Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 106

Chapter 106 – Five Tiger General



I left Fiona’s room and walked through the corridor.

I thought while I placed a hand on my chin, and whispered to myself.


「Great General huh, I wonder which Great General it is」

『Umu? What are you talking about?』

「If it is the words “Great General”, I would think of both the Shogun and Five Tiger Generals, but both of them are a different kind of general. I just thought which one I would be」

『Fumu. What is Shogun?』

「In short, the Lord, it can be recognized as the army or a power’s top person. They can also make a government and become the highest person there too. The Shogun is the person the Emperor tells『I’ll leave everything about the country to you』」

『What about the Five Tiger Generals?』

「This one’s completely a subordinate. It’s one where the strongest five subordinates of the Lord is chosen. It’s closer to an honorary title」

『Fumu, I see. If so, I think that both of them are different』

「That might be true」

『However, in your case, can you not make an example out of that Five Tiger Generals? It is not about you though』

「What do you mean by not about me?」

『You, you are planning on making the princesses and queens of the five great countries “yours” right? Your goal is to make the princesses and queens your woman, and make them stand by your side. And to achieve that, it would be Five Princesses rather than Five Tigers though』



It’s not Five Tiger Generals, but Five ‘Princess’ Generals?

There’s no general about that but……I tried imagining it.

No, rather than imagining it, I should just do it in reality.

I took out the warp feather and warped from that place.



「Kakeru-san? Eh? What, what?」


I took Aura with me and warped to the next place.



「Just in time, Kakeru, I want to discussーーhyan!」


I added Rica and warped.



「What is it, Kakeru-sama」


I pulled Helene to the two’s side and warped again.


「Fiona, Marie」


Lastly, I went to Fiona’s place.

Marie was also there.


「What is it, Kakeru-san?」

「Everyone too……」


Fiona who I just met earlier was confused. Marie also reacted similarly.


「Everyone, stand side by side」


When I said that, the girls looked at each other’s faces.


「What is it about?」「What should we do?」, the girls made those confused faces.


『Is it not better to explain it』


“I guess so”, but when I was thinking of that.


「Let’s line up」


Fiona said.


「It is something that Kakeru-san is doing, I am sure that there is a reason for it」


No, this time, there’s not much a reason though.

I just wanted to take a look.


「That is true. It what Kakeru-sama is doing」

「I got it」

「How should we line up? One row?」


The queens and princesses said and started lining up.

From the left, Helene, Rica, Aura, Fiona, and Marie.

I took distance and stood where I could see the five of them properly.

The five of them……they’re very beautiful.

Each one of the has their beauty, but they look more beautiful lined up with each other.

They looked so beautiful that I thought they have a multiplier effect on each other.


「Ah! Is it that」


Rica placed a fist on her palm.


「Kakeru, you want to “do” it?」


「That’s why you gathered everyone. Un, if there is not this many, it would not be Kakeru’s opponent after all」


Rica nodded many times and made a face like “I get it, I get it”.  

No, it’s not like I wanted to do that……

It’s just I wanted to line up my woman from the Five Tiger Generals idea.

But when I thought of explaining that, the girls moved first.

Helene took of her clothes and Aura flushed her cheeks.

Fiona and Marie who does not have that much experience yet had faces that do not know what to do.


「Fiona, Marie. Go and take off Kakeru’s clothes. Ah, don’t touch Eleanor okay. It will be terrible」


Rica started directed.

She who has made my exclusive harem in Calamba is used to these things.

Fiona and Marie who was given clear instructions came to my side and carefully took off my clothes, not touching Eleanor.

Fiona and Marie’s breathing that became rough and touches my skin.

Aura who became embarrassed and started fidgeting.

Helene who moved gracefully as she took off her clothes.

And, Rica who seemed calmest with a glance but had the most feverish eyes than anyone.

They acted in front of the public as proud royalties, but right now, they acted just like my woman, without thinking of being a royalty.


『What good women』


They’re great women who even made the sarcastic Eleanor say that.

I completely agree……I feel love.


「U〜n, but, I wonder if it would be enough with just us」

「It might be better to bring Melissa-san too. She should be nearby」


With that, Helene and Rica tried to organize.


「Wait, you don’t need to do that」


I stopped the two.


「Eh? Is that okay for Kakeru?」

「Don’t mind it」


It is true that I usually have the vigor that is multiplied by 777 with the lottery’s effect, with just the five girls here, it would be not enough if I go seriously.



「Rather than getting satisfied, I feel like loving you girls today」


That’s right, I felt like it.

I feel like loving the good girls all that I an.

Just like I declared, I slowly, carefully, and gently did it with a controlled liberation of desire.

I thoroughly loved the five queens and princesses.





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