Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 139

Chapter 139 – A Certain Slave’s Story



On top of the bed.

I admired Neora with crossed legs for a while, but I got tired so I lied down.




Neora let out a small voice.

Soon after, my shoulder slightly touched her, and my whole body was pulled to the other side.




It’s a familiar feeling. It’s the technique of controlling the flow that Neora used during the training.

And when I was thinking of how interesting it is, I felt a soft sensation from the back of my head.

I was guided, with my head landing on Neora’s lap, making us in a lap pillow position.


「You can use it like that too huh」

「Yes. Uhm……」


「I heard from Nikki-chan that Kakeru-sama likes this. That’s why」


Neora said shyly and worriedly at the same time.

She’s probably shy for doing it, and worried if I really like resting my head on a person’s lap.


「Yeah, I like it. I pretty much like anything that a good woman would do for me」

「Thank goodness……uhm, please forgive me」


「It’s my first time, so……I wasn’t that good」

「Don’t mind it. Anyone has their first time」

「Yes. But, was it alright?」

「What are you talking about?」

「Having a woman like me in her first time as a partner. Uhm……they said that Kakeru-sama would not take notice of virgins like me」

「Who is it? Who made such rumors?」


I raised my body from Neora’s lap.




She made a very disappointed face.


「Return me」



Neora happily used that technique, pulling me back on her lap.

While enjoying the soft feeling of her lap, I continued to ask.


「Who is it? Who’s the one who made such unfounded rumors?」

「Uhmm……it’s not someone, rather, we just simply perceived it like that between us」

「Between you? Do you mean between you slaves?」


Neora nodded.


「There are many queens and princesses around Kakeru-sama, and every one of them is very beautiful and pretty, so we thought that you wouldn’t have the time to take notice of virgins like us」

「That’s not true at all」


「I would embrace good women. I don’t care about being virgin or anything. Most of all, if you’d said that」


I pointed at Eleanor which I placed against the wall.


「Look at her, she’s full of fingerprints」

『Don’t use me as a reference. Also, I’m not full of fingerprints!』


Eleanor loudly protested. An unusually loud voice that echoed in my head.

Well, I ignored her.


「Was that so」

「Even so, to think that there’s such unfounded rumors. ……Neora」

「Yes, what is it?」

「You, you’re the second platoon’s platoon captain right?」

「That is right, but why would you ask……?」



I raised my body, and got off the bed.


「Gather all of the second platoon. I’ll deal with all of them at once」



Neora hurriedly jumped off the bed.

After helping me wear clothes, she wore her own clothes, and rushed out of the room first.

I took my time going out. It’s to let Neora prepare.


「It’s completely a false charge」

『Kuku, come to think of it, you had only bedded in pure maidens. I guess it is completely a false charge that you do not take notice of virgins』

「Have you forgotten about yourself?」


I flicked Eleanor with a finger.


『That was the first and would be the last time that I would give birth of a child』



I stopped and looked at Eleanor.

That means, she’s also a virgin huh.

She’s a Demon Sword after all, well, it’s not like there’s something if she is.

I continued walking, and slowly chased after Neora.


『Rather than that, were you serious about that?』


『About not caring about being a virgin』

「It’s not like I’m conscious of it. Good women are good without relation to that」

『I see』


Eleanor faintly softened her voice. Just very faintly, and doubtful whether she herself had noticed it.

I walked down the corridor and came to the barracks’ entrance.

In there, I saw Neora in a standstill.



『She seems a little strange』


Eleanor’s voice changed its tone.

I stopped walking and tried to see what’s up.

Neora who’s petrified in a position that just opened the entrance door, and there’s a person’s presence just ahead.


「Hey hey, it’s not like we’re saying something strange alright? You understand that, huh?」



Neora slowly nodded with downcast eyes.

It’s a man’s voice. From his tone, he’s not a decent person.

Neora is a good woman, and several hundred times better as a person.

And for some reason, Neora’s isn’t talking back.

“Why isn’t she talking back?” I thought, and quickly found out the reason.


「The child returns the parent’s debt, it’s just normal right?」


A debt collector huh.


『What are you going to do?』

「You don’t need to ask that」


I walked with huge strides and got between Neora and the man.

I saw the man’s face outside the entrance.

He’s tall, but looks flimsy with his stooping back.


「Who the heck are you?」

「How much is the debt?」



Neora got surprised. I ignored her for the meantime.


「How much is it?」

「What? Are you going to pay for it? nn?」

「The master pays back his slave’s debt, it’s normal right?」


I changed the man’s line and returned it to him.


