Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 137

Chapter 137 – Private・Nana



「It’s boring」


I let out a huge yawn in my mansion’s living room.

It is peaceful today since morning.

I called Miu and *MofuMofu*-d her, played with Hikari, and pushed down Io who was about to go to the Guild to work and did it once.

I did a lot of things at my leisure, but I had already gotten bored of it after lunch.


『I shall tell you a good way to kill time』

「What’s that?」

『Hand over to me the control of your body. I shall make you spend an unboring life with a human’s lifespan』

「Who’d do that, idiot」

『Really? I was even planning on teaching you the Demon Sword’s way to make love with a woman』

「You can do something like that?」

『I had done it with the guys I manipulated in the past』



Come to think of it, she said that she had been with overlords or heroes.

Guys like those have an image that they would do women all they’d like, and probably, it’s what she got from that experience in the past.


「By the way, how’d you do it? Would you grow tentacles from the Demon Sword?」

『I can do that as well, but it is not my taste』


You can do it huh.


『Using the host’s “thing”, I would slowly violate the woman’s mind from her inside. They would be able to feel pleasure that is out of this world』

「Is it like this?」


I focused on my aura and created an arm.

It’s the move I used to attack Xiphos and the soldier’s spirit.


『The principle is the same. You should use that with your women as well』

「I’m not interested so I won’t」


It’s uninteresting making love with my women using this.


『Kuku. How about playing with Nana Kanou who likes to move her body?』

「Hmm, Nana huh」


I looked towards the direction of the slave soldier’s barracks.

Recently, Nana is staying there, so I haven’t met her properly for quite a while.

I should go and meet her.



「Your Excellency!」


When I entered the barracks, I encountered the slave soldier’s first platoon captain, Nikki Cephalis.

Seeing me, Nikki sharply placed her feet together, and looked like she would salute anytime.


「I request permission to know your business!」

「Is Nana around?」

「Nana-sama must be in Neora’s room」



It’s an unfamiliar name.


「It is the second platoon’s captain, Neora Comenena. I request permission to guide you to her room」

「No, I’d go myself. Where’s that room?」


Nikki who’s a different person on the bed told me where’s Neora’s room, so I went there.

I came in front of the room and knocked on the door.



「It’s me」

「Me……? Kakeru-sama?」


From a calm voice, it had completely changed, and I could hear noisy sounds from inside.

The door quickly opened and one woman showed herself.

The second platoon captain, Neora Comenena. I had just learned her name (I probably heard it before) right now, but I know her face.

Just as expected of a platoon captain, she’s a woman who has a good swordsmanship.

Unlike Nana and my style, her style of fighting is that which doesn’t use force, but aims at the enemy with one sharp attack.

At the same time, she’s a woman who’s big-breasted on a higher order within my slave soldiers.


『You don’t remember her name, but you know that……』


I heart Eleanor’s voice mixed with a sigh, but I ignored it.


「Do you need something? Kakeru-sama」

「I heard that Nana is here」

「Welcome. Please come inside」



I entered Neora’s room.

A slave soldier’s room. Described in a word, this room in the building that I had made after making a 200-men slave troops, is something like a one-room apartment.

It’s not that much of a room, but it was accepted enthusiastically by the slaves.

I think they told me something like “I can’t believe it that we’d get a single room although we’re slaves”.

And inside that one room, Nana is sleeping.

With thin clothing that she wouldn’t usually show, she is sleeping in a way that is unbecoming of a woman.


「She’s sleeping huh」

『She is sleeping』


Come to think of it, why is Nana sleeping here?

I wondered, and looked at Neoraーーbut.



「Good morning, Nana-sama. Uhm, Kakeru-sama has come to see you」



Nana raised her body, but she looked at me with blank eyes.

The bedsheet that covers her body fell down to the ground.

Is it because she’s sleeping with thin clothing? It fell from one way to the side, and also, she’s not wearing panties.

……no panties, huh.


