Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 121

Chapter 121 – Together With Wifey



「And so, what do I need to do? What do I need to do to destroy the idea of you getting married away」

「T-There’s an easy way」


Iris’s face blushed even more and said stutteringly.


「K-Kakeru only need to make me his」


Embrace her, huh.


「I only need to do that? Why? Explain it to me that I understand」

「……I got it」


Iris made a solemn face.


「Aegina Kingdom’s harem is famous for being『deep』」

「Deep? It doesn’t mean that it’s underground right?」


Iris nodded and added.


「It’s deep. It is famous because no matter the identity of that woman is, she would never leave that harem once again. Especially those of the King’s or Crown Prince’s. There was no one recorded in history that has left from that place」


「Ah! It’s probably different from what Kakeru’s thinking right now. They just cannot get out. There would be lots of court ladies that would be given in the harem, and those who entered would be able to live a luxurious life without inconvenience. For example, they can get fruits that are out of season with just a simple word」


「However, they cannot leave there」

「Why is that?」

「There are two ostensible reasons. One is, since they are the consort of the King or the Crown Prince, they should not get involved with other men. It is so that the royal family’s blood would remain pure. Since it is the woman who would give birth to their inheritor, it is for the best to not let her get involved with other men」

「I see. Eunuchs and court ladies would only be the ones entering the harem other than the King huh」

「In Aegina, they even remove eunuchs. After all, there are those who feign that they are castrated. It will absolutely not happen with just women」

「I see」

「Another reason. For about 100 years ago, in Aegina, the Queen at that time replaced the King and took the helm of the state, used the country for her whims, and made it decline. From then on, the actions and authority of the Queen was very limited, and only exists in the harem」

「I see」

「I-In short」


Iris who have smoothly explained until then stuttered with a red face.


「Those women who are someone else’s, cannot enter the harem in the first place」

『Only virgins are gathered to protect their pure blood. It is quite natural』

「It’s like that huh. Un, I’m completely convinced now. It’s simple and easy to understand」


「But, I refuse」



Iris was dumbstruck.



「Doing that means that the engagement will be broken because『you are no longer suitable because you became damaged goods』right?」

「That’s true……」

「Even if it is for that, I cannot endure letting my woman get treated as『damaged goods』」



Iris got teary eyed.


『Kukuku, do you want me to tell you good way?』

「What is it?」

『It’s simple. You only need to exterminate Aegina’s royal family completely』


Eleanor said interestingly.


「I see, that’s really simple」

「N-No, you must not. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but you must not do that」

『What sharp girl』

「I mustn’t?」

「You mustn’t……you had that kind of face」


「I won’t do that, but what should I do?」

「Uhm……can we ask the Great Sage for advice?」



Iris nodded.


「I just thought that if it’s the Great Sage Althea, she might know a good way」

「Yosh, let’s go to Althea then. We’ll go instantly so grab on」


I reached out my hand.

Iris happily took my hand.

When I was about to warp after taking out the warp feather.


『Otou-san. The King’s wifey, only the King can meet her?』

「Un? Are you talking about earlier? Well, that’s right」

『Then, it’s the same with Hikari』


『Since only Otou-san can use Hikari, it’s the same with the King’s wifey』


I got stunned by what Hikari said.

Eleanor seemed to laugh out loud while holding her stomach.




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33 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 121

  1. …. At his rate Hikari might become a carnivorous woman, also is she blood related to the MC? Because if not, we’ll even if she is he may have to watch out in the future.


    • Deamonzean-san, she should be “magic escense related” do laws work on that?
      if you like carnivorous daugther look for myuu from arifureta, hella dangerous


    • Yeah, she’s blood-related. She may take after her mother appearance-wise, but she has one-third of the power multipliers as Kakeru. That couldn’t happen unless she was blood-related to him.


      • One third was only brought up as an example by lottery staff for convenience to round up the number to 1000. You can’t expect them to have complete appraisal and know for sure that she only inherited 223 multiplier.


      • no, it was confirmed that she has the 777 multiplier. Kakeru tried giving her his powers, but it came back with a message that the power applied permanently rather than time based.


  2. Reminds me of a certain Demon Lord(starts with a H and ends with an E)’s daughter… except the daughter isn’t blood related.


  3. Kakeru already indirectly have Incest relationship with his girls (Helen and Iris), so it’s ok for Hikari to join~


  4. Really if you think about it Kakeru and Eleanor had “sex” by fighting. So when Kakeru uses Hikari in battle is that also sex?


    • When he fights while really really really horny, it’s Demon Sword sex.

      So, do you remember that time when he was so horny from fighting Nana, Melissa, Io’s adventurer party, and his entire slave soldier corps that Althea absorbed his “vigor” and he was still super horny even after that?

      Hikari came out in the most intense part of that fight.

      I’m just saying.


      • Recall the circumstances of Hikari’s birth. Could that be repeated, but only with Hikari in his hands this time? If that’s the case, then Hikari is literally nothing but his “wifey” already.


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    ,( ヽ∩∩ノ),、ヽ|〃,,, Nepu……..
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