Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 140

Chapter 140 – Delfina’s Miss



Delfina Merchant Company, in Delfina’s room.


「What do you need for today?」

「What happened to the thing I asked for yesterday?」

「About Neora Comenena huh」

「That’s right」


I nodded.

I asked Delfina to do something about Neora’s father.

The beginning of the incident is that bastard of a father’s debtーーin short, money.

Asking Delfina is the quickest when it’s about money. At least that’s what I thought, so I brought the case to Delfina.

In the first place, Neora is one of the slave soldiers. I had asked Delfina to gather the slave soldiers.

With that reason, it’s just natural that I would bring the case to her.

Delfina who listened to what I asked said that I could leave it to her with a condition.

I haven’t heard the specifics of the condition, but Delfina is substantially my woman. I trusted her and left to her.

So, I came to ask what happened just in case.


「We have captured Zeno Comenena」

「That’s quite fast」

「The timing was good, and he was just in my town, so」

「Your town? ……ahh, that one that you completely bought from Aegina huh」


I had heard about that when I came to meet Delfina before.

About her buying the town called Malonei.

I remember it quite well because I thought “as expected of her” at that time.

……n? Did I, meet someone at that time?

U〜n, u〜n.

I can’t remember. I think I met someone.


『It’s a man, on top of that, it’s a middle-aged man』


Ahh, if so, I wouldn’t be remembering it.

There’s no way that I could remember a middle-aged man that I had just met once.


『That was quite an important figure though』


Is that so?

Well, that doesn’t matter. It’s just a man.

I looked at Delfina again.


「You were in that Malonei?」

「Yes. Neora was originally from Aegina. Her father was always in Malonei even when it was Aegina’s. It didn’t take four and a half days to capture him」

「As expected of you huh. And then?」

「He will be judged appropriately」

「Tell me the details」

「I have sent a notification not to let him get interested getting debts from now on. That is, within Malonei and Aegina’s territory. Zeno Comenena is from Aegina, so I prioritized that. Of course, I have taken some measures in case he tries to go to other kingdoms, so there is no need to worry」

「I see. Are you certain?」

「I would like if Kakeru-sama would trust me a little more」

「……I guess so, it’s something about money after all」



Delfina smiled gracefully with pleasure.

It’s just like what she said. That confirmation at the end was unnecessary.

It’s something about money. There shouldn’t be any problem if it’s Delfina.


「I’ll give you my thanks」

「It’s just an after service. Please continue to patronize us」



I nodded to Delfina and warped away.



I returned to Reiusu and came to the slave soldier’s training ground.

The slaves had gathered there.

Tens of slaves gathered and gathered to form a circle, and there is Nikki, Neora, and Nana in the middle.

Nikki and Neora are facing off with their weapons in hand, and Nana is standing in the referee’s position.


『A practice match between the first platoon captain and the second platoon captain huh』


Eleanor whispered. How interesting.

I stopped approaching them, and watched them from far away.

With Nana swinging her arm down as a signalーーNikki and Neora’s swords clashed with each other.

Sparks came flying and the atmosphere shook. I can tell just with their first slash. It’s a fight between the strong.

Its contents, Nikki is in a one-sided offensive, and Neora is blocking her attacks.


『Probably 7 : 3 at most』

「Nikki’s chances are that bad?」

『She’s quite trained, but not in one on one. Her movements matches that of a group battle even more compared to the last time I saw her. Those movements, they’re to protect those around her』


『How admirable. It looks to me that she is doing all her best to change her fighting style just to protect what you have told her』

「I need to take care of them later on huh……all of the first platoon」


Just a while ago, there was a time when the first platoon had sustained the most damages compared to other platoons.

After I embraced all of those in the first platoon and made them mine, there was a time when they stopped caring about their own self and became very aggressive, with the thought of fighting “for me”.  

I found out about that and fixed it by training them.

Nikki’s change probably started at that time.

Just like Eleanor said, it’s praiseworthy, and cute as well.


In the instant the Nikki showed a flaw in her continuous offense, she got caught into Neora’s technique, got her balance broken, and the tip of Neora’s sword pointing to her throat.

Neora won. Just as Eleanor had expected.

After they finished their practice match, I continued to walk, and approached the slave soldiers.


However, just before I arrived at them, one man came out from the side, and went towards the slaves.

It’s a tall man with a stooping back. It’s a somewhat familiar face.


……who is he?


『It’s that debt collector, you idiot』


Eleanor scolded me.

Ahh, that’s right, the man that came to get money from Neora before huh.

I’m really having a hard time remembering men.

……no, wait a second. Why is that guy here?

And while I was thinking of that, the man stood in front of Neora and said with a grinning face.

Neora’s face colors changed. I approached them to find out what’s it all about.


「I’m not fucking lying alright? Look, see this? It’s your damn father’s signature alright? There’s a date too」



The debt collector thrusts a piece of paper towards Neora. Neora’s face became pale.




I got in between them.


「What are you doing?」

「Ohh, well well, please excuse me Dear Master? It’s nothing much, I just came to get back what was borrowed. Look, you can see this right? It’s written properly that it would be returned in the next day」


The man flapped the IOU in front of me.

It’s full of letters and it’s signed at the end.

I looked at Neora.


「Is it the real thing?」


Neora nodded while having a pale face. And, as if to squeeze it out.


「The signature, it is, real」



Delfina, what the heck is she doing?


「What are you going to do? Are you going to ask your beloved Master to pay for it again? nn?」

「That is……」

「All you need is money right? Just wait」


Anyways, I should chase of this man, and then ask what the heck is going on from Delfina.

I thought of that, and tried to open my Different Dimension Warehouse to take out some moneyーーbut.




Eleanor stopped me.



『Look at him. He looks strange』


『Use me』


When I was thinking what it was all about, an image came flowing into my head.


「That, huh」


I moved just like the image.

I released the aura and made it an arm.

It’s the technique I created to exterminate Xiphos from the king that it possessed.

I grabbed the man’s face using the dark aura, and lifted him up.


「The fuck are youーーguha!」


The man suddenly suffered in pain.

He grabbed his own neck, suffered, and struggled.

Finally, the man fell to the ground.

I’m still grabbing something with Eleanor’s dark armーーit’s still grabbing something like a dark soul.


『That should be it』

「……this was possessing that guy?」

『Umu. From how it feels……I remembered something. It’s that thing during Aura’s case」

「That lizard woman huh」


I could remember that she was a beauty just before she transformed.

Now that she mentioned it, this dark thing has a similar air with that lizard woman.


『It looks like something is happening……』


Eleanor whispered with an unusually serious tone.

I looked at that dark thing I’m grabbing, and had the same thoughts as her.








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  1. I swear this MC has a an intelligence value of 1, just like his magic…

    “Oh hey, this suspicious guy keeps coming for money, so I’ll just keep throwing money at him!”


  2. Thanks for the chapter and I’m a little confused with distances and travel times in this story. If I remember correctly the city where the dad lives is a few days away yet he took out a loan yesterday that is to be paid today in a completely different city. How does this make sense?


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