Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 93

Chapter 93 – Joker



The enemy army that launched a surprise night attack was pushed back, and retreated in tatters after being hit by Io’s lightning magic that was multiplied 777 times.

Looking at that chance, Theo who was missing up until then gathered the remaining soldiers, and launched a pursuit attack.



The next day, in the town of Chigris.

I looked at the scene where the kingdom’s army retreated with defeat.


『How pathetic』


Eleanor’s voice that I could hear inside my head was so cold that I could easily imagine her face looking down on them.


『How can they be defeated like that』

「I wonder, it’s so weird」

『This war, seriously, isn’t it for the best to withdraw from it?』


Eleanor’s tone was very serious.


『Being with these guys won’t be of anything good』

「I guess so……」


I thought about it. The things from now on.

It’s exactly as Eleanor had said.

I could easily see that if I’m with these guys who would return with defeat in a pursuit battle, it would be full of hardship from now on.

I thought, what is the best thing that I should do.




Two ghost maids flew from the sky.

It’s Tanya and Peggy who I’m letting Eleanor posses.

They flew from afar and landed in front of me.


「How was it?」

『They’re not chasing us〜』

『The opponent has retreated』


Hearing the two’s report, I nodded.

Soon as I heard the report that the kingdom’s army had retreated with defeat, I sent them for reconnaissance.


「It looks likeーーthey couldn’t launch a counterattack immediately huh」

『You had just given them so many casualties after all, that should be the case』

「I guess so」

『So, what will you do』

「With what?」

『Don’t play the fool』


Eleanor said with an impatient voice.


『It’s about you, of course, you are not thinking of withdrawing just like this right?』

「Of course」


I nodded clearly.

That’s right, it’s troublesome and annoying, but I’m not planning on withdrawing from the war at all.

If I was planning on doing that, I wouldn’t defend against the enemy, and did it last night.


「I promised Fiona and Marie. I promised them that I would make the two of them queens」

『What will you do then』

「What do you think?」

『Why are you asking me』

「You had lived hundreds of years right? You should also know heroes and conquerors and there should be situations when things like this had happened. You have some right? Pieces of advice coming from experience」



Eleanor clearly said.


「Really? You don’t have any」

『The situation right now is too different from what I have experienced. Well, there is a plan where I could annihilate all the humans, both the allies and the enemies including the wielderーーwell, I should say that you would be an exception though. What do you think』

「That’s too scary! Hey, come to think of it, you were doing things like that huh」


Demon Sword Eleanor, it looks like her darkness in the past was quite deep.

Well, leaving that on the side, it looks like I can’t expect any advice from Eleanor.


『By the way, if we are going to do it』


『Those two right there will be the first prey. They would be easily controlled after making them into grudge ghosts with their reason and identity crushed into pieces』



Peggy clings to Tanya with fear.

Tanya didn’t raise a scream, but she had a scared face.


「Stop it」


I flicked Eleanor. A clear sound echoed.


『Tanya is very easy to use you know. Is it because her time being a grudge ghost very long. I could see that she has quite some talent』

「Don’t explain it so happily」

『If you want some advice, this is all that I can give though』

「I got it already. I won’t rely on you other than battles okay」



Eleanor didn’t take offense, but laughed joyfully instead.

However, I’m troubled.

There isn’t any problem when I’m not thinking about it, but when I start thinking of wanting someone’s advice, I really want some.  

And being told something like “it’s difficult” or “there’s none”, I would want it more and more.


『What are you worrying about』

「What, really, you’re the one who’s asking. It’s your fault because you won’t be of any help」

『Isn’t there one who is very suitable to become your mentor, within your women』

「Very suitable? Who is it」


Who’s the one good at advising again.

Delfina, Helene, Rica.

I thought of them, but I feel like they’re somewhat different.


『Really, you really can’t remember it. You were that attached to her before too』



“Attached”, hearing that word, I remembered her.


「Althea huh」


I completely forgot about the great sage.



「Rather, it is very pleasing」


I returned, and inside the mansion, Althea and I were in the living room.

Hearing about the story, Althea who was rejuvenated with my vigor said that.



「I am Althea, just Althea, after all」


With those words that she frequently says, Althea smiled gently and happily.


『Kuku, a face completely satisfied with everything in the world』


Eleanor laughed interestingly.

She’s happy that I had forgotten about her being the great sage huh.


「But if so, my bad, lend me your wisdom」

「I understood」


Althea nodded just like an obedient wife.

Soon after, her expression changed.

With her matchless beauty just as it is, she had a strict and crisp face.


「First, I shall confirm」


The tone of her voice also changed.

It’s the teacher tone that she makes when she’s teaching something to me.

It’s the first time that I heard it ever since she became my woman, so I felt funny about it.

I felt funny about it, but I won’t say it to her, I just let her continue like that.


