Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 125

Chapter 125 – Bonus Stage



Morning, I woke up in the mansion’s bed.

Someone was moving on top of my body.

……hmm, who was it? I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it with anyone last night.

The ones who would most probably enter my bed like this is Althea and Miu. The most unlikely one, is Nana.

Well, I wonder who it is? Maybe I should give her a good morning kiss, but when I hugged that girl.


「Good morning, Otou-san」



I froze for an instant and completely awakened.

The one on top of me is Hikari.

Demon Sword Hikari, Yuuki Hikari, ……my daughter, Hikari.

Hikari, just like the day she was born, was on top of me.


「G-Good morning」

「You woke up?」

「I’m awake」

「Wash your face and let’s eat breakfast」



I stood up with my hand being pulled by Hikari.

My heart wouldn’t stop pounding.

I almost did that「good morning kiss」, and did such an unimaginable thing.


『Ku, Kukuku, kuhahaha!』


Eleanor laughed out loud.

Don’t laugh, it could’ve been worse.


「What, don’t worry. Being hated by their daughter is the courtesy of a male parent」


Get hated?

Get hated by Hikari?


My head whited out in an instant.


【I hate someone like Otou-san!!!】



I almost fell to my knees just imagining it.


『Kukuku, isn’t that an unexpected weakness?』

「S-Shut up! There’s no way that Hikari will hate me」

「Un! Hikari, she loves Otou-san the most!」

「Look, see?」



Eleanor still continued to laugh.

This girl, should I throw her away somewhere?

And after finishing our conversation, Hikari and I left the bedroom.


「By the way, Iris-oneechan’s here」

「I see」

「Today’s Iris-oneechan, she’s so beautiful」



Hikari pulled me while chatting, and arrived at the living room.

Iris was there.

I got surprised. She’s really beautiful.

Iris, looking outside from the window within the morning sun. That way when she turned around, was the most beautiful I have seen her.

Her attire has not changed.

Her beautiful golden hair was tied to a pony tail while wearing her armor and cape. She was just as usual.

However, she’s so beautiful.

The demeanor that she shows was different from before, and it looked so beautiful.




「Good morning, Kakeru. Did you sleep well?」


「That’s great. The assassin that I caught spit it all out. It looks like they were part of the group of the counterfeit notes, and tried to capture me as revenge」


「I already did something about it. Thank you. I was saved thanks to Kakeru」

「Don’t mind it. By the way, what happened to that boy?」

「He’s still frightened and could not speak very wellーーbut, since he can use the royal family’s magic, there is no doubt that he’s a seed that someone has sown. We decided to shelter him cordially, and think about it very well」

「I see」


Yesterday’s event ended with a simple conversation.

I stared straight into Iris’s eyes. She also stared back at me.


「I found out where Xiphos is」

「That’s fast」

「It’s in a place called Anfitha’s lake」


Anfitha’s lake.

It’s a place I’ve never heard ofーーand a place I had never visited.



After half a day of being shaken by the carriage, Iris and I came to the lake.

We did not bring anyone. There is only Iris and me.

Since our aim is to destroy Xiphos, the kingdom’s secret treasure, only the two of us moved.

More specifically, Eleanor and Hikari is with us in their sword form, but leaving that aside.


「It’s here?」


「There’s only the lake here」

「Wait a second」


Iris went down from the carriage and stood on the lake’s shore.

She closed her eyes and chanted an incantation.

A magic circle spread from her feet. It’s the magic circle that looked like the emblem of Mercouri’s royal family.

That spread out explosively, enveloping the whole lake.

And finally, the lake split into two.

It split into two just like Moses split the sea, and a path was made.

At the end of the path……there was an entrance.


「Sorry to keep you waiting」

「I see, it means that only those of the royal family can enter, huh」

「That’s right」

「I guess it’s also easy to tell where the place is」


Iris and I walked through the bottom of the lake, to the entrance.


「And then, what are you going to do?」

「I’ll go to where Xiphos is first. After that, I will warp away, take away Sandros from Marie’s forest, and then release it. After Sandros started to go rampage, I’ll destroy Xiphos with himーーthe end」

「I see」


We walked together and entered inside.

In an instant, the door closed. The sound of the water returning to normal could be heard as well.


「It’s alright. I closed it. With this, no one would be on the way」

「I see」


Iris took out the torch that she prepared and lit it using magic.


「Well then, let’s go」



It was a cave-like place inside.

