Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 120

Chapter 120 – The Flower Iris



Watching from a distance from the gambling den, there were some guys running away from a distant building.

The buildings weren’t connected though.


「It’s probably them」

「Their movements are too easy to tell. Another underground path huh」

「I’ll leave it to you, Kakeru」


I followed them with Iris.

I followed them relying on my ears and reached a building on the outskirts of the town.

It was quite a good mansion, and there were also rough-looking gate guards in the front.


「Is it there?」

「I’m sure that they entered there. It’s also noisy inside. Also」


「I smell violence」

「It’s not……your nose huh」


I silently nodded. It would be more of how the atmosphere feels.


「What do you think?」


I asked Iris.


「……let’s charge in. While they haven’t destroyed the evidence yet」


「I’ll leave the front to Kakeru. I’ll go from the back」

「I got it. Are you alright by yourself?」

「It’s fine. ……I’m not a woman who is just protected」

「I see」


She’s still as stubborn as usual.

After confirming that Iris took a long, roundabout path, I also went from the front.


「Stop! Who are you!」


The tough-looking gate guard asked what and who.

I drew Eleanor and Hikari, and divided the man into four.

Guys swarmed out of the mansion.


『Well then, let’s do it』

『Hikari will do her best too!』


Eleanor who laughed with pleasure and Hikari who completely grew up like a Demon Sword.

I clad myself with the dark cloak aura and slashed forward with the two.


「E-Enemy attack!」

「Wait, this guy’s……」

「The Abysmal Twin Swords……the Demon Sword Wielder?」



There were those who were courageous to step forward, but there were also those who crawled away with weak knees.

I slashed those guys without mercy.


『Look how overprotective you are』

「What are you talking about?」



Eleanor continued to laugh in pleasure.

I greatly appealed myself as the Demon Sword Wielder, lured the enemy, and slashed forward.

I walked through the garden of corpses and entered the mansion.


『Well, what would you do?』

「There’s a sound coming from there」


I heightened my hearing and advanced deeper into the mansion.

What came was


『A-re〜, it’s a dead end?』

『What useless ears those are』

「No, it’s under this」


I stabbed Eleanor to the ground.

A hollow sound without substance was made.

I pulled the sword and touched it as if to search around.

There was a lever. I pulled it at once.


『A hidden staircase huh. From how it looks, an underground prison huh』

「Let’s go」


I walked down the stairs.

There was a room there when I got down.

Inside the room lit by a magic light, there was one boy.

The boy was using magic on the things that seem to be Mercouri’s paper notes.

He’s in the middle of engraving crests.


「I see, this is the site of the forgery huh」

『There should be no mistaking it. The problem is, why is that boy able to use that magic』

「Hey, you, why are youーー」

「Don’t come!」


Only one step and it was stopped by the boy’s call.

It was a voice of desperation, at one’s wits’ end.


「Don’t be scared」


Hikari returned to her human form and kindly talked to him.


「Otou-san is not a bad person」

「It’s not that, I didn’t mean that. This!」


The boy pointed at his neck. There was a collar.

A suspicious light is flashing repeatedly in the center of the collar.


「This, they said it’s a magic that would explode if a person I don’t know gets near!」

「Something like that exists?」

『Yes it does』


Eleanor answered promptly.


「That’s why, don’t come here」


Hikari looked up to me with a troubled face.


「Return to a sword, Hikari. I’ll do something about it」



Hikari returned to her Demon Sword form.

Well then, what should I do?


「It’s useless even if you think of it」


I heard a man’s voice from behind.

I turned around, and saw a middle-aged man wearing a merchant’s outfit walking down the stairs.

He is showing a smile, but the blade scar that cut across his left eye emphasizes that he’s not a person like his smile shows.


「You’re the mastermind?」

「That is right. I’m Galassimos Cichi」

「Where did this boy came from?」

「Which answer would you like to receive? Is it whether he is a small hammer that we forged, or a secret child of the King?」


Galassimos grinned.


「The King’s secret child? ……I see, that’s why he’s able to use the royal family’s magic」

『Kukuku. No wonder that little girl didn’t know』


Eleanor laughed in glee.


「That’s right」

「Immediately remove the collar’s magic」


A voice sounded from behind Galassimos, and at the same time, a sword was pointed to his neck.

The one who appeared was Iris.

She was unusually showing a face of anger and glared at the man from behind. She was listening huh.



「Hurry up, if you still care for your life」



Galassimos reached out his hand while grinning.


「Don’t do anything weird?」

「I only need to remove it right?」


After saying that, Galassimos used magic.

The next instant, the collar in the boy’s neck started to brighten.

