Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 96

Chapter 96 – The Greatest Memory



『What are you going to do specifically』

「I’ll do it in the way that she wants it the most」

『Hmm, you are going to make her hold me then』


I immediately flicked Eleanor who was speaking such nonsense with a finger.


「Don’t be stupid, isn’t it very clear that she’s only doing that because there’s no helping it. Why would I let her do that」

『Isn’t it what she wants to as well』

「Anyways, I won’t let her do that」

『Then, what will you do?』



In times like thisーーI’ll ask her for advice.

I warped directly from the cottage’s bedroom to my room in the mansion.

After warping to my bedroom, I walked towards the living room.

Althea was drinking the tea that Miu served her.


「Welcome back, Master」

「What happened? Returning so suddenly」


Since it was an old woman’s husky voice, I held her hand without saying and sent my vigor to her.

Her wrinkled hand gradually returned to a smooth and silky one, and Althea returned to a matchless beauty.


「I want you to teach me something」

「Speak then」


Althea’s tone turned into a teacher’s one in an instant. By the way, Miu read the air and left.

I didn’t do anything roundabout, I told her the whole situation including Fiona and Marie’s conversation that I heard.


「What should I do」

「What about asking what she wants directly? Or asking the little sister what it is」

「Which would you think would be a good memory, one with surprise or one without?」


There’s no problem asking her about, I don’t have any fixations about that.

My point is, the goal this time is to make her a good memory.


「If so, the one with surprise it is」

「I can’t ask her then」


Althea nodded silently, and continued with a serious face.


「Fiona, the poster girl of the diner Purosu-tei. A civilian who did not know her roots just a while ago」

「That’s right」

「If she’s what they call an ordinary girl, there are roughly three that she would want」

「What’s the first one?」

「A man who has good techniques leading her」

「That’s too ordinary. I didn’t come here to ask for something like that. What’s the second one?」

「Matching it with her birthday or some kind of special day」

「The timing doesn’t match. I don’t know when it would be. I want something that could be done immediately, tonight, if possible. What’s the last one?」

「Wedding ceremony」

「Wedding ceremony?」

「Giving the virginity that they had protected until their marriage to the man that they love, that is something that most of the girls long for. The more that it is, if she is an ordinary girl」

「Is it something like that?」


To be sure, I asked.


「It is, normally. Marriage is a tool for royalties and nobles, but it is only a dream for ordinary girls」

「I got it. Thanks」


I said goodbyes to Althea, and warped to the next destination.



「Wedding ceremony?」


In Delfina’s merchant company. She had her eyes widened hearing what I told her.


「That’s right. If I’m going to do one, how long would it take to prepare it? Would it make it tonight」

「The ceremony itself could be prepared within half a day. Kakeru-sama, are you getting married?」

「No, just the ceremony」


I told Delfina all about Fiona including the advice given by Althea.


「Was that so」

「Is the wedding ceremony really something to dream of?」


To be sure, I also asked here.


「I do not really know」


Delfina stressed “I”.

Just hearing that is enough.


「I’ll leave all the preparations to you」

「To be sure, is it really alright?」


「If Kakeru-sama’s going to get married, I believe that there are a lot of people who would not stay silent」

「I’ll also do it with them if they want to」


I held the Warp Feather.


「Doing it or not, my woman will always be my woman」


Leaving Delfina who was smiling silently, I warped once again.



「Ah! Kakeru-san, did you go somewhere?」


I returned to my bedroom in the magic cottage.

Fiona who saw me got a relieved face and came in front of me.


「I just had something to do」

「Was that so」


Fiona nodded, it seems as if she did not mind me disappearing.

And the reason for that is.


『She was staring me so intently. Kukuku, as if a predator looking at its prey』


Eleanor said joyfully.

That’s right, Fiona started at Eleanor without moving.

With a face full of resolution that I’ve never seen before.


『It has been hundreds of years since I received such a feverish look. Receiving this, I’m starting to want to let her have me』


Eleanor said mischievously.

I won’t let you do it okay.





Fiona who was called raised her head with surprise, and looked at me.


「Do you have time tonight?」

「Tonight?……I have……」

「Give that time to me」

「It’s alright, but, what are we going to do, Kakeru-san」

「Wedding ceremony」


「Let’s have our wedding ceremony」



Fiona was dumbfounded.

Eleanor laughed out loud inside of my head.



「This is too sudden, Kakeru-san」


In the bridegroom’s waiting room, Io said to me.

She isn’t in her usual magician look, but in a dress look.

As an invited guest of a wedding ceremony, she’s wearing the dress Delfina prepared.

Her hairstyle was also set very nicely, and unlike her usual self, she had a very mature look.