「You want to make the sisters, Fiona and Marie, queens in the end right」

「That’s right. Adding to that, I want to make the kingdom stable. I don’t want to make them the queens of a messed up place after the war」

「Confusion and chaos always accompanies the end of wars」

「It’s alright as long as it’s limited to the range of common sense」

「And, the soldiers that gathered below the kingdom’s flag is too weak and useless」

「That’s right」


I didn’t think that they would be ‘that’ weak.


「You and your slave soldiers had consecutive wins with consecutive fights」


I’m a little worried about Nikki’s troops, but well, that’s right.


「That point is very good, but you are only a little more than two hundred, your numbers cannot affect the whole situation of the war」


That’s right.

There’s no problem with local battles, but it would be bad when big battles with armies occur.

The surprise attack last night was exactly that.

When army versus army battles occurs, we were completely pushed back.

I also pushed them back by continuously warping from battle to battle, but I’m not sure if that would work in a battle in the plains where the armies would be at a skirmish.


「There is no use gathering soldiers that could only be used as numbers」

「Well, that’s about it」

「You want to gather soldiers that have a degree of battle proficiency quickly」

「Yeah, if possible.」


Confirming the situation one by one, Althea makes me remember what is really needed.

With just how she leads the conversation, I’m already very thankful.


「Well then, do this」


And, it came.

Advice with a teacher’s tone just like before, advice that I felt like it was pushing from above.


「Borrow soldiers from three kingdoms」


「It is a cheat move that only you can do in this world. That includes the post-war process」


Althea who said that smiled mischievously.










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  1. But I just thought…. why does he have to make them queens??? They just want to join his harem after all… they don’t want to actually be queens… and it seems to be more trouble than it’s worth…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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      • DMR… they want to do it so that they won’t be like vases… every woman in his harem has her own capability and strength and they want to be like them


    • Well if they don’t they would practically feel useless in the harem no?
      The slaves are soldiers.
      Nana is the strongest human aside from kakeru
      2 princeses that are good at diplomacy and managing the army
      1 queen
      1 princess of a kingdome? I forgot the 3rd one aside from rika calombia.
      1 super maid mofu mofu
      2 ghost
      1 legendary hero advisor
      1 great merchant
      1 great wizard
      And now these two sisters. What are they going to feel when they are with these type of people?
      I could only think they could only be used in ‘that’ way only 😕

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      • In truth… the women are only needed by him to be used in THAT way…. also, they could help out the maid, and they also keep up with what happens around the town he most frequents…


      • Hahaha help the maid? The maid that was brought as a maid but turns out she has the word SUPER in the maid part? Yeah don’t see that happening. But honestly being a queen is better.


      • I mean, she could cook and stuff while maid is pleasuring him and stuff… besides, he only really needs them for sex… he’s OP enough for almost everything else and his other girls are either rich enough or have enough political power to trump everything else… them being queens just mean less sex time with him…. that’s really it…. I mean the nation they’re a part of just suckes that much….


      • Yeah he is OP already but…He want his wives to be at the top of their profession or was it to be great? I forgot what he wanted for them to be other than be his lovers. :/
        Well I do agree with you that the nation those two are from sucks. The Soldiers to be specific.
        But if those two manage to rise-up from that pretty much Sh*ty situation of their country they would be considered a great ruler.


      • No, but I’m talking about HIM… I don’t understand why he didn’t even seduce them already or even ask them WHY they wanted to be royalty… he could solve the issue without needless trouble… ya know…

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      • He was being very dense then, Helen was dropping all kinds of hints too, but he only took her as a package deal when his need overcame his own resistance. So the sisters were just unlucky to not be around after Delfina flipped that switch.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I found a typo. “I also pushed them back by continuously warming from battle to battle”. “Warming” should be “warping”.


  3. yay….!!!! the translation update… Thank You Ferry Match….

    eh? if this a real world, borrowing the armies from another countries or kingdoms would make a great toll or the compensation would not be cheap. the plausible reason is his special personal relationship with the noble family.


    • That not on Noble level anymore but already the queen and princess basically the heads of country, that way Althea said it’s only privilege/cheat for him in the world after in normal situation doing something like this resulting like what you said


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    • not only is he useless he’s also weak… he is only 10 times stronger than Nana with his x777… now lend your x777 multiplayer on 2-hand sword and MC has his ass kicked…


    • I’ll 2nd that.. He forgets about the women he fawned the most over like a love sick puppy. He forgets he can use magic and cast spells. He forgets he can have a spell cast on him and then use it (Hello Saintesss ability, Julia’s healing, anyone with water/earth/wind magic) and it is amplified. He needs 30-40 women to get satisfied yet constantly only goes to bed with 1 maybe 2. Are they even throwing the black balls??? He wants Delfina but he gives her the land for nothing (thus increasing her assets), he tells her to become the ultimate merchant I guess so he can never afford her stupid deal…He basically forgets Helene even exists unless she shows up. He just gives Lo the buff and not Nana or Nikki or Agnes or Julia etc.. when he has so many to use even 5 minutes buffs. He has 2 hour long buffs he never uses.

      JP authors build these great abilities and OP protags, but then make them only use 10% of what they can do just to make conflict. Don’t give them abilities they won’t use.


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