Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 128

Chapter 128 – Reason to Move



I moved deeper into the cave with Iris.

It looks like most of the Akephaloses were defeated and stopped appearing so we are having a free time.

We advanced while chatting.


「Come to think of it, what kind of person is your father? He’s Mercouri’s king right?」

「Father? Hmm……」


Iris thought for a moment and answered.


「In a few wordsーーan ambitious person」


「That’s right. His ambition to make Mercouri bigger and stronger is tremendously strong. And he is a person who would not choose his means. That’s also why Kakeru’s idea, the paper notes, was easily passed. If it were the previous kingーーmy grandfather, he would’ve probably said『Blasphemous, how dare you use our Royal Family’s treasure for such a thing!』」



I could easily imagine with only that explanation.

People who value traditions and customary practices exist anywhere.

I knew about that, so I even thought that the idea might not get through when I suggested the paper notes.

Iris’s father, King Mercouri, is a person who is completely opposite to a person like that huh.

I see, it’s because it’s an ambitious person andーー a utilitarian king that it was easily approved.


「That’s why you were also used as a mean. Sending you out as a bride to take back Xiphos」


Iris nodded.

We advanced while I continued to ask about Iris’s father, King Mercouri.

I heard from her many episodes, and it was easy to tell from those episodes that he was a person who would use anything that he can.

Along the way, I defeated the Akephalos that appeared from time to time, and picked up the lottery ticked that dropped 100%.

And with this and that, we reached the deepest part of the cave.

It was an open space, and something that seems to be an altar is in the back.

One sword was placed courteously on the altar.

The sword was vibrant with red, it was as if it strongly asserts that it was not normal.


「That’s Xiphos huh」

「Most probably」

「How is it?」


I asked Eleanor.


『That bad sense of self-assertion, it hasn’t stopped it even after hundreds of years huh』


Eleanor said in disgust.

It looks like there are some circumstances, but anyway, there is no doubt that that is Xiphos huh.


「Yosh, let’s crush it」

「Please do so」


I advanced towards the altarーーbut.

I got blocked along the way and sparks flickered out.



『It’s a barrier. Isn’t that natural?』

「……it is, natural. There’s nothing wrong having one or two barriers since it’s being sealed」

「A barrier……I have not heard about that」

「Don’t worry about it. Eleanor?」

『You should just act as you normally do』

「I see」


Since I got her guarantee, I drew out Eleanor.

I took a stanceーーand casually struck down.

*Bachi!!*, sparks flew out and Eleanor was pushed away.


「It’s quite hard」

『Do it seriously. It would affect my good name if you lose to that』

「Lose to that? Is it a barrier that it made itself? Although it’s caught and being sealed?」

『A barrier that uses the power of one’s own, it is quite common』

「I see」


I understood the general story.

I took a deep breath, and struck using Eleanor using 80% this time.

*Parin!!*, a sound of something breaking was made.



「About this much huh」

『Not yet. Look carefully』


I focused my eyes just like Eleanor had said.

It was an empty space, but vaguely, I could see the barrier that should’ve been broken getting repaired quickly.


「It has self-recovery huh. What should I do?」

『It’s simple』


Eleanor scoffed.


『It’s power is not unlimited. You only need to continue to strike until it’s unable to repair itself』

「I see, it’s simple then. Iris, move back. I’ll go at it seriously」

「I got it」


Iris moved away from me just like I’ve told her.

I drew out Hikari following Eleanor and gripped the mother and daughter Demon Swords tightly.

I took a deep breath, and accumulated strength.


「Let’s go」





I struck the barrier, I struck it continuously.

It repaired itself the next instant I struck it, but I continued to slash it every time it recovered.

Xiphos shined red every time the barrier was repaired.

Its blade pulsed and the barrier regenerated.

And after continuously destroying the barrier, the interval it was repaired slowly became longer.

What took five seconds became ten, became twenty, and up to thirty.

And finally, it stopped recovering even if I waited for it.


「Yosh, it looks like it’s finished. Irisーー」


When I called Iris to proceed to the next step, someone quickly passed through my side.

That person’s speed was nothing special, but it’s a third party that suddenly appeared.

I was confused and let him pass through.

Iris’s voice echoed as well.




That man she called fatherーーKing Mercouri reached the altar, and grabbed Xiphos.

In an instant, the red light spread explosively throughout the cave.

I raised my sword and spread my dark coat to protect Iris.

I was on guard, but nothing happened.


「Ohh, Ohhhhh!! This is Xiphos!」


After the red light dissipated, King Mercouri stared at Xiphos with a moved expression.

You could even say that he’s mesmerized.


「Father! Why is Father here?」

「I immediately found out that you were investigating about Xiphos, and that it was to come here」


Well, that couldn’t be helped. Anyone could easily guess if we moved at this timing.


「B-But why, why did you not stop us」

「If you were to act, the Demon Sword Wielder shall act as well」


「If the Demon Sword Wielder acted, there was the possibility that this barrier that could not be removed for a very long time, unless the other part was brought into it, would be released. That’s why I let you move freely」

『Kukuku, you guys have been used indeed』


That seems to be so.


「Both you, and that Demon Sword Wielder. You’ve done a good job」



Iris made a bitter expression.

Xiphos pulsed strongly. It released a conspicuous red light.


「Ohh, Ohhhhhh!! As expected of Xiphos. It is our kingdom’s treasure told in legends. This power……with this power, the other Xiphos could be taken as well, even if it’s through force」




King Mercouri raised Xiphos.

After a red light shone, the ceiling exploded and created a hole.

This is a cave in the bottom of a lake, the instant a hole was opened, water gushed inside at once.

The king jumped and leaped out from the hole.

He escaped alone even though his daughter was here.






Iris ran to me. She is making a frantic look.


「Please stop Father. We mustn’t let him go away like this! It would be terrible if it was known that Father the King invades or infiltrates into Aegina!」

「It would easily be a diplomatic issue」

「A war might even occur following it」

「That’s true」


The king of a neighboring kingdom invades with a weapon and steals something stored in the harem.

It is not strange if a war happens.

And that ambitious man would happily retaliate.

It’s true, he should be stopped here.


「I got it. Hold on」


I placed a hand around Iris’s waist and took out my Warp Feather.

We warped instantly into the ground above.

Soon after, King Mercouri jumped out.

The king who did not notice us coming out before him by warping rose high up in the air, and was about to fly away after checking the direction.


「I’m going to go」



I nodded to Iris who pleaded and jumped high up in the air.

With faster speed than King Mercouri, I went ahead of him, anticipating the direction he was heading.



「Fall down!」


Using Eleanor, I struck the surprised king into the ground together with Xiphos.

The king crashed into the ground. Soon after, there was a small explosion, and he jumped out of the hole.

His clothes were in tattersーーbut there was no damage.


「Demon Sword Wielder!!」

「Sorry, but, you shall not pass. I’ll also be crushing that」

「Why are you standing on my way! Have you forgotten the favor when I made you a Viscount?!」


Now that he reminded me, I am a viscount in Mercouri huh.

I completely forgot about it until he mentioned it.

Well, that doesn’t matter.




Whyーーa reason huh.

A reason to stand in the way of the king.

To embrace Iris, because Iris asked me to do so, to get back on him for using me.

There won’t be an end if I mentioned the little things, but……well, in short.


「It’s because I want to do so」


Just like I how have done it up until now, and how I would do so from now on.





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