un, yosh!」


Miu used the window glass as a mirror and groomed herself.

Quickly, she returned to her usual animal eared maid appearance and showed a happy smile.

That maid who received her master’s love seemed as if her expression shows that she received all the happiness in the world.


「I need to go to work. I must prepare Master and everyone’s foodーー」


The instant the maid was about to move, the bedroom’s door suddenly opened.

Miu flinched. She thought that she might have been a nuisance to Kakeru.

Thinking of that, she slowly turned around, and Iris was there.

Her hair is flowing down, bare naked, she is showing her glamorous proportion.


「Iris-sama? Is something the matter?」

「No……uhm, well」


Iris who silently closed the door was not clear of her words for some reason.

She stared at Miu, narrowing her eyebrows.

She is trying to tell her something, but could not start speaking.


「Do you need anything? Ah! Do you feel badーー」

「No, I’m fine. All in all, Kakeru is very kind after all」

「I know right! From the side, Master would look very rough, but he would actually be so kind! Like, he pays attention to your minor needs, as if he would take care of you as much as he could」


Miu emphasized while shaking her lightly gripped fists up and down.

She’s wagging her tail, clearly showing joy.


「Yeah, that was really unexpected. His image was a man who’s just rough」

「That’s not true at all! Master isーー」

「No, I know. I’m just talking about the image I had with Kakeru before」

「Ah! Yes! I am very sorry. I was jumping to conclusion」

「No, it’s alright. ……」


Iris once again gave Miu a deep look.

Without saying anything, just staring at her.


「……uhm, what do you really need? Iris-sama」

「With today, I finally understood. Why it’s Miu and Delfina who must be taken as role model」

「Eh?! Me and Delfina-sama? Role model?? Ehhhh???」


Miu started to panic.


「Oh no, Iris-sama does not have anything to learn from me. I’m nothing but a maid」

「No, it was an excellent reference. Miu is really amazing. If you weren’t Kakeru’s, I would’ve scouted you to become my maid」


「What is it?」

「N-No, it’s nothing. I just thought that Delfina-sama scouted me as well a while before. I thought, maybe it’s because I’m Master’s maid」

「……I see. I was lagging behind Delfina, huh. No, it’s just as expected huh, she’s such a character after all」

「Eh, eh? Ehhh?」

「It’s nothing. Sorry, I made you confused by saying weird things」

「Not at all! Please do not apologize!」


Miu reacted to Iris’ “sorry” and waved her hands while shrinking.


「Sorry, can I ask you one thing as well?」

「Yes! Please tell me anything you want」

「Can I come and visit here from time to time?」

「Eh? Yes, of course. Iris-sama is Master’sーー」

「I don’t mean it by that. I want to come and visit Miu」


「Is it a nuisance?」

「No, not at all! Not at all, but……uhmm, why, is that?」

「I want to learn. About many things」

「Learn from me……? Does Iris-sama want to become a maid? Although she’s a princess?!」


Miu was greatly surprised.

Hearing that reaction, Iris giggled and covered her mouth.


「Well, that might be good as well. Becoming Kakeru’s maid. It might really be a good idea?」

「!! That’s right, if it’s Master’s maid」


Miu was greatly surprised about her becoming a maid although she’s a princess, however, she was simply convinced hearing that the person she would serve is Kakeru.


「What do you think? Can I come and learn from you?」

「Yes! If it is like that……though I do not know if I would be your help」

「You will be. Thank you, Miu」

「Yes, Iris-sama!」

「You can call me just Iris」

「Ehhh? N-No, I cannot. Someone like me calling Iris-sama by just her name」

「I see, umu, honorifics is essential with a person’s position, I guess」


「If so, then I shall call you Miu-sensei. Please take care of me, Miu-sensei」



Miu raised her voice loudly that it was almost a scream.

Iris just gave her a deep look while smiling.

The women are gradually changing their relationship with the harem, making themselves grow, wanting to become a “good woman” suitable for him.

And what makes them long for it is the greatness of the dignity the man Yuuki Kakeru possesses.








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  2. You’d think with 777 “virility” and fertility that someone would be pregnant by now? Unless MC is unknowingly sterile since before coming to this world, as 0 times 777 is still 0. Timeline has also been a little vague, but didn’t Eleanor say it’s been around a year? Should be enough time for signs of pregnancy unless MC sterile, or author is pushing suspension of disbelief cause he doesn’t want kids besides Hikari in the plot yet (if ever). Then again, he did kinda force some things to happen (least I thought so) so I wouldn’t put it past them. Still going to read it as it is a casual pleasure, but certainly not one I wait day after day for. That spot is reserved for “The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want A Fourth Time.”


    • I feel like I remember them mentioning some kind of morning after tea, or other birth control medicine, but it could also be that his 777x willpower allows him to up his pull out game to impossible levels. They are always glistening from the sweat of their exertions, but never any other body fluids. So maybe it is something like he’s warping the sperm elsewhere, since the only one that got pregnant was the one he didn’t worry about.


      • Considering that it has been mentioned that the harem “quite literally” wants to have his babies, and considering he seemed cool with it (unless he was just using it as an excuse for more sex which would make him a lying man who deceived the desires and expectation of his partners), and the fact that he and the girls don’t seem in to contraceptives (can you honestly believe MC would bother pulling out, using herbs, or shitty middle age condoms that are even worse than shitty modern day ones are?) it all adds up to the conclusions I stated in the original post.


    • More likely that is a major plot hole. Later when the series is finished one or most will be preggers. While it is “convenient” since that is the power of fantasy after all.


    • Because she watch, learn, and expect Kakeru’s actions, and decisively behave in ways that pleases him. An example earlier was when he was mofu’ing her, she’d shift her body to another soft spot after the one he was touching got rough, make it fluffy again, and shifted it back to his hand.

      Last chapter also shows that she learned of his behavior, anticipated that he’d be horny as fuck after an exciting battle seeing how he left with a joyous face. She knows one or two women can’t satisfy him so she called more of his harem in anticipation of his return.

      That’s why she’s a good role model as a good woman for Kakeru.


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw. are you sure with the last sentence?
    [And what makes them long for it is the greatness of the dignity the man Yuuki Kakeru possesses.]

    Are you sure “dignity” should not be written with “ck”


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