Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 132

Chapter 132 – Helene on Ambush



I could hear the bird chirping from outside of the window.

Morning, I woke up from the bed.

Iris is quietly sleeping beside me.

As a result of loving her for the whole night, at dawn, she got completely exhausted, and slept as if she lost her consciousness.

But, even so.




Her lips that spoke sleep talk were shaped into a smile.


『What a lovable girl』

「You should learn to read the atmosphere a little more」

『Wasn’t I silent for the whole night?』

「How condescending, I mean, I don’t care if you don’t keep quiet. All you could do is make some noise after all」

『You’ve said it? Since you say so, I’ll be sticking into your business when you embrace someone next time』

「Just try me」


I scoffed at her.

No matter what Eleanor does, she would only be noisy.

In the past, as a Demon Sword, she was able to control humans and use their body as she wishes.

No, she’s probably still able to do that.

However, it doesn’t work on me.

I have resistance against Demon Sword’s control that the people of this world do not have, and it is multiplied 777x.

That’s why, Eleanor cannot control my body.

Rather, I’m the only person in this world who can push back Demon Sword Eleanor’s domination.

That’s why all that she could do is noisily rant inside my head.

And even if she does that, when I am seriously loving my cute women, I can ignore such noise.

That’s why there’s no problem.

I covered Iris with a blanket, got off the bed, and left the room.


「Good morning, Kakeru-sama」


Helene was there.


「Helene? You, why are you here?」

「I have been waiting for you」


「Yes, after hearing that Iris would have Kakeru-sama’s love. So I have been waiting here」

「Heard it? From who?」



Smiling pleasantly, but Helene did not answer.

Well, that doesn’t matter I guess.


「And so? What were you waiting for?」

「Iris with her first time……no, even if it is not someone in their first time, I believed that a single woman would be able to satisfy Kakeru-sama. Right now, it is impossible even if it is the Immortal Saintess」

「In short?」

「I will be Kakeru-sama’s partner, in Iris’s stead」


I see.

Frankly speaking, she’s saying that she came to take responsibility for her little sister’s deficiency.

And to anticipate that, as expected of her.

I held Helene’s shoulder, pulled her towards me, and kissed her.




That face of her makes be in the mood and her breath’s plea excites me.

Being the exact opposite of her little sister adds to that as well.


「Please, in Iris’s stead, please take me……」

「No, I changed my mind」

「Eh?! N-No way……」


Helene showed a face that was about to cry.

I pulled her to me and dragged her into the room.

Inside the room where Iris is still sleeping.



「Don’t say things like “instead”. I’ll take care of you sisters」



She took in a breath and blushed.

And, Helene timidly nodded.


「Please, take care of me」



I nodded.

I kissed Helene once again.

I kissed Helene until Iris heard the commotion and awakened.

After that, I embraced the sisters altogether.






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