The ground was paved with stone and it was a winding path.

Water droplets fell from the ceiling from time to time.





Iris’s urgent call.

A strange, humanoid monster appeared at where she is looking at.

Its size was just like a normal human’s, but nothing exists from the neck.

But if you’d guess that it’s something like a Dullahan, it seems like it’s not, and it’s holding a spear and shield in each of its hands.

And instead, there is a face in the middle of his naked upper body.

Sharp eyes and a big mouth with ferocious fangs.

From afar, it’s like a middle-aged man making a face out of his stomach during a party, and it’s a type of monster that I have seen for the first time.


「What is that?」

「Sorry, it’s the first time I’ve seen such a thing」

「I see. Then, I’ll go and kill it」



I drew Eleanor and charged towards the monster.

I casually swung Eleanor down. The monster tried to guard with its shield, but I split it into two with its shield.


「It isn’t much huh」



Iris swung her sword towards the defeated monster with all of her strength.

Sparks scattered and the sound of metal echoed.

Its shield was without flaw, but the edge of Iris’s sword was chunked.


「It isn’t much because it’s Kakeru. It’s an opponent that it’s impossible for me to deal with」

『Rather than this guy, it’s all thanks to me』

『What about Hikari? Can Hikari do it?』


The mother and daughter Demon Swords said inside my head.


『Mu! Oi, look at that. At the monster’s heart』


I followed what Eleanor said, and looked at the monster’s heartーーor rather, at its eyes.

There was a lottery ticket.


『How lucky』


Yeah, I should pick it up.

In this world, there are several ways to get lottery tickets.

It drops rarely when monsters are defeated, it drops rarely when I embrace women, it drops slightly when I go do a shopping spree.

I gathered lottery tickets by doing that.

It’s pretty good to get one ticket after defeating around 100 monsters, so it’s quite lucky today.

『We can draw lots again』


Hikari was innocently happy.


「Well then, let’s move on. Where is Xiphos?」

「It’s here……mu!」


The instant we started to walk, the same monster with a face in its stomach appeared.



「Leave it to me」


I charged towards the monster and split it into two with its spear using Hikari.


『Wa〜, Hikari could do it to〜』

『Of course, Hikari’s my daughter after all』

『Un, Hikari’s Okaa-san’s daughter』


The mother and daughter Demon Swords leisurely chatted inside my head.




I noticed.

I noticed the fact that another lottery ticket dropped from the monster that I split into two.


「A second, one?」

「What’s the second one?」

「No, it’s nothing」


I put the ticket into my pocket while answering to Iris.

This is the second one now. Is it a good day today? Or……

When I was thinking of that, three similar monsters appeared.

Is itーー, I leaped towards them while having great expectations, and chopped the monsters with both mother and daughter.

After the monsters instantly diedーーthree lottery tickets appeared.

I picked them up. There were really lottery tickets.


『……they came again』


Eleanor’s tone changed. She noticed as well.




I looked ahead of the path. Headless monsters came like a swarm.

They are monsters that Iris admitted she could not deal with, but in my eyes, they looked like a mountain of treasures.





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    • I think the other guy is on another world not in the same place where Kakeru is. If he were there he would know about the people’s spreading news and rumor about a Hero that recently appeared the same time and wondering its a person like him with cheat powers and challenge him. The lady handling the Lottery did say that a person with cheat powers coming from the winning prizes can also get that power from someone who earn the prizes as well.


      • He said “these types of monsters”, not this place with monsters. Different worlds in fantasy novels can have similar monsters.


      • They are both in the same world, but in different places. The tentacle guy got all other prices from the second event lottery except the one that allowed Kakeru to create his own skill. We all know who will win should they both fight (hint: the demon sword wielder won’t lose against tentacles).


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
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      • When did he get Helena pregnant? (I seem to remember he tried it once, but months after the girl is still childless). Also, he’d have to have released at lest once per night, which with x777 to his fertility and thefrequency he does it with some of his girls would have to at least have had some results.


  3. that was a close call…. incest in a modern world is completely immoral and prohibited…. but incest in fantasy still developing world is I think acceptable… Some do that while others doesn’t have the guts to do it… you know there still morality and rationality to understood the aspects and find wrong to do that….


  4. What the fuck? Im pretty sure Eleanor asked him the first time he was collecting tickets what was he doing. He asked you cant see this and she answered with no. But now she is able to see em np? Fck me


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