……its flashing light got faster, and the light became more wicked.

It was a phenomenon that was far away from the image of “remove”.


「What did you do?」


Iris seemed to have noticed as well. She questioned the man with a strong tone.


「You told me to remove it after all. That is something that would absolutely explode when worn. It has only two effects, it would either explode when a person not in the settings approached, or explode after being activated」

「Y-You meant by removing it is……」

「I removed the stopper that stops the explosion」

「Stop it right away!」

「It’s useless, I told you that. It’s a magic that only results into explosions」

「You bastard! You placed such thing on a child!」

「Of course. That would be the greatest evidence. It is natural to erase it when time comes right?」



Iris groaned.

Galassimos looked at me with a hideous smile and said with a friendly tone.


「It would be better if you go away you know, Demon Sword Wielder. It is a magic that would explode from the center of the flashing collar. You’ll get caught in it if you stand there」

「The place you’re standing in is the safety zone huh」


The man crooked the corner of his mouth.


「Well, if you wish to bond with him for the last time, I won’t stop you. It won’t explode since it’s near the countdown」

「I see」


I approached the boy.

The boy was terrified, sat on the ground, and peed.

He did not even react even though I approached him. He was that scared.


「I’ll just say this. It will instantly explode if you destroy it」

「Instantly, huh」

『Are you going to do it?』

「Do you think I can?」

『If it is you』

『Otou-san, do your best!』


The mother and daughter sent cheers from my head.

I placed a hand on the collar and pointed Hikari on her Demon Sword form on it.




I used the warp feather the instant I cut the collar.

I warped to Orycuto’s valley.

The master of the valley, Orycuto, was startled seeing me.


「Ahh〜, sorry. Well, you won’t die if it’s you」


The next instant after I said that, the collar I’m holding exploded.

It was a condensed explosion.

Explosive flames and impact whirled within a radius of 2 meters, but nothing happened outside of that.

The explosion stopped.


「Geho, geho」


The sand whirled by the explosion entered my mouth, and I coughed.

That was all.


『Unscathed huh』

「All thanks to you」


The instant it exploded, I clad myself with the dark cloak aura.

I completely used the aura from the two for defense.

I focused only for that, so I was unscathed.

On the other hand, Orycuto was crushed and destroyed into pieces.

Although he’s regenerating, he was shattered.


「Sorry for getting you involved」


I apologized with a few words and returned to the mansion using the warp feather.




The man was stunned.

He seems like he could not understand what just happened.


「Kakeru! Are you alright?」

「It was quite strong. It would’ve been instant death if it wasn’t me」


Iris was relieved in a moment, then glared at Galassimos.


「You, you put such thing on an innocent child!」


She got furious and sent out her back fist. Galassimos was hit by it directly and was blown away, crashing into the wall.


「I-Impossible. If it comes to thisーー」


Galassimos reached out his hand towards the boy again.

He tried to do something, something to erase the evidence.

I expected it and quickly got in between them.

I clad myself with the mother and daughter aura, and emphasized without words that I won’t let him do anything anymore.


「……ku! Damn it!」


Galassimos cursed. On his side, Iris looked down at him with cold eyes.


「Prepare yourself, you shall be executed without a doubt」

「You’ll put him to trial?」



Iris nodded.

Iris said that he would be executed without a doubt, but there would still be a trial huh. What a tedious thing to do.


『Isn’t that very like her. As a person engaged in national affairs, she must take procedural justice』



I see, engaged in national affairs huh.

I looked at Iris. She was so enraged that she looked like she would spit out fire from her eyes.





I chopped Galassimos’ head.

His head was severed from his neck and blood spurts like a fountain.

The boy screamed and fainted. Iris stared at me with narrowed eyebrows.


「What are you doing?」

「It’s my motto to kill bastards when I see them」


When I said that, although Iris seemed complicated, she somewhat, showed a satisfied expression.



I went outside with Iris.

I put down the boy who still hasn’t gained his consciousness to the ground.

Iris stood in front of me and looked straight at me.


「Thank you, Kakeru. The case was solved thanks to you」

「It’s solved with this?」



Iris turned around. Her subordinates that finally came swarmed inside.

I thought, I can leave the rest to her.


「Really, thank you so much」

「Don’t mind it」

「Also……thank you」



She told me thanks with a somewhat different tone.

Her expression changed.

There existed not Princess Iris, but just Iris.

A girl who flushed her cheeks.

Her tone became very soft.


「Can I ask, one more thing?」



I guessed what she would tell me.


「Please……break my engagement」


Iris who relied on me looked very cute.

I pulled her into an embrace and kissed her lips.


「Leave it to me」


I planned to do that from the start.




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