「He! So you’re quite cool huh? Well, it isn’t an amount that you can easily pay though?」


The man said while grinning. His breath stinks so I started to get pissed off.

I opened my Different Dimension Warehouse without a word.

From there, I took out several bills of Mercouri notes that had just started to circulate.


「Is this enough?」

「What? Is that a trick or something?」

「That doesn’t matter. I am asking if it’s enough or not」

「He, hehe. Hey you, you’d found a quite good Master right here huh」


The man counted the bills with his fingers and said sarcastically with satisfaction.

It looks like it’s enough.


「Get lost already」

「Alright, alright. Well then, I’ll come again」



I stopped that man.


「What do you mean you’d come again? Isn’t that the whole debt?」



The man scoffed, and I heard Neora sniffing from behind me.


「The debt this time is completely paid, but she still has a parent that likes to have lots of it」



Neora Comenena.

She was born as the fourth generation of a relatively wealthy swordsman’s House.

When her grandpa, the second generation, was still alive, all was going well and they were able to accumulate a decent asset, but in her father’s third generation, it quickly collapsed.

Her father who likes to show off although he doesn’t have the ability, tried many businesses but failed every time.

On the other hand, his vanity didn’t stop, but rather, it got worse every failure, and their House was eventually collapsed.

Even so, her father did not stop to borrow money, even if his daughter Neora became a slave.

According to her, the debt collector repeatedly visits Neora.

I heard it all from Neora, and completely understood the situation.



Morning came, and I warped to the barracks.

Because doing a “boring” thing, I got quite tired.


「Good morning! Your Excellency!」


I encountered Nikki again.


「Good job. Where’s Nana?」

「Nana-sama must be in Neora’s room!」


We repeated the same conversation with yesterday, and I started to walk.

I came to Neora’s room, and knocked.



「It’s me」

「Kakeru-sama! I’m sorry, please wait for a while」


Neora panicked. I ignored that and entered inside.

Neora’s there, as well as Nana.

Neora is desperately waking Nana up.


「Todaysh breakfasht……itsh early〜」


Nana who’s half asleep and naked started to bite the panties that Neora handed her.

It’s the same scene as yesterday. Nana who’s quite depressing in her private time, and Neora who’s doing her best to take care of her.

After Nana braced herself, the three of us came to the training ground.

Nana lead ahead, I’m in the middle, and Neora followed from behind.


「Thank you very much」


Suddenly, Neora said with a faint voice.

It’s a voice that was said almost like breathing. I might’ve missed it out if my ears aren’t multiplied 777 times.

Did she guess it? How I “did something” about her father.


『You are quite simple about your actions after all. Especially towards the women you embraced』


I lightly flicked Eleanor with a finger.





Neora flinched and straightened her back.

She seemed like she’s fearful about being told of something.


「Come at me with all you have. If you did well, I’ll embrace you again」


Neora was dumbfounded just for an instant. Her face is asking whether it’s not about her father.

However, that was only for an instant.


「I’ll do my best!」


She said with a radiant expression.

That face was beautiful and the sword that she swung was even sharper.

After the training, I fiercely made love with her even more than yesterday.






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  1. Did he scare the crap out if her father and get him on the right path like in those scared straight or cold turkey treatments


  2. Am I the only one who thinks that this doesn’t make sense? She’s a slave… at this point, she shouldn’t have to deal with anything her dad is doing….

    Thanks for the chapter XD


    • I was thinking the same thing even more how come these debt collectors know where to find her but don’t know it that she was propriety of the demon sword wielder and even go to his place to claim the debt


    • about the collector: practically the collector knows that he is the bearer of the demonic swords and practically he is already the emperor of the world. then it is probable that he will pay the debt of his slave.
      about the father: I already think he must have kicked his ass saying something like “if you indebt my wife I’ll turn your life into a real hell” or something like that.


      • It still doesn’t make any sense. Asking from a slave to pay the debts of his parents is like saying that the same merchandise can be sold several times. No one would think about such a nonsensical thing or believe it’s legitimate in any kind of way. Demanding money from a slave is no different a theft.


      • not like this author cares about details. most of her stories make no sense and are full of plot holes with character without proper foundation or growth. This entire world is tiny as Britain.


  3. Thanks for the chapter and I’m pretty sure this “they said that Kakeru-sama would not take notice of virgins like me” and all of the references like it were supposed to be “non virgins” as almost all it not all of the women he has been with were virgins so why would they be concerned he wasn’t interested in virgins?


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