Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 95

Chapter 95 – The Big Sister’s Resolution



Morning, Marie unsteadily stood up from the bed.

She woke up from my arm pillow, collected the clothes that were scattered, and wore them.




She let out a voice when she was wearing them.

It was somewhat a painful voice.

She took a glance towards me. I felt that she would turn to me so I closed my eyes.


「He didn’t wake up……thank goodness」


“I woke up”, well, I’m not so insensitive that I would say something like that.

I felt that Marie wants to do something.

I don’t know what she wants to do, but I’m thinking of letting her do whatever it is.

Marie walked, and went out of the room.

And feeling that, I heightened my hearing, and searched for Marie’s presence.


“Before Kakeru-san wakes up……I need to make breakfast”


After whispering something like that, I started to hear sounds coming from the kitchen.

The sound of the knife, the sound of the utensils, the sound of processing the ingredients.

It looks like just like she whispered, Marie was making breakfast.

I raised my body, and sat with crossed feet on the bed.

Hearing what Marie is doing, I let her do as she likes to.

After a while, a pleasant smell reached inside the room as well.

It’s probably something warm, soup’s smell.

I started to look forward to it.

And there, Eleanor talked to me.


『What a nice girl』


『Unlike as usual, you failed as well』

「You’re talking about yesterday huh. Well, yeah」

『I thought that you would do it more intensely. Just like with all the women you had until now. Why didn’t you do so?』

「I just felt like it. I said that “I’ll be gentle” after all」

『Look how caring you are』

「Do you want me to be kind to you too?」

『From you?』


『How disgusting』


Eleanor said with a happy voice.


「You don’t want to be treated gently?」

『Isn’t it too late for that. I’ll doubt your sanity first』

「That’s harsh」

『Remember what you had done to me up until now. It’s all your fault』



That might be true.

Well, even so, I’m not planning on changing on how I use and treat Eleanor.

She’s a Demon Sword, the only Demon Sword in the world that could take all that I have.

A girl like this doesn’t need what they call “kindness”.


『I do not wish for it after all』

「Didn’t I told you don’t read my mind」


And while we’re chatting like that, I started to hear voices from outside the room.


“Good morning. Ara, Marie, what happened to you?”

“Good morning, Onee-chan. I’m making breakfast for Kakeru-san.”



Fiona held her breath.


“I see. Kakeru-san did it with you huh.”



I felt something wrong with Fiona’s words.

What is Marie making? What is it that Fiona could tell with just one look.


“Shh! Onee-shan, your voice is too loud.”

“Ah! Sorry, sorry.”


A scolding little sister and apologizing big sister.

The two of them lowers their voiceーーwell, I could still hear all of it with my 777x hearing though.


“But, congratulations, Marie.”

“Thanks, Onee-chan. Onee-chan is still, not yet?”


“Why? Don’t you like Kakeru-san?”

“It’s not that, I like Kakeru-san, but……”


Fiona paused her words.

But, what?

After a moment of silence, they continued.


“I’m not suitable with Kakeru-san, and there’s no reason to do it after all.”

“That’s the same with me you know. A hero like Kakeru-san, in reality, it should’ve been hard for us to just talk to him.”

“But still, Marie, you had your life saved, so you have the reason to ‘give something back’. I, I don’t have something like that.”


What, she was holding back because of that, huh.


“……ne〜, Onee-chan, I have a good idea.”

“A good idea?”


Marie lowers her voice once again.

She lowers it that Fiona couldn’t hear her if she didn’t whisper it to her ears.


“You should just hold the Demon Sword.”

“The Demon Sword? Are you talking about Eleanor?”

“Un, if you do that, I think that Kakeru-san would save you, right?”


No, no, isn’t that too much.


“There’s thatーー!!”


She let out a loud voice. Loud enough that it could be heard with normal hearing.

Fiona lowers her voice in a hurry.


“There was that huh. Good job, Marie.”

“But, Onee-chan. I’ll just say this. That, it’s su〜per painful you okay.”

“How painful is it?”

“E〜to……like getting hit in the stomach while being strangled while all of your limbs turning in a weird direction, and getting burned, all of that at the same time.”


Isn’t that too much!


『Well, that’s about it』


I flicked Eleanor who said that so calmly with a finger.


“I see……un, Marie at that time looked very painful after all.”


“I got it. Then, I’ll try to do it tonight. I’ll search for a chance and touch Eleanor-san.”

“Un, do your best, Onee-chan.”


The sisters encouraged each other, and the sound of making food continued.

How should I say this……un, how should I say this.


『She wants to be yours that much that she’s willing to go that far, huh. What a good girl』



I didn’t feel bad at all with Fiona’s feelings.

Receiving such a tragic but brave resolution, I wanted to do something with all what I have instead.

I thought of making her a great first experience that would be a great memory with all that I have.










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