「ーー!! K-Kakeru-sama. Why?!」


Ah! She returned back to normal.


「Ne, N-N-Neora, why is Kakeru-sama here!」

「It looks like Kakeru-sama has come to visit Nana-sama. Nana-sama, please wear your underwear first」



Nana grabbed the panties that Neora handed over and started to wear it, but.


「Nana-sama, that’s in reverse. Ah! Not up and down, it’s back and forth」

「L-Like this?!」

「Here is your armor」

「No, Nana-sama, please undress those underclothes first」

「Eh?! Ahhhhhh!!」


Nana panicked from a while earlier.

Seeing that Nana, Neora said to me.


「I am very sorry, Kakeru-sama. This would take some time, so, can you please wait outside」



I nodded, and left the room.

Even though I closed the door, I could still hear noisy movements from inside.


「How unexpected. If you look at just that, Nana looks like a useless woman」

『Come to think of it, this might be the first time you’d saw her in her private time. You had only seen her holding a sword, and her being embraced by you』


Eleanor whispered.

Now that she mentioned it, that might be true.

Nana in her private life……I might be a little interested.



In the slave soldier’s training grounds.

Under the blue sky, I am facing Nana.


「I’m coming!」


From an awe-aspiring form, she charged while holding her sword with both hands.

Its tip gouged the ground, turning it into a sharp attack with recoil.

I received that head-on with Eleanor. I swung her down with one hand, and attacked head-on.

Sparks scattered and the successive metallic sounds sounded like it was only once.

It’s a phenomenon that only appears when Nana and I who have additional attacks collide.


「Come and strike a little more」



Hurricane-like slashes came flying towards me.

Her sword that would even leave an afterimage surrounded me like a net.

I blocked those one by one.

Its fast, and heavy.

Attacks which would easily break ordinary weapons, Nana had brought out more than tens of those within seconds.


「You got better again」

「Much obliged」


Soon after she said that, the way Nana moved changed.

From hurricane-like slashes, to a straight and head-on slash.

I countered her similarly with Eleanorーーbut.




Like a broken record, a single sound beckoned in a string of bells.

The instant I received it, I felt more than twenty blows.

What could be seen as one attack, was actually tens of successive attacks.


『Kuku, a certain inferior Demon Sword just like that one before would probably would’ve been broken just by now』


Eleanor muttered with enjoyment.

Rather than that certain Xiphos, I’m more interested in Nana.


『Really, you look like you’re having too much fun』


Fun? Well, I guess so, I might be having fun.

Nana raised her skill at a higher level again.

Compared from before, her speed and power increased as well, but not only that, she even created a new technique.

It is very fun fighting with Nana who’s like that.

It is very, very fun.

It’s the most enjoyable time, fighting while using Eleanor.

I wonder how much we exchanged blows?

Nana is completely out of breath, and looked down to her sword.

Because of colliding with Eleanor, nicks were created in its blade.

It could no longer “cut”, but rather, it could only “hit.

I sheathed Eleanor.


「Let’s end it right around here」

「Ha! ……how regrettable」


「Aruji has not moved again today」



She’s talking about that huh.

Just when fighting Nana, I am keeping in mind something.

It’s an insignificant thing.

There is a technique of dispersing the strength of an attack when facing off head-on by jumping backwards.

Or maybe, when facing off head-to-head, one would get pushed back.

Without using any of those, just when fighting with Nana, I am keeping in mind receiving her attacks while standing at the same place.

The reason why I’m doing that, well, it doesn’t have that much of a reason.


『You’re just making up an appearance. You just want to show-off your good points to her』


Shut up.


『However, she really had gotten stronger. She might already be the strongest human female』


That much, huh.

If Eleanor says so, then it’s probably true.

When it comes to battles, this Demon Sword’s opinion is pretty much correct.


『She doesn’t look like a woman who’d panic and wear her panties backside-front』



I remembered that scene and couldn’t help but laugh out.

Nana’s that gap is quite funny.






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