Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 130

Chapter 130 – The Power of the Demon Sword



I clashed with the Oni. We collided head-on and shockwaves that would blow away huge boulders were created.


It was a metal sound again, the Oni’s very tough right hand.





I charged strength.

Arm strength multiplied 777x, Demon Sword Eleanor’s power.

The attack fused with it pushed back the Oni’s arm.

*Slash!*, the blade sinks to its arm.




Adding to that, I swung Eleanor with momentum. The next instant, the Oni’s arm flew in the air.

The arm was blown away, drawing an arc.

The Oni wailed and punched with its remaining hand.



『I’ll do my best!』


I retaliated with Hikari. Colliding with the fist, a vertical wound was made.




The Oni raised a screaming wail, staggered, and withdrew.

I pursued. I slashed with the mother and daughter blades.

Red magic powers and fresh blood splatters, its flesh was scraped off.

Finally, the Oni returned to a human.




The bloody king crawls on the ground naked.

Nothing was there from his right arm’s elbow.

The right arm that I cut off was on the ground a distance away, and it also returned to a human form while still holding Xiphos strongly.


「Not yet……it’s not over, yet……gahha!!」



I ignored the king and went towards Xiphos that was dropped.

Everything should end as long as I crush that.

I stood in front of Xiphos and raised Eleanor to a swing.




The king came flying.

He rushed so quickly that it you with unexpected strength remaining and punched with his left first.

Like a candle’s last flicker huh.

I punched him away with the back of my hand while holding Hikari.


「Give up already」

「Stop, please stop」



I ignored the king’s halt and swung Eleanor down.

Xiphos on the ground broke into two after making a beautiful metallic sound.




King Mercouri groaned with despair.


「It’s finished with this」

『That’s right』

『What will you do with him?』

「He shouldn’t be able to do anything without Xiphos. I’ll return him to the Kingdom after sticking his right arm」


While saying that, I opened my different dimension warehouse, and took out a magic ball (white).


『You’ll even cure him? How nice of you』

「Iris doesn’t wish him killed too. Xiphos is broken. The goal is complete with that. ……you have any problem with that?」

『Not at all』


Eleanor somewhat seemed to be in a great mood.

I could feel her great mood from when Xiphos was broken.

It’s probably because it’s proven that she’s at a higher level as a Demon Sword.

I don’t have any problem with that, but I thought I’ll leave her alone for a while.

I thought of something, so after thoroughly crushing Xiphos that was broken into two using Hikari, I picked up the king’s right hand and went towards him, then healed him with the magic ball.

The severed arm stuck back and his wounds were completely healed.

But, the king was still crestfallen and wouldn’t move.

He’s mumbling about something.

It’s easy to tell how shocked he is with Xiphos getting crushed.

I should ignore this too. I don’t have any obligation to take care of a man’s mental health.




I heard Iris’s voice and turned around.

She ran towards me with her sword sheathed.

I could see the four small Onis’ corpses in some distance away.


「Are you alright?」

「I’m fine. Father isーー」

「I healed his body. I’ll leave the rest to you」

「I got it」


Iris took out a something cylindrical from her pocket and threw it towards the sky.

That thing became light as if it melted half-way, flew much higher, and then popped in the sky like a firework.

A signal huh.

After a while, I could hear a great number of footsteps.

What came were Mercouri soldiers, there were approximately 100 of them.

Iris probably called them with that signal earlier.

The soldiers went in front of Iris and saluted.

Iris ordered the soldiers to do something. The soldiers went towards the king, gently raised him, and took him away.

It’s all settled down, I guess.

What’s left isーーIris.

I looked at Iris. Our eyes met and she looked away with a blushing face.

Where did her gallantness from earlier went? She transformed into a very cute woman.

How cute. This gap is very cute.

I approached and stared straight at her in arm’s distance.


「It’s over」



With some shyness remaining, Iris looked straight at me with a resolute face.


「Please, make me Kakeru’s」

「Do you have any request? I’ll grant you anything you wish」

「Do as you’d like to」



She stared at me with a stronger gaze.

Iris nodded clearly.


「I want……Kakeru to do as he’d like to」


She meant that, huh.

She’s saying……she’d willingly want「anything」.

It was very Iris-like and she looked more and more lovely.


「I’ll do what I want to」



And, she looked down with flushed cheeks.

I placed my hands on her shoulder and brought my face closer to hers.

Iris closed her eyes.

Our lips got closer and closer.





The ground trembled and Iris with a kissing face lost her balance.

A shockwave that pierces, penetrating the skin.

Iris opened her eyes and I quickly turned around.

In thereーーan Oni.

A completely different Oni from earlier, an Oni whose whole body is pulsing red.

Soldiers were surroundingーーno, they were waiting upon the Oni.

They seemed lifeless, with eyes seemingly empty, but regardless of that, they’re releasing killing intents towards us.

Furthermore, their body is covered with red light. The same red light with the Oni.

I looked at the ground, the crushed pieces of Xiphos is still there.


「Xiphos’s power……but, why」

「Oi, Eleanor!」

『It looks like it’s an ace up on its sleeve. It is probably hiding inside the king』


A guessing tone, it looks like Eleanor doesn’t know about it as well.


『It is originally separated in two, it looks like it can divide or transfer. It probably learned a new trick』

「I see 」

『Otou-san, what will you do?』



I looked at Iris. Her expression is between that of being troubled and pleading.

Seeing that, I kissed her.

She got dumbfounded and surprised.


「Leave it to me」

「……un! Please」


I left Iris and approached the Oni and the soldiers.


『What are you going to do? If you just defeat it, it would only change vessels and revive』


I know that, it’s probably that type.

Against those types, I only need to change the manner of doing it.


「While I’m at it, I’ll also raise your reputation」

『My reputation? What are you talking about』

「Hikari, help as well」

『Un! Hikari, what should she do?』


I did not answer and showed it through action instead.

Eleanor and Hikari, with the two of them in their sheathe, I closed my eyes.

I strongly felt the existence.

The powerーーI drew in the mother and daughter’s power.


「The aura……」


I heard Iris’s whisper and opened my eyes.

I was clad with an amount of aura that I had never been before.

A part of it became a dark cloak and covered my body and the remaining majority coiled around me.

It’s like the main character of a battle manga.

I approached the Oni and the soldiers in that state.

I approached them and extended the aura.

I covered the Oni and soldiers that releases red like with the dark aura.

I felt resistance coming from the red light, but I ignored it and pushed it in.

I pushed it in and pulled out Xiphos from the king and soldiers.

A tug of war.

The red light and dark aura, a tug of war concerning the soldiers.

The next instant, the surrounding scenery transformed.

As if I was warped to a completely different place compared to the forest just outside the cave.

A space fillled with light.


「This is……」

「Otou-san, you’re naked」


I heard the mother and daughter’s voices.

I turned around and saw the two of them.

The mother and daughter in a naked human formーーin addition, I’m also completely naked.


「Spiritual space, huh」

「It seems to be so……were you aiming for this?」

「You can tell?」

「Right now, that is」


Eleanor grinned.

A fearless smile looks very good on her.


「If so, then you know what to do」

「Umu. Leave it to me」

「Hikari will do her best too!」


I nodded back to the mother and daughter and looked ahead.

In there, was a red ball of light.

I went towards that ball of light with the two.

It isーーto completely crush it.





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