Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 122

Chapter 122 – Lovely Iris



I warped, returning to the mansion in Reiusu.


「Welcome back, Master」


Miu rushed out while waving her tail.

I lightly Mofu-d Miu and asked her.


「Where’s Althea?」

「She is resting in the living room」

「I see. Ah! I’m going somewhere immediately, so you don’t need to prepare anything.」



Miu looked sad while nodding.


「……I’ll MofuMofu you before I leave, so prepare」



Miu waved her tail again and ran out to somewhere.


『Look how doting you are』


Say whatever. It’s MofuMofu Maid you know?

I took Iris with me to the living room.


「By the way, I met with the queens of Siracuza a while ago」


Iris said as if she suddenly remembered.


「The two of them looked wonderful. So much that they cannot be compared to when they were still in a diner in this town」

「You knew, and remembered it?」

「Elder sister has more of an impression. After all, when you say the poster girl of Purosu-tei, Fiona, she is famous within the soldiers」


「Recently, many soldiers are saying『I know the Queen. I did not only talked to her, but I also let her cook me a meal!』 」

「Can that be bragging?」

「It seems so」



It’s somewhat interesting.

Is it like knowing a classmate before he/she goes on a debut to fame?

And while talking about that, we reached the living room.

I opened the door and entered inside.

Althea who is wearing a cloak is relaxing.

Chibi Dragon was sleeping on the floor where the rays of the sun shine on.




Hikari returned to her human form.

Chibi Dragon suddenly woke up and leaped to Hikari.

My daughter bonded with her pet.


「Myu〜, myu〜」


Chibi Dragon carefully bit the hem of Hikari’s skirt and pulled her as if to say「here, here!」.


「What is it, O-chan?」


「Go with her, Hikari」



Hikari showed a wide smile and ran out of the living room with Chibi Dragon.

Chibi Dragon and my daughter. It was so heart warming that it cannot be imagined that one of them is the Red Dragon Olivia who had once spread terror.


「What is it? Returning so quickly」


Althea opened her mouth.


「I want you to listen to something」



While saying that, she reached out her hand.

A wrinkly hand that reached out from her cloak.

I took that hand.

Her was rejuvenated as fast as the eye can see, and returned to a youthful hand.

She removed the hood that covered her head. What appeared was a woman of great beauty.

Althea stared at her hand.


「Did you fight?」


「It was only not a brute fight, but a fight that you needed to do many other things」

「You can tell that far?」

「Your vigor’s quality and quantity changes depending on the way you fight」

「I see」

「I guess Hikari was born from such a high quality vigor」

『It was really hard on my part when I received it』


Although Eleanor said that, she did not seem discontent.


「Well then, what is it?」

「It’s about Iris」


I sat on the sofa with Iris and explained to Althea.

About her being married to Aegina Kingdom, and about me wanting to crush that.


「Is there a good way?」

「How about assassinating Aegina’s crown prince?」

『It is not that different with my suggestion』

「Is that the most gentle way?」

「Gentle……well, if you say so, then it is gentle」


Iris also showed disapproval.


「In the first place, you lack too much information. Why does Mercouri want to marry you to Aegina?」

「Come to think of it, I haven’t asked too」


I also remembered it.

In the beginning, I tried to ask Iris, but she did not tell me.

After that, after I removed the wall in Iris’s heart, she became fully cooperative.

And now that I think about it……I did not hear about Mercouri as a country.

“What do you think about that?”, I looked at Iris with that kind of eye.


「……I forgot」


「Because……you know……」


Iris panicked.

She became flushed with read for some reason, and steals glances from me.



『At least guess what she feels』


Guess what she feels?


「You seem like a maiden with her first love」


The red on Iris’s face became deeper after hearing Althea’s words.


『It is common with humans who are fully focused on their work. The instant that they are released from what they use to control themselves, all of it would flush out』


It’s like that, huh.


「It means, what you see right now, is what she is deep inside」


Althea said.

Iris had a deep red face and started to fidget.





She desperately tried to make airs hearing me say her name.


「I’ll make you my woman, so complete that no one would say anything」



The red on her face disappeared and showed a smile instead.

That smile that she made was the most beautiful and loveliest Iris had shown me.




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  1. I really want to see what that arrogant prince will say. Also is he a Baron in that kingdom? Isn’t that also the kingdom where he doesn’t have a royal as one of his woman be it queen or princess


  2. “Chibi Dragon and my daughter. It was so heart warming that it cannot be imagined that one of
    them is the Red Dragon Olivia who had once spread terror.”

    Hey, don’t forget the other one is a Demon Sword that has killed hundreds and hundreds of people as well.


      • Eleanor killed millions if not billions of people trough whole history, she had 17 heros/saints who wielded her but got corrupted and destroyed their kindgom(WHOLE KINGDOMS DAMN) with their own souls.

        Hikari already killed a thousand, minimum, if not more, but she does not have a reputation like Eleanor where she would anihilate a continent with her Demonic possession, not to mention Kakeru and Eleanor are protecting her from all the news or rumours spreading that she’s a “Hybrid”.


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