Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 134

Chapter 134 – The Women’s Declaration



In the afternoon in the living room, I am *MofuMofu*-ing Miu.

Miu’s *MofuMofu* that I haven’t done because of Iris’s troubles.

Her fluffy coat is so good that I cannot help let out “Fuwaa〜……” when I’m *MofuMofu*-ing her.




And, Iris is staring at that.


「What is it?」


「I’ll say this beforehand. I won’t let you MofuMofu her alright. Miu’s MofuMofu is mine alone」

「That’s alright. It’s not that, I’m just curious about her」

「I see」


If so, then it’s fine.

The reason why Iris is curious about Miu is probably because of what Helene said.

There are two role models, one is Delfina and Miu is the other.

Iris is probably curious about Miu after hearing that.

Honestly, it really doesn’t matter.

The reason why Helene is looking at Miu as a role model doesn’t matter.


Anyways, it’s *MofuMofu*!

*MofuMofu*, *MofuMofu*.


Her whole body is warm and fluffy and *MofuMofu*.

The reason why Miu’s *MofuMofu* is great is not only because her coat is soft.

It’s the way she moves her body according to my hand and maintains the best MofuMofu position.

Honestly speaking, even if it’s Miu, her coat’s MofuMofuness drops after *MofuMofu*-ing her.

But she would turn to the best MofuMofu part, and casually groom the place I *MofuMofu*-d.

After a while, that place I previously *MofuMofu*-d would return to its optimum MofuMofuness, and return back to my palm.

Miu, she is a MofuMofu Master.


「Uhm, can I, talk?」



I nodded to iris.

It’s fine talking, I’ll only *MofuMofu* her while she’s at it.


「Most of the aftermath had been dealt with, so I thought of letting Kakeru know. First, Xiphos had completely disappeared」


「We thoroughly investigated both physically and magically, but it looks like Xiphos had completely left that place」

「Physically too? Did the thing that was Xiphos disappear too? Its scrapped metal should be remaining there」

「About that, it looks like it was destroyed, no weathered on that day」

「He〜, is that so」

『That is what a Demon Sword is』


Eleanor cuts in.

I see, the last moment of a Demon Sword is like that huh.


「We couldn’t confirm what happened on the other Xiphos in Aegina」

「Don’t worry about that. I’m pretty sure it still remains」

「……I agree」

「I’ll do something about it someday along the way. Don’t worry about it anymore」



Iris nodded. Her happy smiling face proves that she trusts me.


「Father is……he’s just like before, for good and for bad. He’s enthused saying that he’d get a different power if Xiphos is a failure」

「He didn’t learn his lesson huh」

「Father’s ambition would probably not disappear, so from now on, I’m going to follow up to him from the side so I won’t get caught into it. Although, the circumstance is the circumstance, so it might not be easy」

「Rather than that, make it that you won’t get caught into it again. Ahh, if it’s something like getting sent to a battlefield, it’s fineーー」

「I know」


Iris interrupted my words.


「I am already Kakeru’s woman. I’m thinking of taking some measures so that there won’t be any ideas of me being married off」

「Then it’s fine. If you weren’t thinking of that, I thought that I would place some kind of mark on you, but it’s fine then」


「Yeah, a mark that says you’re mine」



Iris muttered, soon after, her face was blushed red, and she placed a hand on her neck.

It’s the place that I put a kiss mark on Iris’s when I embraced her throughout the night.


「That’s alright too, but something that engraved into the body is…… I don’t like engraving something to my woman’s beautiful body」


I should think of something else.


「Uhm, Master」


Miu who was silent until then talk to me.



「If it’s like that……I have something in mind」

「Something in your mind?」

「Yes. Can I bring it here?」

「No you can’t」




Miu and Iris let out a surprised voice at the same time.

Oh shit, I said she can’t on a reflex.

I just wanted to *MofuMofu* Miu, but Miu who got refused without even a second is making a sad face.

It might just be me, but her ears and tails look dejected, and her MofuMofuness sharply declined.


『You idiot, of course it’s not only you』


Eleanor scolded me.


「Just joking. Anyways, what is it on your mind? Is it something that you can bring here quickly?」

「Yes! It’s in the mansion’s storehouse!」

「What kind of thing is in there? Well, whatever. Bring it here」



Miu stood up and left the living room while waving her tail.

And soon after, she quickly returned.

There’s a golden hoop in her hand.


「It’s this, Master」

「What……is this?」

「An armlet」



I took it from her and stared down at it.

It is quite heavy. From its color shade, there is no doubt that it’s made of gold.

A decorative, golden armlet.

There’s something like this huh.


「This is?」

「It’s something that Master bought」

「I bought it?」

『It’s one of the things that you bought when you find out that you could get lottery tickets by shopping』



I dropped a fist to my palm.

I remembered it.

It’s one of the things I bought when I shopped using 300 silver coins.

Honestly, I forgot about it up until now.


「How about putting this, on Iris-sama?」

「……ahh, that might be good」

「I’ll try and wear it」


Iris said that and received the armlete from Miu.

She passed her arm through it.

She passed it up to her upper arm, and fixed the golden armlet there.


「……Miu, is there a dress here? Something like this, exposes lots of skin, and a thin one」

「There is」

「Let Iris wear that, while wearing that armlet」



Miu ran again, brought the dress immediately, and let Iris wear it.

Iris turned into a dancer from a war princess.

And the golden armlet on her arm while in those clothes.


「H-How is it?」


Iris asked timidly.

She looked like she is uneasy with her unfamiliar look.

I pushed down Iris without any words.

She looked so good on it that she is so lovely and sexy, so I got turned on.







I kissed the surprised Iris and whispered to her while staring straight into her eyes.


「Wear that armlet, wear it always when you’re with me」

「…un! I got it!」


From a face of surprise, Iris’s face smiled, and nodded while being under me.

I kissed her once more, and carried her to an embrace.

We left the living room and went to the bedroom.

When we arrived there, Miu who left beforehand came out of the bedroom, and bowed her head.

I looked inside. The preparation to embrace Iris is complete.


「Good job」


「Please take your time, Master」


Iris said that, and closed the door instead of me with my arms blocked.

I put down Iris on top of the bed and pinned her down.

She was staring at the door.


「I see……that’s what it was」

「What is it?」

「U〜un, it’s nothing」


Iris shook her head, and stared at me.

She looked at me with feverish eyes and excited face.


「I am, going to become more and more of a woman that Kakeru likes. I’ll do my best to become one」

「Do your best. I’ll make love for you if you become a good woman」

「Un. ……I’m, regretful about one thing」

「What is it?」

「I should’ve, I should’ve loved Kakeru earlier. Just like Elder Sister」


Iris’s face when she said that was the loveliest one that I have ever seen.






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8 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 134

    • 「Please take your time, Master」

      Iris said that, and closed the door instead of me with my arms blocked.

      I put down Iris on top of the bed and pinned her down.

      She was staring at the door.

      「I see……that’s what it was」

      「What is it?」

      「U〜un, it’s nothing」

      Iris shook her head, and stared at me.



    • Me to, but what exactly is the armament on the pic?
      If its the thing under her shoulder would be quite hard for others to see if dressed normally, if its a thin thing on wrists then its quite hard 2 see as well. 😛


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