Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 131

Chapter 131 – Conclusion



I reached out my hand and grabbed the ball of light.

The ball of light resisted.

It went around rampantly in the palm of my hand, struggled, and tried to escape.

I feel a burning sensation from my palm, the light it released leaked out between my fingers, and went around rampantly without a pattern and pierced the space.

I ignored all of that and firmly grabbed the ball of light.

I grasped it tightly.

This is not the world in reality. It is the spiritual space where Demon Swords are connected.

What decides win and loss is not only arm strength.

What means everything is spiritual strength and the Demon Sword’s power.


「It’s Otou-san’s power」

「I’ll agree to that just for now」


The mother and daughter said.

Soon after, my power rose up.

A power that has a completely different quality compared to Xiphos.

I used that power and grasped the ball of light tightly.

The red light flickers. It shone wildly than ever and released a blinding flash.

The way it shone reminisces an alarm lamp.

Uneasiness, resistance, and plea.

I could feel those kinds of emotions.

Of course, I ignored them, I completely ignored such things.


I increased the strength that I grabbed it.

The ball of light bents and changes its shape like a rubber ball.


I grasped it, bending it to its limits, andーーit popped.

It turned to something like water droplets and splattered into pieces.

It shattered, and the red light turned into fog.

While it melted and disappeared.


ーーI shall not forget this humiliation.


I heard that voice.

It’s a hoarse voice, like an old man’s voice.

A voice that cursed, and vented all the hatred it could have.

It was completely a loser’s whining.


「That voice right now, it isn’t the king right?」

「It’s Xiphos」

「You knew him, huh. But well, even if he told me he’d not forgetーーah!」

「You remembered huh. That’s right, that thing’s other half still remains in Aegina」

「Oh right, I see」


I had completely forgotten about that.

It was King Mercouri who wanted to take that back.

That still remains, and it said it won’t forget.

It looks like there would be another fight in the future.

Well, that’s fine too.

I only need to crush it once again at that time.


After I thought of that, the space was filled with black light.

Without needing anyone to explain it, I knew that it’s Eleanor and Hikari’s light.

I closed my eyes and felt their existence.

Eleanor and Hikari, the two’s existence.

It was as if they are inside me, but envelopes my whole body as well.

It was such a strange feeling.


A feeling that I had never experienced before, it was the closest, that I felt the mother and daughter’s existence.



My senses returned.

I slowly opened my eyes.

It’s a world full of reality.

Signs of battle, and the king and soldiers collapsed on the ground.

The smell of blood and residue of magic powers are suspending in the air.

I drew the Demon Swords.

The two Demon Swords, Eleanor and Hikari.

The mother and daughter, holding them felt more familiar than ever before.

Although I am holding them through their hilt, it was as if they became a part of my body.

It’s a new stage, I stepped further into another domain.

It felt like that.




Iris called out to me.

I sheathed the Demon Swords and turned to her.


「It ended, this time, completely」

「Yeah, I knew by looking」

「I see」


Well, it can’t be helped, she should be able to tell after seeing them collapsing.

Well then, since it has ended.

I pulled Iris into an embrace.

It is finally that time.

This time for sure, there was nothing on the way.


「Let’s go」



After answering clearly, Iris nodded shyly.

I pulled her into an embrace and warped to the mansion’s bedroom using the Warp Feather.

Hikari returned to her human form and left the bedroom.

I pushed Iris on top of the bed.




「Is there anything that I can do? What should I do to make Kakeru happier?」


Iris stared straight back at me.

They were not the script of a woman who is about to get embraced in bed.

She did not speak of things like “please be gentle”.

There is no nervousness in her expression and her eyes are staring straight at me as if to challenge.

It is very Iris-like.


「Wasn’t it me doing what I want?」

「That’s right, but I still want to do something for Kakeruーーngh!」


I kissed her, I covered Iris’s mouth with my lips.



「Raise your voice」


「Don’t hold it back at all, raise your voice as much as you want, make me enjoy」

「My voice……?」

「Got it?」



Iris nodded with a red face.

Just like how I declared, and just like how she pleaded.

I embraced her throughout the whole night.






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    • I think its more the quality rather than the quantity. It can’t be both or it would be more than 777 in reality. Similarly I don’t think he has 777x amount of blood, otherwise even by low estimates he would have 932 gallons of blood which would require him to either have a magic circulatory system (which is possible) or he would be 777x a normal humans size.

      This begs the question as to why the girls haven’t all gotten preggo yet though.


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