By the way, I’m wearing a white tuxedo, and of course, I have Eleanor on my waist.


「Is that so?」

「That’s right. It’s not normal to have a wedding ceremony so suddenly」

「By the way, does Io dream of a wedding ceremony?」

「That is, well……I do」

「You want to have one too?」



Io thought for a while, then shook her head.


「I think I’ll pass」

「Weren’t you dreaming about it?」

「Well, yeah, I do, but doing that with Kakeru-san, I feel like that’s a bit different. You see, didn’t I came because I wanted to enter Kakeru-san’s party. So if I’m asked if I want to marry Kakeru-san……I think that’s a little different」

「I see」

「Ah! But, I want to go adventures with Kakeru-san forever, I think」

「Forever, huh」

「Un, forever! That’s why, Kakeru-san, if you’re going somewhere, always take me with you okay」

「I got it」


When I answered like that, Io nodded with full of smiles.

Io left the waiting room, and instead, Marie entered.

Marie’s also in a dress look. The childish air that she had just a while ago disappeared, and she started to show seductiveness.




But, she somewhat has a long face.


「What happened」

「Uhmm……Onee-chan is……e〜to, troubled, no, hesitating……or not that too」


Marie was being inarticulate.


『It looks like she’s being quite complicated』

「What happened with Fiona?」

「Uhm……why are you suddenly having a wedding ceremony?」

「Let me see」


I thought for a while, and answered.


「Earlier today, I heard Marie and Fiona’s conversation」


「Marie told Fiona about last night, and I heard that Fiona would sneak and touch Eleanor」



Marie had a red face, mixed with different meanings.


「It’s true that if she touched Eleanor, I’d save her, and she could use that as a reason after I saved her」


There’s also the case with Delfina, but I didn’t mention that.


「Sorry, but I won’t have that. There’s no need to suffer pain just to get embrace by me」



Marie raised a loud voice.

But that was only for an instant, it immediately shrunk.


「If so, then there’s no reason for Onee-chan, a reason for Kakeru-san to do that do her」


And, she lost heart.

As if, it was about herself.


『She empathized』






「There’s no need for a reason」


「There’s no need for a reason to become my woman. The only condition is, I liked her and she’s someone I want to be with」

「But, if that’s so, Iーー」

「I’ll say it again」


I intercepted Marie’s words.


「The only condition is, I liked her, and she’s someone I want to be with」



Losing her words, she looked down with a flushed face.

It looks like she understood the meaning of my words.


「Even, me?」

「I thought of it a long time ago. Although, I though that you’re afraid of this so I wanted to wait for a while」


I said jokingly, and flicked Eleanor.


「Really, me……?」


Even so, she still made a worried face.


「I only do things that I want to do」


Saying that, I kissed Marie.


「I will make you sisters queens, and make the both of you my woman. I only do things that I want to do」


I repeated the same words.


「I would only make my women have good times. I did it with Marie yesterday. And today, I will have a wedding ceremony with Fiona, and give her a memory that she won’t forget as long as she lives」

「It was, like that」

「But, that’s right. I didn’t explain all of that. Fiona can’t be blamed if she feels worried. I’ll go and explain it to her now」


I stood up and went towards the door.




Marie let out a voice. “What is it”, I thought, but opened the door.

And, Fiona was there.

The beautiful Fiona wearing her wedding dress.


「Fiona?! What, I didn’t feel your presence here」

「S-Sorry! Delfina-san gave me this……uhm, she said that it’s a tool that completely erases sounds and presences」

「That woman……」


『Kukuku, she returned your eavesdropping very well』


Eleanor said while laughing.


「S-Sorry! Uhmーー」

「It’s alright」


I put a finger on Fiona’s lips, and stopped her words.


「If you heard it, then fineーー」


I said it, but thought of it once again.

Lack of explanationーーI had just thought of fixing that.

Once again, I looked straight at Fiona, and said.


「I want you. I want to make you have the greatest memory. Will you have a wedding ceremony with me」



With a face full of smiles……with tears in the corner of her eyes, Fiona nodded.



The wedding ceremony that was prepared for half a day was an excellent one.

A beautiful church, guests starting from Nana and others.

Melissa who is the Lady Saint of the Solon Church was the pastor.

Hikari and Chibi Dragon presented the bouquet of flowers.

And many others.

The ceremony was an excellent one.

Fiona almost cried to happiness many times, and I looked at her just many times to check that it was only tears on the corner of her eyes.

At the same time with the ceremony ending, a golden colored lottery ticket that I had never seen before appeared, but.

Not minding all of that, I took Fiona with me, and as I’ve declared, I gave her the greatest wedding night that I could think of.











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