Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 111

Chapter 111 – The Queen’s Bedroom



Royal capital Adoria.

I watched the grand enthronement ceremony that the kingdom held within the crowd.

The castle town that is rowdy celebrating, and stall pubs.

And from thereーーI looked at Fiona and Marie at a distance that one would normally be unable to see from without using a telescope.

The two of them appeared on the palace balcony and waved their hands to the crowd.

Instantly, the whole town was showered with cheers.


『Those two. They became like it』

「That’s true. They became beautiful」

『It might be incomparable when I first met her. She was just a weak girl that can be found anywhere at that time』


Eleanor is talking about Marie.

She probably feels something for Marie because she had once possessed her.


「Well! Thank goodness it succeeded. Thanks for the help, Delfina」


I said that and stared at Delfina who had sat quietly in front of me from earlier.

A woman’s long hat and black silk dress.

She’s a good woman who has both intelligence and charm at a high level.


「I would need to say thanks to Kakeru-sama as well. I was able to profit in this enthronement ceremony in a fold after all」

『She’s cunning as usual. She did not only lend them money, but even influenced what that money would be used for』


Eleanor said.

That is right, she lent money.

The money that was used for this enthronement ceremony is something that the Siracuza Kingdom borrowed from Delfina.

The kingdom’s treasury is almost empty because of the long war, but even so, they couldn’t not held an enthronement ceremony, and they cannot do it shabbily too.

And so, Delfina volunteered to lend them money when they needed it.


「Although it might be wrong for me to say thisーーwas it really alright? Lending it」

「There would be quite a lot of profits even if the interest rate is less than usual with that amount. Also, Kakeru-sama have given collateral as well」


Delfina made a cunning smile.


「As expected huh」

「Thank you for the compliment」


It is unprecedented for a country to borrow from one individual merchant, but it seemed that this would be the best way to do it.

The enthronement ceremony is grandly opened like this using the money from Delfina.

The reality of the extravagant ceremony and the princess of the Siracuza returned from a commoner then became a Queen made the public excited.

The cannon salute that was shot to the sky echoed.

There was 17 shots coming from the Siracuza’s unique divine number 17.

Soon after, a flower path that extends from the balcony.

The flower path extended to my place.

Attention gathered towards me. Delfina had disappeared when I noticed it.

A clever, good woman.


『Shall we go then』

『Let’s go!』


The Demon Sword mother and daughter said.

I stood up and advanced through the flower path.

I did not only advance, I went towards the Queens with the Demon Sword’s powerーーclad in dark robes of aura.

The rowdy celebratory castle town had turned silent at once.

*Gokuri*, it was so silent that swallowing sounds could even be heard.

I took my time reaching the palace, and went up the balcony.

And there, I faced Fiona and Marie who are in their queen appearance.




I secretly gestured Fiona who was about to call me like「Shh」.

Fiona realized something and changed it.

And, with a clear voice.


「Great General Kakeru」

「Well done」


Following her big sister, Marie said.

She had a soft voice, but a voice that would make the people who hear it calm down.

The two of them had different types, but what common wasーーthey had the dignity of a Queen.

I kneeled in front of them and reached out the thing that I brought.


「As you have commanded, I have gone and take it back」


What I reached out were rings, two big sized rings.

The royal family’s ring.

The people who have confirmed that nearby buzzes and that instantly spread.


「This, to its rightful master」

「Well done, Great General Kakeru」

「To praise you of your achievement, we shall give you the honor to put it on us」

「ーー. Thank you very much」


I got a little surprised. I didn’t know about that.

It was decided that I would hand it to them and they would put it on themselves.

Is it an ad-lib?


『They are thinking and taking actions with their own thoughts』


That seems to be so.

Oh really, the two of you, what good women.

I respectfully took the Queen’s hand and put the ring on them.

On their thumbs.

To their thumb that is the symbol of authority.

The royal family’s ring releases a holy light after touching the bloodline of the royal family.

Those two lights covered all of the surroundings.

The next instant, the crowd roared as if the whole royal capital Adoria shook.



Deep in the night, in the queen’s bedroom.

Fiona and Marie are standing there.

They went towards me while still wearing their queen dresses.

A calm, warm colored lights made a good atmosphere.




「Isn’t that line weird?」

「No, it is not」

「Well then, please come her」


Marie pulled my hand and let me sit on the bed.

Fiona pushed the card that was prepared in the corner of the room.

Their active movements made me remember the time at Purosu Diner. They were doing that in their queen dresses, so it was interesting.

There is food on top of the cart that Fiona pushed.

They are familiar food.


「This……don’t tell me」

「Yes, it’s mountain cow fried rice, extra large」

「Brings back memories. This was the one I got when I first went to your store right?」

「You remembered」

「Of course」


I looked at the fried rice and looked at Marie.


「Come to think of it, what was Marie doing at that time?」

「I was in the back of the store. After all, I didn’t know Kakeru-san at all at that time」

「I see. Well, I was just a customer after all, a first-time visitor too. It’s natural that you don’t know me then」

「I found out that Kakeru-san was the one who hunted so many mountain cows, and went to ask you to save Marie at that time right?」

「I remember that」


I stared at the mountain cow fried rice.

The two girls of the Purosu Diner, the beautiful poster girl sisters.

Siracuza’s offspring, the twin queens that breaks the tradition.


「Thinking about it carefully, it was the mountain cow that made me connected to you huh」




What an interesting connection.

I reached out my hand to the fried rice’s dish.

Fiona subtly stopped that and took the dish instead.


「No. We will make you eat it」

「Kakeru-san. A〜n」



I let the two do what they want.

It is very interesting being served by them in their queen appearance.

I quickly finished the extra-sized fried rice.


「Thanks for the meal, it was delicious」


The two of them stared at me with flushed cheeks.

They stared at me with red faces while standing in front of me.

I understood something with that face.


「Do you want me to do something?」



The two of them raised their voice at the same time.


Their faces were overwritten with surprise because of my words.


「How did you know?」


Fiona asked.


「I don’t know the reason. I could only tell that you had such faces」



Marie was moved. Her eyes became moist.


「And so, what is it?」

「Uhm, we want to ask something」


Fiona and Marie, the two of them took off the ring on their thumb at the same time.

The thumb’s ring that is the symbol of authority

They took that off and handed it to me.


「Please, put it on us again」

「We want Kakeru-san to do it」


『Oi, you……』

「I know」


Eleanor was about to say something, but I interrupted her halfway.

Oh really, isn’t that too insensitive.

I know that much.

I received the rings and took the two’s hands.

I placed the ring on them without hesitations.

To their ring finger.

The ring that did not fit shone.

The two of them stared at that cherishingly.

The two who wished for that.

They wished it to be put on their ring finger that shows love, not on the thumb of authority.

I took Fiona’s hand.



「You were beautiful, Fiona today was exactly what a Queen is」


I praised, and kissed her.

Fiona became soft on the bones and lean her weight to my body.

I took Marie’s hand while embracing Fiona.



「You were lovely. “I can do my best for that lovely queen.” I heard those kinds of voices being raised from here and there」


I praised, and kissed her.

Marie became soft on the bones as well and lean her weight to my body.

I took off their dresses while feeling their warmth and breaths.



「While wearing should be betterーー」


The two of them tried to say something, but I made them shut up with a kiss on their mouth.

I undressed them off the queen’s dress which was their last symbol of authority.

The two girls wearing a ring with their appearance bare.


「How beautiful」


I said that, pushed them to the bed, and connected our bodies.

I returned the two who have acted the duties of the queen to just regular girls.





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